LOGAN – Kenny Collins (vocals)

LOGAN is a Scottish melodic rock band that shouldn’t have a hard time finding a home on American radio. The quintet have jammed their upcoming The Great Unknown album with arena-ready choruses and one searing vocal performance after the other.  The aforementioned album, hitting stores in September, was produced by none other than Keith Olsen. The veteran producer has worked with everyone from Whitesnake to Ozzy Osbourne. SMNnews caught up with Logan vocalist Kenny Collins and asked him about The Great Unknown.

First off, you guys hail from Glasgow, Scotland ? but your sound is definitely more American. Tell us about your influences.

Everyone in the band has grown up almost exclusively listening to American bands. Everyone from Journey and Guns ‘n’ Roses, to the 90s scene with bands such as Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains and Stone Temple Pilots. Today we’re into great North American bands like Nickelback, Sevendust, Stereoside, Shinedown and Alter Bridge… among many others!

Is there a big audience for your kind of hard rock at home? When people think of Scottish music here, indie bands like Belle & Sebastian and Mogwai come to mind.

There definitely is a big audience for our kind of rock in the UK. Bands like Nickelback, 3 Doors Down, Blackstone Cherry etc can come here and sell out massive venues. For some reason the UK music press has a tendancy to turn their nose up at big North American Arena rock bands, but it only shows how devoted and loyal the fans are that these bands still thrive.

Are there any newer hard rock bands from there you can recommend?

I wish I could say yes, but good hard rock bands are few and far between in the UK. The scene here is dominated by famous for fifteen minute pop and indie bands.

You are going to be releasing an album called The Great Unknown in September through Universal Music Group?s indie distribution arm. Do things feel like they are getting to the next level now?

Yes, absolutely! The people involved behind the scenes now are very established individuals with incredible track records. Sitting down with people, having dinner with them in their family homes is very surreal. We ain’t in Kansas no more!!

Veteran producer Keith Olsen produced the album ? who SMNnews readers will know from his work with legends like Ozzy Osbourne, Whitesnake, and Scorpions. How did you guys hook up with him?

It was an incredible chain of events really. Our management had been working with Stuart Allan Love in the US who in turn introduced George Nauful at Mesa Bluemoon Records. George had a copy of our album Cruel Little World and was thinking about who might be interested in producing our new material.

He received some mail at home which was wrongly delivered ? it happened to be for Keith who George hadn?t seen for years ? they discovered that they literally lived a few hundred yards apart! Keith heard the record and immediately showed an interest in working with us. He and George flew over to Glasgow to see us play our last show of 2009 and the rest is history.

How involved was Keith in the songwriting and/or arrangement side of things?

Keith wasn’t involved at all in the songwriting process, but he brought his genius into play in terms of arrangement. There were parts of songs that we were very happy with, but Keith would suggest trying something different. He’d subtly point us in a direction, and as a band we would come up with new parts that made the songs so much better. He has a very special gift for getting the very best out of artists that he’s producing!

Your songs always have a very strong hook during the pre-chorus and chorus. How important is that aspect to your songwriting?

It’s of the utmost importance. The chorus really has to fly. Our quality control is very very high. If we’re not all lifted and moved by a chorus then it probably won’t see the light of day. If it moves us then we hope it’ll have the same effect on others.

Tell us about your single, ?Jump In Again? What event inspired the lyrics?

Jump in Again was a song that passed us by at the demoing stage. It was Keith Olsen who spotted it as a potential hit. The lyrics are about jumping into a relationship too quickly and becoming trapped in a hurtful, trustless disaster, basically.

You?ll be spending a lot of time in the States, promoting The Great Unknown. What is your impression of the country in the times that you?ve visited?

We all love America! The people here are great, the music scene is great, the food is great, the cars are great! Expensive phone calls home really suck though!!

What are 5 albums that are mandatory in Logan?s touring van?

That’s so tough to answer! There are so many, but the usual suspects would be:

Nickelback: All The Right Reasons
Alice In Chains: Dirt/Facelift
Stereoside: So Long
Sevendust: Alpha
Logan: The Great Unknown

What else can we expect from Logan in the coming 12 months?

Lots of gigs, lots of empty Jack Daniels bottles, lots of CD sales, lots of new fans and most importantly… lots of good times!


By Christian A.

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