Volture – Shocking Its Prey EP

Featuring Municipal Waste guitarist Ryan Waste, Volture have already had their fair share of online press even though their debut EP isn?t even in stores yet. It?s no surprise since Waste?s other band is the most popular thrash band on the planet right now. But in one of those rare cases where the end result justifies the hype, Shocking Its Prey, Volture?s EP, lives it up to its pedigree. The band initially formed in late 2008 and the thing that brought its members together was a common admiration for obscure NWOBHM and other early European metal bands. Rounded out by members of Virginia cult legends Twisted Tower Dire and another local outfit called Immortal Avenger, Volture deliver 6 tracks that are unquestionably in the tradition of their collective old school influences. Trad-metal specialists won?t have to listen that closely to hear shades of Angel Witch, Bitches Sin, and Cloven Hoof, in the songs featured on the EP.

While some listeners might be put off by the group?s cartoony ?metal? lyrics, it was easy for me to get past since Brent Hubbard?s vocal performance is so impactful. His clarity and tunefulness is a breath of fresh air. Besides the triumphant riffs that adorn the entire disc, it?s Hubbard?s convincing vocal lines that actually seal the deal here. Let?s hope Waste finds more time in the near future to get together with these guys and bang out a Volture full length. Shocking Its Prey is heavily recommended by this writer.

Rating: 8
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Heavy Artillery

By Carlos Ramirez

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