Critically Acclaimed Black Metal Musician Arrested For Raping and Beating Girlfriend

Jef Whitehead aka Lurker of Chalice was arrested in Chicago over the weekend for allegedly assaulting and raping his girlfriend. The acclaimed musician, known in metal circles for his solo project Leviathan and Twilight, the supergroup also featuring members of Nachtmystium, Isis, and Krieg, is also a tattoo artist.

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

Jef Whitehead, 42, allegedly choked and beat his 26-year-old girlfriend unconscious by banging her head against a wall above Taylor Street Tattoo and Piercing, 1150 W. Taylor, in the early hours of Saturday morning.

He also attacked her with a pair of scissors, it?s alleged.

When she regained consciousness she discovered she had been sexually assaulted with the tattoo tools, Assistant Cook County State?s Attorney Tom McGuire said. Whitehead then allegedly knocked her out again, McGuire said. When the victim woke up she was in the street outside the parlor, he added. A heavily-bearded and tattooed Whitehead was dressed all in black as he appeared before Judge Israel Desierto Sunday morning. Wearing a hooded sweater with the words ?stop the madness? printed on it, he was ordered held on bail of $350,000.

Whitehead is from California but he and his girlfriend had recently arrived in Chicago and were considering making it their permanent home, McGuire said.

Twilight (Whitehead is second from left)


  1. Anonymous says:

    she deserved it prolly black metal rules thats what it stands fdor all its violence and perversion

  2. sickboy_xl says:

    Ya with a douchebag comment like that, I’d stay anonymous too. My you too reap the same treatment for what black metal stands for. Throw him in jail for life. I hate rapists.

  3. Buly says:

    Anonymous people commenting shit like that… You’re so full of shit buddy. That’s not what Black Metal stands for you fucking maniac. Just stop commenting like you’re a fan of black metal and wrest, you’re probably a kid who doesn’t know anything about life.