Polkadot Cadaver’s Todd Smith’s Girlfriend Being Stalked By Mike Patton

Polkadot Cadaver frontman Todd Smith took some time out of his busy pre-production work with the band in order to talk to SMNnews. Todd Smith spoke to Salo Sopor of SMNnews for a few hours – the cut down version of the chat of which are below.

Todd Smith revealed that Polkadot Cadaver have 15 songs ready for the new record, the surprise guest drummer on the record, and much more…the real bombshell  that SMNnews can exclusively is how Mike Patton is “stalking” Todd Smith‘s girlfriend. That is ~6 minutes into Part One of the interview.

Polkadot Cadaver – Todd Smith / Part One

Polkadot Cadaver – Todd Smith / Part Two


  1. MX says:

    to smell like a sweaty black man

  2. Anonymous says:

    If you spend your entire musical career ripping off Mike Patton, you must repay him with your girlfriend.

    • Anonymous says:

      right, because no one has ever “ripped off” another artist, or been influenced by them? While the simelarities are rather obvious there is a huge difference between Mike Patton and Todd Smith, as well as any projects that they have both been involved with. You might as well tell every rock band they owe The Beatles and Elvis their girlfriends too.

  3. 57SOP says:

    ^^^^ idiot

    • Anonymous says:

      yeah i guess im an idiot because i dont act like an elitist prick who wont listen to anything that sounds simelar to anything because it would make me seem like a poser. excuse me while i go listen to a cd i have of barn yard animals fucking in a pool of pudding, because NOTHING else sounds like that, right?

  4. 65absorp says:

    ^^^^ agreed

  5. depthbomb says:

    So the woman who used to ride the jock of the man who rides the jock of another singer is being stalked by the man whose jock her ex boyfriend rode?

  6. anonymous is right says:

    this guy should be offering his woman

  7. Branden says:

    It would not be fair at all to label Todd Smith as a Patton-imitator. He might have taken influence from him but he took it in his own direction. He has his own style and in my opinion is just as innovative with his song-writing abilities (read his lyrics). Plus everyone gives Mike Patton this huge reputation when at least 3/4 of his discography is noise. Some of it might be more entertaining than others but bottom line is Todd Smith deserves some recognition.

  8. 65absorp says:

    Todd mentions that patton was imitating anthony kiedis in the epic video, and I’m sure anthony kiedis was imitating someone else and so on. I have to agree with anonymous(#2), “You might as well tell every rock band they owe The Beatles and Elvis their girlfriends too.” except I’ll add that you have to tell Elvis he owes Arthur Crudeup, Leadbelly and Charley Patton his girlfriend. The Beatles, in turn, would certainly owe Elvis their girlfriends.


    “Nothing really affected me until I heard Elvis. If there hadn’t been Elvis, there would not have been The Beatles”

  9. Ti says:

    It’s true there’s nothing new under the sun. But c’mon… it is kind of childish to deny that Todd has been mimicking Mike Patton’s deliveries and quirks for years.

    Don’t get me wrong, he does it well, he’s an impressive singer in his own right.
    It’s just too bad that I can’t listen to him without feeling like I’ve heard it before and done by a more experimental band. Dog Fashion disco was Mr Bungle Lite.

    To the guy who commented that
    “Todd has a style of his own, read the lyrics”:

    I remember a lyric from Mike Patton’s “Tomahawk” debut appearing word-for-word on a track from “Adultery” by Dog Fashion Disco.

    So, that’s copying not only the Patton singing, but also the Mr Bungle carnivalesque imagery, Mr Bungle sense of humour, mimicking the Mr Bungle genre-hopping style of music, repeating the Tomahawk film noir and serial killers and hitch-hikers lyrics, and even borrowing a line here and a title there (“Retrovertigo” vs “Vertigo Motel”).

    Yes, it would be very unfair to say Todd was imitating Mike Patton, surely..

  10. ME says:

    you guys relize mike patton is running out of ideas whats up with the italian opera album??why you guys compare singers anyways dog fashion disco is just as tight of a band as anything mike patton has been in its about the music you id hate to subject myself to one sound because the singer sounds alike and DFD has covered many genres that faith no more or mr bungle never touched plus mr bungles disco volante was just a bunch of noise and techno shit if you want to listen to the same music listen to nickelback or any mainstream shitty band at least these guys are doing what the love and putting some amazing jams out there!!! sorry guys i think mikes better days are behind him so at least there is someone who will do a good job and hopefully not release to much opera crap!!

  11. Bleh says:

    Besides, if I was a blatant Mike Patton imiator, I’d probably say Patton was stalking my girlfriend too. You’ll be forgiven for being a poser if the guy you’re imitating is a stalker, right?

    • Anonymous says:

      cry about it some more, theres a few hundred imitators of various singers, musicians, and even entire bands. why its such a big deal that Todd happens to be one of the guys who sounds simelar to mike patton is beyond me. oh wait, maybe its because most of mike pattons fans are stuck up music snobs who live in their moms basement…yeah, yell to her to get you another soda cuz you’re busy raiding, queer.

  12. Anonymous says:

    im just sick of all you whiny internet nerds who think you know everything about music

    • Bleh says:

      Implying that Smith is a Patton imitator is hardly me showcasing that I think I know everything about music, The influence there is just too obvious to deny.

      That being said, I’m tired of you ignorant jack-offs calling people nerds over the Internet! That’s like riding the short bus and calling the person sitting next to you retarded.

  13. ME says:

    just cuz there voices are alot alike dosnt mean shit todd smiths lyrics are much darker and it would be a hole band trying to imitate the other because the music is all strange and bizare but fuck FD is just as good if not better then faith no more or mr bungle also mr.bungle is sounds more carnival like kinda like tt carnival song they do and DFD is more circusy so thats a huge difference right there just face it Stolen babies is a band that plays music in the same style but the singer is a chick is she also imitating mike patton dark lyrics revolving around satan and killing has been around way before pattons crazy mind so i guess hes just imitating like the rest of us

  14. 57SOP says:

    Faith No More is not anything special, bungle is. A ton of his stuff sucks, Mondo Cane, Ya thats fucking great stuff. Everyone knows hes an overrated asshole.

  15. Meh says:

    Yeah, Mike Patton’s best stuff is probably ten years behind him.
    And, yeah, every band, every artist, steals, borrows, hacks, chews up and spits out ideas from others.
    And there’s no arguing over tastes…you can prefer DFD or Polkadot Cadaver, or you can prefer Mr Bungle and Fantomas.

    But who can deny Todd Smith tries to sing as much as Mike Patton as he possibly can?? Todd Smith is on Mike Patton’s nuts. Why would DFD fans deny it? Todd Smith himself is the first to admit it!

    You might as well deny Dennis Leary stole Bill Hicks material.

  16. An Album Cover says:

    In the long run, this may work out the best for Todd. He’s already talented; and having his idol steal his girlfriend from him is just the kind of industrial strength mindfuckery it takes to write his best music yet. I’m looking forward to the release.

  17. blind says:

    can’t it all be a publicity stunt?
    why would Patton follow his girlfriend? why Patton, and why talk about it, even if is Patton?

    I really like both Patton and Smith and I believe both have stuff that’s both alike and different.

    Smith is using Patton’s imagine in a lot of what he does? But who wouldn’t like to be the new old Mike Patton?
    I sure would!

    Todd Smith u fucking rock!
    Mike Patton just fucking continue to rock!

  18. shaken says:

    I met her shes beautiful.

  19. Sazza says:

    I’m sorry. I realise I’m like 9 months late but, what…the…fuck? This was not the context in which I wanted to hear of some interaction between Mike Patton and Todd Smith. Anyway, they’re emails. Doesn’t mean much. There’s plenty of celeb imitators on the net. Although Todd Smith sounds pretty dead serious.

  20. jake maze says:

    Todd smith is without a doubt the best lyricist/vocalist in metal/ anything he does gr8est ive ever heard. though mike patton is also a badass and was a major influence, what todd is doing now is so badass mike patton could never do what hes doing and i think he is now influenced by todd wanting his gf and all i would think he would have made a cologne called todd smith

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  22. novak:) says:

    hmm..a cheep copy of patton`s fake fame/lie-thing joke??..

    y know,it doesn`t have to be txe patton-puppy in this story at all..:) this just ..cheap , attention wantin` bullshitin`..sadly,it`s a pale imitation of exact patton`s media joking in the very style of that tricky-wise punkass btch.:)))))
    …`ny girlfriends here,.?:)

  23. novak:) says:

    no comprende?
    real jokers -- fine,cosmopoletan suit of true artist, are not funny for themselves ,but for making fun of stupid ,fame things…to the point of obvious irony and the real funny truth!..
    this guy`s only trying to be funny…but he`s not.:_) got no eyes `n` nose,missed a whole point of sarcasm…funny telling stories..you need the open mind for that.:)
    ..even sasha baron coen knoes it….

  24. novak:) says:

    i`m pitty sure patton that would say all of this is true,though.it`s important to participate and to support,witch would be the moral of the story…