Man Killed After Agnostic Front Show at DC9 in Washington

The Washington Post is reporting about an incident that got out of hand outside of the DC9 club after an AGNOSTIC FRONT show. After a man reportedly threw a brick through the club?s front window, between three and five people exited the club to pursue, confront, and handle the situation. The man [updated from ‘band’ typo] was “severely” beaten, and after being taken to a nearby hospital, was pronounced dead.

Five arrests have been made in regards to the incident, with unconfirmed reports saying that those arrested were employees of the nightclub. DC9 commented:

?Our staff, families, and friends look forward to our day in court to prove the innocence of our long-time staff.?

DC9 is to be temporarily shut down…

As of Friday afternoon, officials at the Medical Examiner’s Officer say they have not ruled the Friday morning death outside of DC9 a homicide. For the latest updates, follow CrimeScene.


  1. It says “The band was severely beaten…”

    but seriously, a tragedy…

  2. Anonymous says:

    The band was pronounced dead

  3. rayraymartinez says:

    seriously. Print a correction please, this is the internet for gods sake lets keep it trustworthy and respectable

  4. Ex- Californian says:

    Ethiopian immigrants like Ali Ahmed Mohammed should know Property damage is a serious loss for small business owners anywhere in this economy, I got bit up by a Jazz club owner just for riding my bicycle infront of his night club located in a ghetto neighborhood of San Francisco where the city is paying millions of dollars to club owners to open night clubs and redevelop the area to attract limo riding tourists ,apparently bycycle riding Ethiopian immigrants are not needed in the area and if they show up they get bit up. It was his word that had value so the police were in his favor and I ended up loosing the fight.Beware Night clubs can be dangerous full of guns , fights and sometimes death.

    • justice says:

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  5. THOMAS says:

    Any business owner has a right to protect it’s property in any means necessary. This culture of throwing bricks and destroying properties and creating terror gets a person killed in any part of the world including the deceased’s native country Ethiopia . Ali Mohammed very well knew what he was geting into when he threw that brick and smashed the night club’s window as he is from Ethiopia and Ethiopia got numerous between thugs destroying businesses and business people protecting their businesses. It could be considered as a death wish on the side of Ali Mohammed for doing what he did..I would like to mention Just a few of the similar instances that took place in Ethiopia . In 2005 more than three hundred brick throwing people terrorizing customers and businesses were shot dead by the property owners during the act in Addis Ababa Capital city of Ethiopia , in July of 2002, 200 Mazengers tribe members — neighbours to the Anuak tribes in Gambella region were also killed, In 2001, 100 Sidamo tribe members were also killed for destroying properties. More brick throwing Ethiopians were killed were killed in 1992 in Badenyo , Ethiopia and in Arba Gogu , Ethiopia. In all few .this is a trend that is very well terrorizing East Africa. I say remember the Oromo tribe people about the tens of thousands of their people who have been beaten, tortured, imprisoned and murdered in the last twenty years for destroying private properties whgo finally are stoping this behavior. The business owners were simply protecting their business and none of the business owners or employees were charged for protecting their businesses and they were found with compliance to the law . Donot expect the law to be any different in Washington DC too ,what wa done was done to protect the bread and butter of hard working Americans and civilization as a whole. Let this be a lesson to anyone out there that think just because this is a free country they can get away with such acts ..

  6. justice says:

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