Ian McFarland Speaks About Use of Nazi Uniforms in Fear Factory Video

SMNnews recently had the chance to sit down with famed producer and director Ian McFarland to discuss a number of items, ranging from his work with Meshuggah and Fear Factory, to how he got started in the business. An excerpt from the intriguing read can be found below. The full interview with Ian McFarland can be read here.

The Fear Factory video ?Fear Campaign? got a some flack on the message-board comments about similarities to nazi uniforms, that it?s just file footage and has too many video angles. Clearly you were trying to get a reaction from people. I thought it was a brilliant mix of symbolism and aggression. The quick-flash-cut edit also makes it more dramatic. What was the direction behind the video?

Ian McFarland:

Like I said earlier, all the music videos I do, I have a partner named Mike Pecci. He?s a phenomenal photographer and director. He and I find a common ground when we work on stuff to do unique music videos and we try to take bands out of their genre.

When you listen to Fear Factory, there?s a feeling and a tone to them; a lot of people like to think dark imagery and whatnot. A lot of bad things happen during the day, and that?s what Mike and I wanted to go for, along with Burton. Metal videos don?t have to be dark, in a warehouse with the camera shaking or demons and goblins hopping around or blood and gore. You can do a very scary and intimidating video with color and beauty. We wanted to dissect the word ?fear? and not necessarily show all the atrocities of the world and the images that might come to mind while listening to the lyrics, but to catalogue tools that provoke fear.

You think of war ? and instead of seeing people lying on the street dying and bombs going off ? you see a bullet ? and one single bullet on a stark background ? that resonates with you. And you see a gun pointed right at the screen. What it does is, it allows the viewer to walk away with their own interpretation of it, and I think that?s what Burton was trying to do. When Burton came to us with this whole idea of doing a video, he was very specific about creating a video reminiscent of the old ?90s montage stock videos. We wanted to do that idea, but we didn?t want to use stock footage because it?s been done 8 million times. So we tried to figure out a way to do that, and the way to do it was to shoot everything ourselves. We downsized those massive ideas and scenarios down to one option and one image.


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