Woe, Is Me Cover Ke$ha, Sign to Velocity Records

WOE, IS ME have done a little rendition of the hit pop song ‘Tik, Tok!’ by KE$HA and put it on their MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/woeis. The band announced today that they have just signed with Velocity Records/Rise Records, joining ABANDON ALL SHIPS on the fledgling label. The official press release quips, “Building itself on an ever expanding experimental level of musicianship, the seven piece band packs a powerful punch that can easily be felt behind its catchy choruses and punchy breakdowns”

The band will be heading into the studio April 28 thru June 11 with producer Cameron Mizell (I See Stars, Oceana, Of Machines) at the Orlando Chango Studios to begin work on its debut record entitled Number[s].


  1. Roofie says:

    Why are bands like this still being signed to record deals? This band sucks so badly, it takes 7 members to accomplish that level of suck.

  2. keith says:

    Thats your opinion.

    I think they’re pretty awesome, and obviously the label who just signed them agrees.

  3. vcat says:

    its a shit label with shity taste thats appeals to scene fags. bands that use auto tuner need to get in a van accident.

  4. xTevinx says:

    You’re a douchebag. I know people that are in bands that have gotten into serious accidents. Someone even lost their leg. So fuck off. These guys are legit. Just because you probably some fat metal head douche who can’t get off his own high horse doesn’t mean these guys suck. They are actually really good. And the singer can sing his ass off. Go to his personal music page. He can fucking sing. And they are the nicest of dudes too, so don’t diss on shit you can’t do.