New Marilyn Manson Album Out in 2011

Having already sold over 50 million records worldwide, Cooking Vinyl overcame fierce competition from several labels in the US and UK, both major and independent, to release what will be Marilyn Manson?s eighth studio album.

New Marilyn Manson Album

The global deal will see the album issued via Marilyn Manson?s own label ? Hell, etc. ? in a joint venture between Cooking Vinyl, with the album slated for release in 2011.

Parting ways with Interscope Records, the new partnership with Cooking Vinyl gives Marilyn Manson an unprecedented degree of creative control. The new set up will see the artist take charge of delivering the completed, mastered album and Cooking Vinyl handling worldwide distribution, marketing and promotion.

Famed for his originality and style, not only in the studio and on stage but also in his elaborate video and thought-provoking film-making, the latest studio instalment will again pair up Marilyn Manson and Twiggy Ramirez.

Marilyn Manson had this to say:

?We will always be our worst audience, until we stop being an audience and start being an artist. Any art is flesh and blood, no matter how you perform, decorate or display it.  But we all want the passionate horror of that blood. And blood is what I am here to bring.?

The deal is a landmark signing for Cooking Vinyl, and follows the company?s huge commercial success with The Prodigy, whose Invaders Must Die was the best selling independent release in the UK and Europe in 2009.

Marilyn Manson


  1. sarbaladaspain says: is albom marilyn manson

  2. Anyone anticipating this album as much as I am? 😀

    • brandyzzo says:

      🙂 i am i love him adn want this to happen soooo freaking bad its craxy 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    ^Me too!

  4. matthew says:

    i really cant wait to hear his new album its probably the only album i am excited about at this time 🙂

  5. Casey says:

    I am not even joking, I intend on looking for tour dates every single day so I won’t miss out when he comes to Spokane. I want to meet him, twiggy, and fish SO BAD! 😀

  6. Anonymous says:

    its too bad he has creative control now that hes a burnt out drug addicted washed up celebrity…i’m sorry but ive been generaelly unimpressed with his music ans basically anything else he has been involved with since holywood, and i’ve learened to expect the worst out of marilyn manson. and he used to be my favorite.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree! I saw him on his last tour and was very dissappointed. He had to huff O2 for 5 mins after every song. He even had to read lyrics off of a memo board at some points in the set! I ve seen manson many many time in last 13 or 14 years. Before ACS even. But I’m hoping for a surprise on this one. Twiggy has said he really likes what they are writing so I wil keep my fingers crossed! MM, PLZ lay off the blow!!!!

    • Dom says:

      Well then why are you on here? If nothing since Holywood has interested you then the new album/ tour doesn’t really concern you. Why not go and express your excitement at a new Nickleback tour or something.

  7. D-A-R-K-lvl-A-N says:

    lunchbox…Angel_With_The_Scabbed_Wings….the beautiful peopole……rock is daed……this is new shitttttttttttttttttttttttttt….if i was your vampire…………..The wow……The New Era

  8. Breanna says:

    I am so excited and I can’t wait for it to come out. I have waited since Interscope dropped him for him to make a comeback and not with many restriction.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Can’t wait for NEW Manson! Come to Victoria, B.C. again!!!

  10. danielle says:

    I think mister manson will do great on this one. I think he knows all his fans want him to go back to the times like the Antichrist Superstar and Holywood sooo i have my fingers crossed it will be the best yet. i never got ot see him in concert because i just started likeing him i sure hope this concert will be the best!!!

  11. kook says:

    it will prolly suck like alll of his new shit

    • Joooo says:

      is it realy fair to say his “NEW STUFF” is all crap.
      the guy is in his 40’s and has probably taken every drug known to man and he is still going!!!!
      Not a single one of his albams is the same as the last one. We can’t tell the this new albam is going to be like ACS i dont think it will but you never know. i can understand him getting soft and less…well ACS. Nothing hes ever done is bad…but yes some of it is better than others i am personaly a huge fan of Eat Me Drink me etc. and am looking foward to what ever he dose

    • Butterfly says:

      His new shit is awesome, I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.

  12. WOW says:

    I love him. I want to marry him. His old stuff is awesome but I’m into Eat me Drink me and High End of Low at the moment. So excited about the album, love Twiggy, glad theyre back together again!! New album is going to be awesome, really hope he comes to South West England though I’m not holding my breath! This tour is the one for me.
    Bring on the New Era!

  13. anonymous says:

    manson did not sell out. i thought that when eat me drink me came out and then i recently gave it a good listen and i love it. then the high end of low came out and that is even better. people who say he sold out just didnt give it enough of a chance like i didnt. i cant wait for the new album. im sure it will be amazing. long live manson

  14. wow says:

    There is so much of Holy Wood in The High End of Low. He has never sold out. He’s very creative and goes with that.

  15. brandyzzo says:

    manson <3

  16. Lovenda says:

    Yea does anyone know when marilyn manson’s new album going 2 come out? All i know that it’s suppose 2 come out this year sometime. And i am totally waiting 4 it.

  17. Lovenda says:

    Yea does anyone know when marilyn manson’s new album going 2 come out? I am totally waiting 2 get it.

  18. Joooo says:

    I’m just going to say Im looking foward to seeing him. him and a few other artists are keeping me smilling through ewvery day. manson has opend my eyes to everytihing i beleve in now. befor lysenting to him i was like him a brane washed christian now i know that god can love me because of all the pain a suffering even i have been through and i cant waight to hear what he has to say

  19. MANSONFaN#1 says:

    I heard the title for the new manson album was “Illud Divinum Insanus”

    • Eyes Wide Open says:

      God is coming here to rescue all of you from this sick freak who thinks that by saying “I among no one!” he has achieved a higher status than anyone in the universe. He knowingly uses outright lies and manipulation to conceal his true nature, that of a vengeful monster seething with Hatred and bent on world destuction. “Daydream milk and genocide?” I assure you, as someone as spiritually enlightened as Manson, but from the other side of the spectrum, this latest endeavor by our “dear friend” will be the greatest humiliation suffered by anyone on this “pomegranite earth spinning off into oblivion.” BTW…that face he’s wearing at the top of this page he thinks is of you, his “funny little monkeys…”

      • steve says:

        isnt that what you facist christains do?

        • steve says:

          your Christian leaders use your fear and hatred to control you. Why? It keeps you following in blind faith…it’s easy to take your rights from you, your lives, your money…look what the catholics did during the dark ages…its being done to you now. Christianity takes in billions, if not trillions of non-taxible income every year from all over the world…separation of church and state indeed. so tell me, is it ok to burn someone at stake just because they believe differently then you…you believe in a COLLECTIVE religion…no one is their own person, they all have to answer to a higher power…sounds like your God is Joseph Stalin…or Chairmen Mao…so then its “God’s Work” when you stone a man to death for being homosexual…If God truely exists, hell, its even written, he wants us to live, prosper, be fruitful…but your leaders lead us to believe that if we so much as covet something, we are damned to burning sulfer…where is the sense in that?

      • Butterfly says:

        You’re just jealous because you’re a piece of shit and could never compare with such a talented and well-respected individual as Manson.

  20. Eyes Wide Open says:

    I don’t mean to sound so cruel, but I once turned away from God and felt dead to the world for years. Manson’s appeal of an independent awakening to the fallen is a lie. He’s an opposer of God because he wants to be. Every one of his albums is laced with rape, voilence, and hatred for the rightous because that’s what he thinks is coming to all who don’t worship Satan. Just check out his lyrics database and see for yourself. If the world is truly ending in 2012, Manson expects the devil to overthrow God and claim His position as Universal Soveirgn. What he didn’t expect is that God had a plan all along to save every living being ever created. Even after he fell, Manson was given the chance to stop hating God and re-enter into his love. But Manson would sooner be God himself than live under Him, even in a perfect Heaven. I only found this out because I remained faithful even after I was cursed. That’s when I really found God and the meaning behind all the pain in the world. Manson wants God to leave everyone because he told God that if that happened we’d all hate God the same as him. That would deliver every living being directly into the hands of the wicked spirits Manson serves. This new album is God’s gift to the world because God is going to let Manson reveal his true intentions before he is brought down, along with the devil he worships. Trust me. When Manson finds out that we’re all going to Heaven he is not going to be pleased. Forget what you think you know about the Bible. Hell holds no sinners anymore…

    • sammie says:

      it’s called acting. he is a character to the entertainment stage. if you took movies literally as youve taken his lyrics literally, then you should start questioning the intention of screenwriters too. how can anyone prove there’s a heaven.. he’s never gonna feel stupid cuz we’ll all leave only a dead body behind.

    • steve says:

      im not trying to sound like a closed minded Christian hater either, however, if you put religon ASIDE entirely for a moment, and think about the lyrics with a clear mind, yes, there is quite a bit of hatred involved, but he has every right to express hatred. I too can express my hated everytime i see a beer bottle fly at my head or a “God Hates Fags” sign at some rally in front of a church…think for a moment before you accuse someone of being a religiocity, eh? If you were a true Christain, you would throw out the old testimate, the jewish nonsense and be a person of enlightenment, thats what the new testimate teaches. NOT a strict order of rules that you have to abide by or you will be threatened by eternal hell fire…take a ganders at it yourself

      • BOARDGAME says:

        ha,luv it.tell it like it is.i hate ppl who r handed sumthin n told to beleive in it.when they dont bother to research wat they told to beleive.those r the scared,ignorant closed minded.who is really the bad guy here?the ones with the god hates fags banners n noses n the air or the man who stands up for the ones denied by society.?

      • bahskerp says:

        Hey dick bag Christian go fuck your self! . I find it quite syou live your life by a book that tells you what to do.your just a scared person afraid. of dying believe on this higherpower to save you from nothingness after death. My wisdom’s to you put down your damn holly book get off your ass and actually live life

    • TaylorthePerson says:

      I know everyone has their right to state their opinion, But bashing him on a site makes no sense. Plus what do you know about him? If you hate him so much , why are you finding so much information about him. If I may ask? To bash more?

  21. nevid says:

    Let’s just hope its not like h end of l and eat me drink me Hahahah

    • BOARDGAME says:

      those are his last two albums,if they suk that bad y u still keepin up with em.?fukin dumb asses.nuthin better to do then talk down on heroes.

  22. Lovenda says:

    Hey the high end of low and eat me, drink me are great albums. I LOVE ALL OF HIS ALBUMS. I know even his new album will be great just like all the rest

  23. Joe says:

    I just hope he does another Aussie tour again, I saw him in Brisbane for high end of low, that was awesome

  24. ThatGuy says:

    He did an Australian Tour for High End of Low?
    Also, For the Jesus freak. You really are stupid, Arent you? Manson himself is not a satanist. Idiot. He said so himself. And why do you know lines from his lyrics? Is it not a sin to listen to his music, You hypocrit? Shove your bible, Face the truth.

  25. ThatGuy says:

    Apparently the album will be much like Mechanical Animals (Coma White) Well, I know it by two names.

  26. BOARDGAME says:

    to all the ones critisizing,how many albums have u put out.?if he fell off then why are u still showing interest on this page.every album is classic so suk dick n die.

  27. weirdo:( says:

    i cannot waiiiiiit for this fricken album to come out, and for him to tour. hopefully ill be able to see him i want to so badly it hurts! it sucks my mom hates him and says “hes too much” but i WILL go to that concert when he comes around ill do anything it takes hes just such an amazing person and hes so….himself. it makes me smile:) i told meh mom thats her son in law!:D she laughed and shook her head…..i guess she thought i was joking:/

  28. Sajim says:

    I love manson and id stay by him before god. Can’t wait to see him live and in hell.

  29. OOOOOOOHHHH yes sir that diabolic box ain’t dainty. See if you recognize this verse i just added a little souped up Pedersen goodness to the flavor. “all of dana peters mouths are open like they’re begging for dinty and hoping like the bitter pedersen chant we can lick you won’t have any left.”
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    OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH yes sir a Peterskin like myself remains a loyal ringback servant to Firas for unrequested answerposts!

  30. Anonymous says:

    Manson is NOTHING like he used to be, what a sell out…

  31. Lovenda says:


  32. Grace says:

    MM eight studio album, titled Born Villain, is set for release on october 31st. Here’s the full tracklist:

    1. Beloved Murder
    2. Porn Bites
    3. Vintage Girl
    4. About The Freak
    5. Hollywood Burning
    6. No Reason
    7. All Allows Eve
    8. The Bleakest Fun
    9. Her Pink Insight
    10. Speechless, Divine
    11. I Am Among No One
    12. To Please Some Belief
    13. Of Chains…
    14. Born Villain
    15. The Death Of A King
    16. My Collapsed Fairytale

    No idea how real this is. But if it is real… Omg!!!! 31st October! Thats SOON!

  33. Mike Gallo says:

    I love how the last picture from the GOAGG era has NONE of the current band members except for manson himself.

  34. Anonymous says:

    SELL OUTTTTTT, just like trent reznor.

  35. Monkey says:

    Santa .. Easter bunny … tooth fairy … boogie man … and god damn mother fuckin jesus and satan ……. shit aint fuckin real ……….. cant we just anticipate his album in peace … shes gonna save us all people watch out bible banger on the loose … go away

  36. Lovenda says:

    That would be awesome if his new album came out on Halloween. I cant wait 2 get it. i’m excited and impatient 2 get it.

  37. Lovenda says:


  38. Lovenda says:

    i do hear that Born Villain is suppose 2 come out in feb 2012. i will be looking

  39. Anonymous says:

    why did he do a track with lady gaga? she sucks and he is becoming a sellout. so i am not happy with mm right now. lady gaga is the worst thing that has ever happened to music, and he does a collab with her? F that!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Grace says:

    According to this
    The new album will be out in Feb, some time.
    Next month?! Excited!

  41. Tommo says:

    May 2012

  42. Richard says:

    The high end of low has great references to philosophical integrity and I like how his newer stuff is more nazi than anti American.