Drowning Pool Comments On "Bodies" Being Linked To Arizona Shooting

Texas modern metal/hard rock act Drowning Pool has posted the following statement online in response to the recent Arizona shooting tragedy: “We were devastated this weekend to learn of the tragic events that occurred in Arizona and that our music has been misinterpreted, again. “‘Bodies’ was written about the brotherhood of the mosh pit and the respect people have for each other in the pit. If you push others down, you have to pick them back up. It was never about violence. It’s about a certain amount of respect and a code. “We’ve performed for the troops overseas several times in places like Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait. Through our song ‘Soldiers’, we were able to create a petition that helped pass the Lane Evans Mental Health Care Reform Bill, which we presented to then-Senator Barack Obama. “We’ve been lucky enough to have some of the biggest success of our career with our new album and we want to continue to spread positivity for the future, not dwell on negativity. For someone to put out a video misinterpreting a song about a mosh pit as fuel for a violent act shows just how sick they really are. We support those who do what they can to keep America safe. “Our hearts go out to the victims and their families of this terrible tragedy.”

Drowning Pool Comments On "Bodies" Being Linked To Arizona Shooting


  1. Steve says:

    People are so stupid how can this song be relevant to the shoo rings?? It was made like a decade ago lol