The Word Alive – Deceiver

Empire was widely praised when it released a year ago, and for good reason. Hell, the EP is still a worthy metal contender with today?s releases. So how did the full length compare? Well fans can stop holding their breath; Deceiver is beast. It?s heavier, more intricate, more powerful, and even more aggressive (lyrically and musically). While the first two tracks, ?Hounds Of Anubis? and ?Epiphany?, are incredibly enjoyable and instantly successful in engaging the listener, this is one of those albums that actually becomes increasingly better as it plays through. It seems that most albums lose steam by the time they?re half way through, but not Deceiver. ?The Wretched?, which is essentially the title track if you listen to the words, is one of the most stand out songs on the album. The gang vocals during the chorus are addictive and catchy, and the breakdown near the end is pretty ridiculous. The track is then followed by ?Consider It Mutual?, a song that begins with some well sung vocals before building up to its true form. One of the album?s most straightforward ?fuck you? tracks is ?2012?, a song that opens with the lyric ?You get what you deserve / For fucking with me / You won?t be the first / You won?t be the last?. Other than being completely brutal throughout, the song also features some of those electronic twinges 3OH!3 love so much (which may sound random, but it works). ?Battle Royale? makes its return from Empire, slightly modified and made larger in sound for the new record. ?You?re All I See? is the first and only song The Word Alive has done that is completely sung and does not feature screams or breakdowns of any type. Luckily, this experiment shines beautifully and shows that the band has a softer side to them we should ask them to explore in the future. The final track, ?We All Know You Are?, has an UnderOath vibe that brings the album to a fade off closing well enough. When all is said and done, Deceiver is just the album fans have been waiting for. It?s got major cohones that we should all bask in. Don?t even laugh. We?re serious.

Review by Nathaniel Lay of

Rating: 9/10
Label: Fearless Records

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Ehh album was OKAY
    not as good as empire though IMO