Chimaira: Interview with Mark Hunter, submit your questions!

On 1/27/11, SMNnews will sit down for a chat with Mark Hunter of CHIMAIRA. If you have any questions, please add them to the comments below and get an answer out of Mark!


  1. JohnWCarlson says:

    Hi my name is John Carlson. My son Ryan, who was such a HUGE fan of yours, passed away in August.He was 26 and he loved you guys. So much so that he had a tattoo of 8 arrowed symbol associated with the band.He would tell me many times about your relevance and what you guys were trying to say. I think I’m telling you this because I miss him so much, that I’m trying to connect with anything that he was passionate about. Thank you for your time.

  2. rhino says:

    hey whats up ..long time fan here from the cleveland area grew up listening to u guys locally and i fucking love this present darkness still my fav chimaira album to this day its so raw,intense,passionate..and.i hope u can try to tap into that sound and for future recordings….and back in the day did mushroomhead records ever approach u guys to sign on their label.. and if so what made u decline…and also who was one of ur fav cleveland metal bands back in the mid to late 90’s goodluck with your new lineup