August Burns Red Posts New Song "Poor Millionaire" Online

After previously posting the new songs “Divisions” and “Internal Cannon” online, August Burns Red is now streaming another new track off the upcoming “Leveler” album. You can listen to “Poor Millionaire” in the player below. “Leveler” is set for release on June 21st, 2011 through Solid State Records.

Poor Millionaire by Solid State Records

The “Leveler” track listing is as follows:

1. Empire
2. Internal Cannon
3. Divisions
4. Cutting the Ties
5. Pangaea
6. Carpe Diem
7. 40 Nights
8. Salt & Light
9. Poor Millionaire
10. 1/16/2011
11. Boys of Fall
12. Leveler

August Burns Red Posts New Song "Poor Millionaire" Online

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