Annotations of an Autopsy to Get Banned North American Lyrics Issued

On April 6th, Earache Records will release a North American reissue of Before the Throne of Infection by ANNOTATIONS OF AN AUTOPSY. Known as one of the UK’s heaviest bands, their masterful technicality, alongside an extremity unmatched in the European deathcore scene has helped earned them a reputation as one of the best extreme metal bands worldwide.

However in North America, that reputation seems to have proceeded them. On the original release of Before the Throne of Infection, no lyrics were printed in the booklet for reasons that are still cloudy to this day. Some say that the printing press were just too disturbed by the content and refused to print booklets with lyrics in them. Others claim that their former label feared offending audiences, retailers and distributors and banned lyrics from the booklet. Either way, Earache has included the song lyrics in the liner notes for the first time.

That’s not the only addition to the Earache reissue of Before the Throne of Infection. It will come with a never before seen DVD that includes a full 50 minute show filmed live at the Camden Barfly in London 2009, intercut with a band interview. It also includes a 30 minute on-the-road tour feature from the Dominatour and live footage from Leperfest in Belgium.

Get a preview of it here with a live performance of “Sludge City” from the London 2009 performance:


  1. Anonymous says:

    Why did I even watch that??? Horrible!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    The lyrics are like

    Breee breee i will kill you breee breee breeee Kill you motherfucker breee yeah breeee

    Probly to shy to put them in the booklet in the first place

  3. Anon E. Mouse says:

    they have a reputation for being one of the gayest bands ever

  4. Th3 FAIL says:

    Yeah..everyone seems to hate AOAA…for what? Those Guys are highly skilled artists..if you dont like their style,well—i tell you a secret—” You dont have to listen to them at all!! So why dont you just shut the fuck up and keep on playing the whole Slayer Album all over again and slap your own shoulder for beeing a “true” Metalhead or something— Stupid people always like to judge things they dont understand/know/like/etc…