Fueled By Fire Working On Upcoming Material

Fueled By Fire has issued the following update about releasing the “Plunging Into Darkness” album and working on new material:

“Hey what’s up maniax! Just giving you guys an update on what we’ve been doing. Well as you know our album ‘Plunging into Darkness’ is finally getting the proper release it deserves, after the long struggle we had to release it, you guys will finally get to have it in your hands!

“It will be released May 31st! Check your local record stores and pick one up Or pre-order one online now at this location.

“Also we have been working on new material, that is coming out nice and heavy! Sure you guys will be banging hour heads to what we got so far! Also we are setting up a European tour for august! So we’ll thrashing Europe again real soon! That’s all for now! See you guys soon!”

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Fueled By Fire Working On Upcoming Material

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