Drowning Pool Releases Additional Comments On Arizona Shooting

Texas modern metal/hard rock act Drowning Pool has posted a follow-up statement online in response to the recent Arizona shooting tragedy: “We’d like to thank our fans for all of their support yesterday, and once again offer our thoughts to the victims and their families. “Jared Lee Loughner is clearly a very disturbed individual. “The Washington Post ran an article on ‘Bodies’ and the Tucson shootings. But instead of telling the whole story, the writer decided to edit what we had to say in order to make it seem like we were somehow responsible for what happened last weekend. He left out some really important facts. “Where did the part about us performing for the troops go? Where was the mention of us helping to pass a bill in support of our soldiers? “If you want to let readers form their own opinions of who we are and what we support, include all of the info! “We find it inappropriate to imply that our song or rock music in general is to blame for this tragic event. It is premature to make this assumption without having all the facts in the case. It is just as likely that this horrible act was caused by the irresponsible and violent rhetoric used by mainstream media outlets such as the Washington Post. “Listening to Drowning Pool music does not make you a bad person. Misleading people does.” The band’s previous statement cant be read at this location.

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Drowning Pool Releases Additional Comments On Arizona Shooting

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    you guys have aLWAYS sucked.