BLACK VEIL BRIDES: Tour Dates in 2011, Headlining AP Tour

BLACK VEIL BRIDES are to headline the AP Tour, which will kick off in spring 2011, with tour dates to be released on December 17. I SEE STARS, DESTROY REBUILD UNTIL GOD SHOWS, VERSAEMERGE, and CONDITIONS will all support.


  1. Katelyn VanDerzee says:

    THIS IS THE BEST TOUR LINE UP I HAVE EVER SEEEN!! i wanna go sooo bad but don’t know if i can! D: if i can’t go i want the crowd to give the bands what they wanna hear and see in Utah! make them want to come back! xP hopefully i can go!

  2. mickaylah says:

    i love you guys sooooo much come to portland pleeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzz

  3. X_Evah_X says:

    Come to Kentucky. O.O you will make me and my fren oh so very happy. Please. You will be making people so happy they will pee on themself. Yeah. That happy ^0^ Welp.., Yeahp. GO KENTUCKY.! Whoop Whoop. ==))

  4. Who’s the chick with the microphone?

  5. hannah newsham says:

    i wanna see BVB so bad but im havin rubbish look at finding tickets for the AP tour… cann any1 suggest a site or sumat? im hoping so see th show in glasgow or th other 1 in england x ;’]