Gypsyhawk – Eric Harris (bass/vocals) and Andrew Packer (guitars)

Ever seen a Gypsyhawk before?  I bet you?re imagining some kind of massive bird / stoned Egyptian, or whatever your brain tells ya.  Picture to yourself what a Gypsyhawk might look like, but also take note of the real beast, GYPSYHAWK the band, who bring back that classic rock / heavy metal sound that we all have a spot in our hearts for.  I got the chance to rap with Eric Harris (bass/vocals) and Andrew Packer (guitars) of GYPSYHAWK, and for a good dose of clarity / hilarity, read below and grab beer. 

Alex Gilbert (SMNnews)
: July 6th marked the release of the GYPSYHAWK release, Patience And Perseverance, via Creator Destructor.  That date is coming up soon ? you guys must be pretty stoked, huh?

Eric Harris (bass/vocals): Yes, indeed! we’ve been waiting for this for a long time.

Andrew Packer (guitars): It’s a bit surreal too, it all came together very fast.

Alex: You guys have a ton of killer solos, it may just be against the law!  Not to only narrow GYSPYHAWK into metal, but you guys also have a ton of classic rock groove, and have such a refreshing sound in my opinion.  How would you describle GYSPYHAWK?s music?

Eric and Andrew: Thanks, Alex. It’s pretty hard to describe our music, but we incorporate a wide variety of styles that influence each song separately.

We just play what we feel and what we love. We really just want dudes to bang their heads and chicks to shake their asses.

Alex: Your song, ?Gypsyhawk?, is riff crazy!  You guys really put a lot of substance into your songs, which I love to hear.  Can you walk me through the song creation process?

Andrew: We take a democratic approach to all writing aspects, if one of us has a song then we’ll show it to the others and they can write their parts or add dynamics to the existing piece.

Eric: It’s kind of like gumbo.

Alex: I?m trying to picture what an actual animal Gypsyhawk looks like?  Even tried using the ol? reliable google images, but no luck.  Out of curiosity, how would you describe such a creature?

Eric: I always envisioned a Harpy. That shit’s tight.

Andrew: A drunk bear trying not to fall out his mini-car?you know, something that looks as cool as it sounds.

Alex: Looks like you guys have a tour coming up soon.  It?s always fun to get out on the road.  How excited are you to expose the GYSPYHAWK live?

Eric: Looks like we got this one a little late, but yeah – we just finished up our first small tour. It was the best thing ever! Tour always is. People were pretty receptive to it, despite the weight of a genre preference be it rock and roll, dance, country, pop, disco, death, thrash, or black metal. We’ve gotten pretty positive responses, and playing live is always a blast. Now we’re even more excited for our full month tour in September.

Alex: The album artwork for Patience And Perseverance is badass!  I love the color scheme.  Care to give some promotion for it?

Eric: Oh, of course, it was done by my good friend Daniel Lerner of Columbus, Ohio. You can check out his work at He’s the best, man. He got a few initial ideas of what we wanted and then worked with us after that. Needless to say, we were blown away when we got the final draft.

Alex: Here?s a fun and tricky question.  If you were to create a dream tour, who would be on it?

Eric and Andrew: Well, the imaginable possibilities are endless, but maybe…Crucial Taunt, cause Cassandra’s such a babe, The Lone Rangers, and Wyld Stallyons would be most excellent.

Alex: I love that you guys don?t forget about the roots of rock and heavy metal.  What are some of your main influences when composing whether they are musical or not?

Eric: Getting high always helps me… no, not always actually…but sometimes.

Andrew: It’s sort of simple. Basically we shovel down fists full of crystal meth, start smashing our records, and meticulously glue the shards back together, THEN when we listen to it, we think ?oh, what a good idea?.

Alex: Patience And Perseverance is a great album, and really lets the spirit of rock / heavy metal live on.  Thanks, guys!  The press sure seems to love it, which is always a great thing to see.  How does the future look for GYPSYHAWK?

Eric: Shit, we hope it looks pretty good, but alas, none of us posses the power of foresight. So instead, we’re just putting in the blood, sweat, work, tears, and emotions until we can’t go on any longer. We strive to maintain patience and perseverance.

Label: Creator Destructor

By Alex Gilbert

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