WHITECHAPEL: What Influenced “A New Era of Corruption” by Ben Savage (Part Two)

We brought you part one of WHITECHAPEL guitarist Ben Savage‘s insight into A New Era of Corruption, now here’s part two…catch WHITECHAPEL on tour starting October 1 with Impending Doom, Miss May I, Oceano, and I Declare War.

06. Unnerving

This brutal tune was written by Zach. I can’t speak for him or what he was listening to at the time he got inspired to write this, but knowing Zach, it was probably a lot of Emperor, Meshuggah, and Deicide. I wrote the lead in this song and its a total Guthrie Govan “Sevens” rip off haha, but hey! it works.

07. A Future Corrupt

The influences of this song range from Decrepit Birth to Entombed to Black Dahlia Murder to Spawn of Possession. Its one of our pretty straight forward 4/4 metal gems.

08. Prayer of Mockery

The beginning lick was written back when we were writing This is Exile and I could never find a good transition out of it. Its an extremely simple riff, but it uses to power of accents to keep it somewhat musical haha. The rest of the song is Castlevania worship \m/

09. Murder Sermon

This tune was written by Alex and Zach, it reminds me of Acacia Strain meets Gojira meets Slipknot meets Doooom meetttaaalll!

10. Necromechanical

The intro was inspired by “Immortal Rites” by Morbid Angel and how it plays the riff backwards leading into the beginning. The next riff after the intro is straight Morbid Angel worship….never a bad thing

11. Single File to Dehumanization

This song is what you get when I was jamming Gorguts for a week straight. I love how they Find harmonies in chromaticism and thats what inspired me to rock this cashbah. The beginning riff lead has a Sikth type lead over it. I love Sikth and so should you!

There you go! See, you never know when inspiration will hit. It could be when your taking a dump at work or when your kissing yo mamma! but when it hits, make sure you find somewhere to go and hum the riff in your phone so you don’t look like an idiot.

Thanks SMNnews!

Ben Savage

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