Campaign For Death Metal Purity Tour announced

Death Metal has grown weak and soft? with the infiltration of hard-core breakdowns; gravity blasts, emo singing, and MTV saturated ?fashion agenda??what a sad affair when Death Metal becomes another genre of ?POP MUSIC!? IBEX MOON RECORDS would like to invite the True Death Metal Elite to a series of select dates across the United States of America! A Tour designed for the sole purpose of taking Death Metal back to its roots, a time when metal wasn?t a fashion statement and Death Metal came from some place much more sinister and far more deadly!

John McEntee, IBEX MOON RECORDS label mastermind & Guitarist/Vocalist for Death Metal legends INCANTATION had this to say about the campaign. ?With all the trends in Metal these days and all these fest type tours that mostly only highlight the flavor of the month bands. We wanted to put together a tour with 3 strong Death Metal bands that all in their own right have proven themselves to be true warriors of death!!! Each band has forged their own legacy by being 100% true to themselves and it shows with their intense live performances. This is the time to take back our underground scene and show your support to some of Death Metal?s top extreme bands. Death Metal is Eternal Under the Ibex Moon.?

?Some may call this movement the New Wave of Old School Death Metal or NWOSDM, well F**K THAT BULLS**T! There is no “New Wave” in Death Metal! We have never stopped hailing the olden way! The trendwhores have tried to take over our sacred music and call it “Death Metal”, but we are taking it back with extreme force! This tour is one of the battles we wage in our war, the posers shall be cleansed!!!” states Mike Abominator, vocalist for California?s Metal of Death Merchants GRAVEHILL.

Coming from a town with such Death Metal legends like MASTER and CIANIDE, Guitarist/Vocalist Adam ?Deathrot? Scott of Chicago?s CARDIAC ARREST elaborate on their involvement in these dates of death! “We look forward to storming the U.S., spreading Death Metal hell to all who attend, and a slow horrible death to some hipster dorks? but that’s another case. We shall ROT together!!!”

The Texas Cult known as HOD are here to kill you one decibel at a time! ?What?s happened to the Death Metal scene is exactly what happened to America. Once discipline turned into abuse, America bred a generation of emotional, panty-waist, white leather wearing pussies! We’ve allowed these mouth breathing vermin to run gaily through our scene spewing their unoriginal garbage all over the f**king planet calling it “Death Metal” and the dogs eat it up like the vomit that it is! Well it’s all over! With this tour the TRUE Metal Underground is taking back Death Metal and impaling the posers, you can’t f**kin’ stop US!!!” claims vocalist Vladibeer Reebs!

16 Dates and 16 Cities? Death to those who oppose us!!! Get a taste of some real death metal, and see what IBEX MOON RECORDS is all about:


  1. Anonymous says:

    This website is either being non-partial by painting both sides of the fence, or it’s ironic that there’s promotion of the “true death metal” tour, while simultaneously grandstanding that Atilla bullshit.

  2. cheryl says:

    mr. anonymous…you’re a dummy. Love the article, tour, and idea because well…..They are correct.

  3. Sargatanas_666 says:


    “F**K THAT BULLS**T! There is no “New Wave” in Death Metal! We have never stopped hailing the olden way! The trendwhores have tried to take over our sacred music and call it “Death Metal”, but we are taking it back with extreme force!” YOU CAN’T SAID IT BETTER!!!!




  4. Anonymous says:

    Oh please, enough with this “tr0000 metal!!!!1111” shit. It’s not 1992 anymore. Get the fuck over it.

    • dethrucci says:

      the scene today is indeed very pathetic,all music is just business and shallow.Metal isnt what it was earlier and thanks to many like ^^you guys^^ ,things are at their worst.there is no message and its all about who sells more and packs bigger stages and all that “merch” selling shit.

  5. Yeah, it’s 2010. The metal scene has, by your calculation, had eighteen years to come up with something better. For the most part, I’m still waiting.

    We like a lot of newer bands. Older bands aren’t automatically great, any more than thinking a band sucks just because they’re new. Gravehill, HOD, and, we, Cardiac Arrest, are very young bands (with older members).

    Don;t misinterpret what we are trying to accomplish. We are trying to promote good music, and crush bad music. It’s that simple.

    If you;re on board, wonderful. If not, just stand aside.w
    Grindhead Jim Deabenderfer
    Cardiac Arrest

  6. Christian says:

    Sounds stupid to me.

  7. pssh says:

    theres going to be 10 fat fucks who live in their parents basement at each show, thats it. a bunch of pimply death metal nerds who think they are the coolest cuz theya re “troo” metal. fucking A. I get the concept but this is just gay

  8. Cronos_666 says:

    The only thing gay, fat and pimply is you posers who talk shit on the net. Let me ask you, what bands headline Maryland Deathfest? The old school death metal bands. Yes they are re-formed, but these fuckers in Gravehill, Cardiac Arrest and Hod are trying to bring back THAT feeling of what it was like back in the day. It is good, harmless(unless you pricks show up to their shows and talk shit) FUN! I just recently got into these bands because our stupid metal music media only covers the lame stuff that you peons lap up like a dog in heat. But I found that their music is fucking kick assand you can hear the conviction in what they do. Fuck it though, I’m just a dumb red neck that has been listening to metal for 30 years. I think I know a thing or 2 about metal and what it supposed to sound like. I also have my own house, a family and work my ass off in construction, so there kiddies, keep talkin shit, and let us REAL metal heads enjoy some REAL metal music! IBEX MOON IS THE SHIT!

  9. duh says:

    and theres your issue. metal is “supposed to sound like” something? fuck that. I like old school death metal, my point is, having an elite fest of people who think that they are the best because they ‘listen to old school” or “know what real metal sounds like” are just fucking dumb. its 2010, music has evolved drastically in every way shape and form…stop whining and get used to it

  10. Whee of the Dead says:

    “Evolving” usually refers to a change for the better.

  11. @ duh: So, you have absolutely ZERO preconceived notions of what music you are into is “supposed to sound like”? That’s like saying that every time you bite into a piece of food you’ve eaten, that you have no idea what it will taste like. Although I see the point you are trying to make, your platform is pretty weak as an argument.

    Oh, and three bands do not a fest make. “Elite”? Uh, no. Oh, forget it. I should know better than to try to reason with people on the internet.

    Come out to the show, and tell me afterward if you HONESTLY think we are pretentious as you seem to think we are. Don’t let an overzealous press release fool you.

    I’ll leave you with a quote: “Each generation will scorn the next, and their music.” -- Anonymous

  12. Anonymous says:

    Don’t get me started on Maryland Deathfest -- where band after band seem to drop off the show as the dates get closer each year. Visa problems? This problem? That problem? Get them fucking fixed so you can hold the show you originally intended. Or, simply shorten the lineup to a solid list of quality, dependable acts who will make the show. Enough on that.

    This constant arguing about what is “real” or “pure” is laughable. Who decided all of this? A bunch of elitist long hairs drinking beer in a basement? Play the style you wanna play and have fun without worrying about whether your music is tr00 enough. Or keep meandering on with your “real metal” nonsense and try to sound like Cryptopsy circa Lord Worm era (or whatever band you still view as tr00).

  13. I’m glad to see you did your research.