The Haunted – Unseen

Unless you have been living in some sort of non-metal isolation for the past fifteen years, you should probably know who the guitar and bass playing twin brothers Anders and Jonas Björler are. Having written ?Slaughter of the Soul (one of the best albums of the 90?s) with their former band At The Gates, the Bjoler?s have been a powerful force in the heavy music world for the past two decades with their brand of melodic death metal, so naturally expectations are running high with the release of their current group The Haunted?s seventh album ?Unseen?.

The off time riffing of opener ?Never Better? is a perfect call to arms, with a darkly melodic chorus puncturing the aggression of the verses, while the following ?No Ghost? packs almost a Down/Corrosion of Conformity styled heavy, southern swagger and is backed by frontman Peter Dolving?s leather throated clean vocals. Fifteen-plus years into their career, you can?t accuse the Swede?s of lacking new ideas, with ?Catch 22? conjuring up a heavy, almost Deftones? styled verse groove, while ?The Skull? sees Dolving really pushing his singing to new heights.

Despite The Haunted occasionally being labelled as a thrash band, ?Unseen? isn?t a thrash record ? to be honest it wouldn?t even been that much of a stretch to even say that it?s not even a hugely melodic death metal sounding release from the group, with tracks like ?Disappear?, ?All Ends Well? and the title track all really just high quality hard rock songs – not to say that the group have completely ditched their heavier past, with ?Them? as vicious as any tune in their deep back catalogue. The amount of riffs that the Björler and rhythm guitarist Patrik Jensen throw out is enormous, with every tune on the record (minus brief interlude piece ?Ocean Park?) coated in six string goodness, for a prime example check out the muscular riffing of ?Motionless?.

While some fans will certainly cry out over the fact that the band have leaned more towards ?melodic? rather than ?death metal?, but for those who simply want an album full of high quality heavy music, The Haunted?s ?Unseen? is an almost faultless release from the veterans.

Rating: 8.5
Label: Century Media

By Andrew Kapper


  1. alexsmn says:

    nice review. i’m a big fan of their self-titled, and it really took a few spins of unseen for me to really grasp what they were going for. great release from a great band!

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