Killswitch Engage Frontman Howard Jones Knocks Up Pornstar?

We’re utterly clueless and behind the times on this news, but we figure it is such a fantastic read (true or not) that it warrants some level of exposure. Apparently, there’s been some Twitter drama concerning pornstar Allie Foster and KILLSWITCH ENGAGE frontman Howard Jones.

The juicy deets in a nutshell:

  • Allie Foster is “pregnant
  • Howard Jones had to leave KILLSWITCH ENGAGE‘s tour due to “personal reasons”
  • Allie Foster has a baby bump that is alleged to be Howard Jones‘ of KILLSWITCH ENGAGE’s child (proof in the pudding…of the bump, that is)
  • Allie Foster does not like the attention: “No further posts, and all Allie Foster accounts WILL BE DELETED (Facebook, Myspace, Twitter) as I do not plan on ever going back.”
  • Allie Foster supposedly quit porn: “To clear up a few things, I quit porn awhile ago. I haven’t been posting on ANYTHING. I am pregnant, but I’ve been working a NORMAL job.”
  • ThePRP has linked some rather intriguring pictures of pictures of Allie Foster and Howard Jones together here, here, and here.
  • Killswitch Engage Not Breaking Up or Ditching Howard Jones

Quite frankly, we don’t care one iota what really happened, or if there is any truth behind Howard Jones getting his pecker into trouble, but lets be honest, it’s one hell of a story if it were true.


  1. loserib says:

    you forgot one thing too Howard is Married

    • will says:

      actually i guess yall didnt know almost all of the members are christian so to say howard fucks as much as his other members is wrong and if any problems were to come up band wise for this it would b about religion

      • Fred says:

        your such a queer just because someone is christian doesnt mean they dont have sex life doesnt revolve around religion people have fucking problems with other people to say that the only problem that could arise in the band is over religion shows that dumb homos like you are ignorant and the true problem in america/the world today look at what Howard was putting out the man was fucking depressed! shit he needed some fuckin time off! oh by the way go scuk a dildo

  2. why would anyone care? Rockstar fucks pornstar?

  3. Anonymous says:

    his wife would care!!! But I would belive it, ever seen Allie Foster, shes a thick girl. And we all know the Black men like thier women big!!!!

  4. steven says:

    this is outrageous, there is NO proof that this happened and not even worth mentioning.

  5. Satanic Black Panties says:

    According to some people close to HOJo, he is not married, so that tidbit seems like something concocted to make the story a little more juicy.

    Roadrunner and HOJo were aware if this sitch since the beginning of the year, and props to them for managing to keep it quiet for as long as they did. Maybe everyone was hoping she’d abort so it would never have to come out.

    HOJo has more stripes than Tiger Woods!

  6. allies sister says:

    Howard is married. I called his wife. And allie* is not thick! That’s just craziness

  7. Satanic Black Panties says:

    Don’t know why you would be calling his wife, but OK. If he is married, I feel really sorry for the wife. That guy is batshit crazy. Howard better hope all the women he gave the herp to don’t come after him for damages, or else he and the wife might end up living in a cardboard box someplace. :/

  8. msizzle says:

    Howard is like any other dude in a band. He fucks a lot of chicks. He fucked up by not wearing a condom and may, or may not have gotten Allie Pregnant. A porn actress not on the pill is just absurd. No one will know if it is Jones baby until it is born and the paternity test will reveal all. Howard Jones is not married. He had/probably still has many long term girlfriends in many cities across the world. Again, like most dudes in bands. I feel sorry for Allie because I think she may have actually really loved Jones and thought that a baby might bring them closer together. Unfortunately for her, he wants nothing to do with her or the baby even if it is his. This shows the type of character he really is. Shows that the man that he has been painted to be is a fake. He is not a quiet and shy guy who doesnt like attention as he paints himself out to be, he is quite the opposite.

  9. PA says:

    allies sister
    You spoke to his wife? And what are her thoughts on all of this? And why is his marriage unknown to some of his closest friends, band members, record label?

  10. YouKnow says:

    She was never in love with him. If she was, why did she start seeing her ex again instead of trying to mend things with Howard? And she hasn’t done a boy/girl scene since late October so it wouldn’t be hard to figure out who the father is. You people do research on Howard, thinking you know everything about him but can’t do that with her? Everyone is so quick to judge because of what she did for a living.

    And as for his wife, she lives in Canada. He hides her away just like he did all of his girlfriends. You never read anywhere that he was seeing someone, did you? Yet all of his girlfriends all know about eachother. Some were in love with this man and spent 8 or 9 years being faithful to him. Those are the girls I feel sorry for.

  11. PA says:


    How do you know all of this. What is his wifes name? How do you keep a wife hidden? When did they get married? Surely, his own band members would know if he was married? And he didnt exactly hide all his gfs away, they would all take their turns coming for a day or more on tour.

  12. YouKnow says:

    He hid all of his girlfriends from his wife and his other girlfriends. And I was lead to believe that his band mates know about his wife. If Howard asked them to keep it quiet, don’t you think they would out of fear he’d leave the band?

    She lives in Canada, and maybe she wants to be hidden also? And I won’t mention her name, she doesn’t need to deal with anything more than what’s already been thrown into her lap in such a short amount of time. And I know about her because I spoke to her on the phone and mid conversation she had Howard pick up another phone.

    People should think about this — have you ever found Howard’s birthdate online? Don’t think so. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have one.

  13. PA says:

    his birthdate is on his wikipedia page

  14. Satanic Black Panties says:

    Pa , yeah his birthdate is there for all to see. You would think You Know would KNOW this seeing as they seem to have so much info about everything else.

    So now there is a secret wife hidden away in the Canadian wilderness that You Know and Allie’s Sis have talked to on the phone? I am cracking up over here!

  15. YouKnow says:

    Ok it wasn’t up there when I first started seeing him. Fair enough.

    How about his middle name? Is that up there anywhere?

    BlackPanties are you just sitting over there wishing you knew the dirtbag? You should have sympathy for his poor wife instead of mocking the situation like a child.

  16. PA says:


    I have sympathy for his wife, if he has a wife. I have sympathy for you too Allie. It must be horrible to be pregnant to such a selfish and disgusting man. I just think that perhaps you handled this all wrong by getting on the internet and making this all public knowlege. Being quiet and waiting until the baby was born would have served you much better and given you better leverage in the courtroom to take him for all he is worth. If he cant be the man you thought he was, then he can support the baby he put in you with reckless abandon.

  17. YouKnow says:

    That wasn’t me that posted and got all this started. Someone hacked my email before and now this. I assume it’s the same person that hacked Howards email. I’m only posting now to try to clear my name a bit.

  18. PA says:

    Allie -- I understand, your name was unfortunately tainted from the get go because you work in adult films. This is part of your life that I’m afraid will keep coming up to haunt you. Whoever, hacked his and your accounts is a low life. If Howard is married and he has done everything that has been alleged he will his. Hopefully his wife will leave him and not buy into his lies. On another website there has been many allegations of STDs. All you can do now is proceed with dignity, keep your head held high, stick to your guns and put the past behind you and become a great mom for you baby.

  19. YouKnow says:

    DID work in adult films. Haven’t for awhile now though! I work in a factory — yay… And yeah there’s talk of STDs blah blah but I had to get fully tested for my baby and I’m clean, thank goodness. And he will get what’s coming to him. And I don’t mean financially, as I do NOT plan on taking support. I’m a big girl, I can take care of my baby without him. But karma is a b*tch and it’ll get him. It already has through the years if you knew some of the stuff this man deals with. I feel sorry for everyone in the situation, even Howard but I don’t feel sorry for myself. I expect so sympathy or attention. It takes two to tango, And I’m taking full reslonsibilty. Despite this mess, this baby is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I didn’t think I could conceive so I thank God every day for such a blessing and I’m enjoying every moment to the fullest. 🙂

  20. YouKnow says:

    I meant expect NO sympathy or attention.

  21. PA says:

    Congratulations on dealing with it in such a mature manner.

  22. AND NOW... says:


  23. YouKnow says:

    Thanks. I just hope you weren’t being sarcastic. 😛

  24. PA says:

    no sarcasm intended

  25. Terrance says:

    XDDDD thats 2 funny man but sick but who cares killswitch engage is 2 awsome

  26. BeheMOTH says:

    Allie you are a fat No Name Porn star. No-one hacked your account, I read all the tweets you made on other peoples twiiter feeds and you are talking just like you are now. What do porn stars want more than anything?? Attention! You thought this was your one shot at fame. Well FUCK YOU. Leave my Killswitch alone

  27. Satanic Black Panties says:

    It’s CSI Arnold from All Knowing Force!

    Did you finally solve the great mystery of all times?
    The great paternity case of Miss floppy crotch and Mr droopy moobies!


  28. arnold says:

    Miss BTH, still dont think its his. But only Maurey will be able to solve this one. I think shes had so many cocks in her, that there will be a line out the door. I am hoping that it is actually Howards after everything I have read about him on these sites. Men like that deserve to have some consequences for their actions

  29. Satanic Black Panties says:

    Your world renowned skills of detection are getting rusty, old man! I am not BTH.
    I read the back and forth between you and her on the other site and thought it was hysterical.

  30. arnold says:

    Satanic black panties…..
    so you just rip her comments then? pretty much word for word? you sure do write the same, down to the very words… “CSI Arnold” and “moobies”
    BTH must be flattered and proud that you are re-using her words and phrases.

  31. believe the hype says:

    CSI Arnold!
    Ha,ha,ha it’s me BTH.

    @Satanic black panties you can feel free to use anything I write. Arnold, now you have two girls punking you. When will you learn, we are one strong army and none of us is about to stop. Howard deserves everything that is going to happen to him.

  32. believe the hype says:

    I think the Center for Disease Control should be involved in this hot mess. There are legal ramifications for intentional irresponsible behavior. It is also a capability to trace a strain of any STD back to it’s original source. Anyone who is “friends” with Mr. Jones might want to pass this along.

  33. Michelle says:

    Believe the Hype

    Everyone who has received an STD from Howard Jones, needs to get together and file a class action. Until the girls mobilise and act, he will continue what he has done and continue to do so unscathed. I believe he will remain unaffected by all of this, as the media and the industry will just pass it off as normal band and musician behavior. That Ally is “crazy” and looking for an out of her charmed life, that all the girls who are posting on various websites are just “scorned” or “emotional”. I have recently been directed to a site where “groupies” actually post called voy forums rock groupies, and there are posts going back to 2005 about his sexual behaviors.

    I dont doubt that Howard is still probably in communications/relations with many of the girls who were sent that initial email, but give it a few months, and it will all be back to business. He will be back on tour and this whole mess will me swept under the carpet. Most of the girls have probably forgiven him and are back to where they were before this was all brought to light.

    The girls need to act though, they are better than him. They are more deserving than him. He will never change because he will never believe that he was ever in the wrong.

    He is an addict. He needs to hit rock bottom before he will change. I hope the band doesnt take him back, I hope none of his women take pity on him and take him back. And that he is sitting alone in his dingy apartment in connecticut and maybe realizing that its time he started treating people with respect and facing up and atoning for everything that he has done.

  34. MSF leader 286 says:

    U can call your selves S.B.W.A.B. Stupid Bitches Without A Brain KsE rule and for tha Prostitute aka pornstar maby u should stop getting poked U have so mouch sperm in Ur head U cant think,get a life and if u get a kid hopefuly he leaves u asap fucken bitches leave howard the fuck alone or war will begin we R the MSF Militaires San Franteires so dont fuck with them we love’m cuz they rule Oh if anyone is going 2 diss me make it a good one I love a good fight if u have cheap insults then dont bother

  35. Michelle says:

    msf leader 286

    Not only are you completely illiterate but you are completely ignorant. Before you launch into battle, maybe you should re-read what you write because your 500 word sentence makes no sense.

  36. MSF leader 286 says:

    mabe you should reread my point is that H.J is awsome and all that crap about “hes getting whats coming to him is Bullshit even if he fucked her its her shit she did not think “Oh maybe I should get to know the man” but she didnt she must have thought oh maybe his dick might sooth my pain between my legs so ther4 she is FUCKING STUPID so reread the post’s so you dont fuckup and I called her a prostitute Bcuz prostitutes fuck 4 cash & she does the same only on camera get it now???

  37. MSF leader 286 says:

    anyways why you people hate him its not like you all fucked him right? if so “DAAAAAAAAAAAANM” but what are the chances??? (Listening to Howard w/ KsE as I type) heh heh.

  38. M.S.F. LEADER 286 says:

    dont you mean reread what you wrote? and I know he sint going rock bottom theyres hundreds of haters thousands of fans and the whole “Theyre better than him” is BS because if his rep sais hes a womenizer than why fuck’im so they are LOWER than him so who is being ignorant???

  39. USSR kid1 says:

    I agree with MSF Leader 286
    your all dumb Howard is awsome can I join ur Unit msf?

  40. MSF LEADER 286 says:

    welcome aboard USSR kid1 or should I say person with a brain? ps.A Light in a darkened world do u like it?

  41. USSR kid1 says:

    u know what do you know a good code name? and hell yeah that song rocks I prefer KsE over Porn,SEX,and MONEY.

  42. USSR kid1 says:

    hell yeah! its awsome hey do you know a code name? and what would my ranking be?

  43. (BIG BOSS/NAKED SNAKE) says:

    Ocelot is good, from now on call me Bigboss/NAKED SNAKE and ur ranking would be PVT/private For starters

  44. ADA says:

    wow we have a shit load of Idiots here especially arnold stupid dunb bitch is gonna get shot hopefully by me jk or am I ?!!! the two toy soldiers are the ones who make sense KsE rules I met them in person and theyre all cool so step off bitches cuz u aint shit to Diss him (thanx Bigboss for the term diss) >:P besides Allies one fugly bitch.& michelle im rurprised you can count the words in Bigbosses sentence [Wierdo] hey big-B does ur rebellion or what ever enjoy KsE to the fullest?

  45. KsE Fan says:


    Greetings to all I just recieved the news that the BOSS recruited someone and that people here are all hating on My Hero Howard Jones you should all be ashamed like our boss said she is a prostitute and she made her choice howard didnot take a gun out and raped her it was theyre will and she should give up those discraceful ways of hers and change.So Ocellot whats is your interest in joining our unit?

  46. Kakizaki says:

    ada yes we do we are all KsE fans and they mess with 1 of the members we defend theyre title The boss was amazed how you stood up 4 H.J You are welcome to join if you like we are thinking about changing our name but it isnt decided yet the boss sais if you join ur going to be CPL thats good for starters.

  47. Explosive Pants % says:

    hey I will admit I fucked her once and she sucks no orgazm whatsoever but she is a good person dont teller but kim kardashian is better she is a knockout of a lover.

  48. MEow man says:

    meow meow meow meow meow meow just kiding I heard that allie was a man once and he hated himself so he turned himself into a woman like bafalo bill is it true?

  49. gangsta says:

    yes it is true.

  50. lesbo 217 says:

    yeah she is a he and who is howard?

  51. thongs up my nose says:

    we went to middle school hes a homo and howard is the lead singer 4 KsE.

  52. bigboss fan says:

    Bigboss you rule!!!!

  53. playa says:

    Women are good 4 Slavery and fucking nomore noless and I agree with MSF leader 287 howard is cool! so line up ladies and lick my FAT SWETTY BALLS except allie I believe he is a man now that I read this.

  54. Kush n friends says:

    I say we all smoke budd and kill allie if she is a he if not 4give me my queen:( butt we should still smoke anyway:)

  55. 69851458 says:

    I will join the MsF 4 KsE and HOWAAAAAAARD!!!!! call me MONKEY

  56. couche on fire says:

    allie I was a man too marry me…..

  57. my ABS Rule!!! says:

    MY abs Ruuule!!!

  58. Big Boss/Naked Snake says:

    ok no1 cares about any1s abs but I actually had a good laugh about the whole thing about her being a man and sucking at sex whell I have no idea about that nor do i care i dont wish to know that bitch AT ALL she’s fucking with howard’s rep she can fuck with any other celebertie but not my METAL BANDS GOT IT PUTA oh to the other fella bros and bras that agreed you R awsome yet hellariouse xD

  59. Big Boss says:

    no1 cares about your abs dick and to the bros and bras up there who agree ur helarious not sure about the whole thing about her being a man but thats funny good joke lads good joke! xD

  60. Big Boss says:

    sorry 4 posting it twice but its 2 damn funny

  61. meow man says:

    damn son U guys is Crazy Talkin dat shit get a life yall!!!

  62. Neh says:

    Dudes and dudatz Allie is a bitch and deservse what she got she is doing the same F-ing men and moving on so I agree with MsF leader she should loose her child as soon as he/she grows up so the child wont fallow her foot steps and as for Howard he should continue with his career.

  63. believe the hype says:


    I just wanted to say. YOU are excellent at spelling. Excellent. Howard IS going to continue with his career. i only hope he goes to the doctor and has a check-up before he continues any extra activities that come along with his career. Do you know either Allie OR Howard personally? If Allie is a good mother she shouldn’t “loose” her child. Where is Howard’s responsibility in this. I hope she has a little girl so Howard can see what it’s like to have a man as vile as he is date her and hurt her. If anyone is going to come back at me, please do it with intelligence or I won’t respond. I’m sure someone on this blog has an IQ higher than a rock. Childish insults from someone who lacks intelligence mean absolutely NOTHING to me. I know Howard personally. I know the real story. Period.

  64. Neh says:

    Believe the hype
    I do not know him personaly BUT Im his fanatic I stand corrected about her loosing the child I was worried that Howard might loose his spot with KsE so I apolligize to Allie (whatever your last name is):/ Oh how do you know haward?OH! F-YEEEAAAAAAAH! Howard isnt quiting xD

  65. Neh says:

    Oh man I want to start a band like KsE but I know that one thing is fo-sho Im not going to:Bang,Fuck,Poke ect. any girl man Im streight but I have RESPECT 4 WOMEN and am waiting for a special someone I wont give a name But howard GOOOOOOOOOOOD.LUCK. WAIT! ISNT H.J A CHRISTIAN???

  66. Neh says:

    Anybody CALL ME Kojima fan from now on.

  67. Stems n Seeds says:

    Believe the hype

    you Fucked up Son no one should suffer because the parents Fuck up (Siiiiiiip PUFF PUFF) Get my point dog? tripin out on My Curse Besides Porn is Wack who Da fuck likes it? not me.

  68. Michelle says:

    WOW, there are a lot of ignorant, uneducated losers posting on this page. When you learn how to spell and articulate an actual readable sentence, maybe someone will take you all seriously.

    At the moment, it reads like its the one unintelligent sap posting under different names to back himself up.

    Howard is a self involved, pathological liar, and really quite a horrible person.
    You can all jump on your high horses and say “what did the girls expect, he’s in a band, blahblahblah” but in doing that you are saying all guys in bands are dirtbags and thats not the case.
    Howard led many women to believe his many lies, he is very believable, convincing, told us all we were the only one, that he wasn’t with anyone else, that he loved us. And while many of the girls may have been groupies, many were not, and have known him prior to KsE.

    He will continue on his path of deception and lies, he has already duped a few women back into believing him. And while its easy to judge and say they are dumb or stupid, people ideally want to see the good in people and believe in change and for the best and that all their time/years spent invested into a relationship wasn’t wasted.

    Like @Believe they hype, I know Howard personally, I spent many years “with” him. So for you KsE super fans who all seem to not have a very good grasp of english, maybe you should spend a little more time getting a basic education and becoming better people, rather than idealizing someone who is of absolutely no character, a man who is only concerned about himself, runs away from his responsibilities, and will not step up to the plate and be a father to his own child. He is just going to carry on the cycle of his already very fucked up family.

  69. believe the hype says:

    stems and seeds~
    who talks like that. you do realize that it’s 2010 and not 1993. Don’t call me son….EVER. What I said was, anyone who has a child should be given the right to raise their child. If they are deemed unfit then I say of course the department of child welfare should take the child and put them into a more suitable environment. I do have a news flash for you though, moron if you check the statistics children are also terribly abused in the foster care system as well. Now let’s take Jenna Jameson, she worked in porn, she also has twin boys. Should she have her children removed from her household because of a profession she HAD prior to become a mother? You may want to lay of the weed SON….. I think it’s killing the 4 brain cells you have left. I also imagine your folks are just beeming with pride “siiippp pufff pufff”. So Randy Jackson, my dog please educate yourself. You sound like someone who belongs in remedial reading.

    Michele, I got your back. We all need to stick together. One strong group of women. Howard deserves whatever he gets, even if it doesn’t come right now, some day it will. I just hope I’m lucky enough to be there. You are spot on in regards to his character and his life outside of KsE. He was a completely different person outside of the band. That’s what most of these douchebags don’t understand. None of us were groupies. NONE….. well maybe Allie, but she still deserves to be treated with honesty and respect. You lay down like a man, now pay for what you did. Period. The funny thing is that you and I both know that these fools that are endlessly defending him are the very people he despised and spoke of with such disdain. So they can go ahead with their false idol worship, the truth is if one of them was on fire Howard wouldn’t even spit on them to put it out.

  70. kojimafan aka neh says:

    Holly shit all of you are women?!!! oh damn well Im bored so I dont care Oh as For michell its not the same person under diferent names he and his homies go to my school (morrons) oh um so why do you all damn howard? I mean allie isnot perfect eithier they have both done theyre shit I mean she opened her legs and he shoved it in its a 50-50 like believe the hype said if you are going to diss me do it with intelligence or dont bother at all. Oh I dont Idalize him Im christian I only Idolize my god.

  71. Stems n Seeds says:

    look Im not here to argue if I want I’ll go to my Girls EX and I didnot say to dump’em at foster care I said dont condem the poor kid god you should reread and verify what im saying and I talk as I please Im not hurting and Cuz I love my budd dosnt meam im a ghetto ass person so chill Im not howard go bitch him out not me and who said I idalize him I admire his tallent thats all and mechell grow some brains get over it hes not taking you back stop being childish

  72. Stems n Seeds says:

    get a life people he is a celeberty in the METAL WORLD you should expect these things 4xample if kim kardashian said wana hookup I will say Im good because the same would happen to me so my point is let it sorry 4 sounding harsh but its true and budd dosnt affect me I AM SICK so dont judge so quickly I didnot say hey Im geting Cancer So i can get Fucked I make the best of everything by the way it looks i got 2 yrs 4 tops oh well….DONT PITTY ME.

  73. Chris Redfield says:

    People on the web does anybody know the truth IM NOT Insulting, on one of the links above they said allie is a transexual is that true?and to all the people I have info MSF isnot going to be here they have theyre site now Im an X friend of his but Im not going to blog here either I just want my answer please thanx.

  74. kojima fan aka neh says:

    oh Damn I swear why do people hate on eachother its more amusing than sad I went on the other links heh heh you should check it out.Michelle what do you mean by articulate readable sentence I can read it fine and yeah there are alot of F-ups but hey what can you expect its the internet.Hey this reminds me of John Tucker Must Die but a baby is involved dont you agree?

  75. EsP says:

    HOWARD JONES AND I Grew up together he isnt all bad he needs to be put in check thats all,dont judge because you are nobody to do so have any of you thoght if others have judged you so? Be wise people donot let my words fall upon deaf ears I have seen somanythings in so little time……HUMANS.hmfff.such a waste of time….theyre quick to judge,are violent creatures who dont deserve to live.

  76. believe the hype says:

    Hey stems and seeds, well then we share something. So you are right I don’t and won’t feel sorry for you. It’s a diagnosis and not a death sentence. If someone tells you that you have 2-4 years and YOU own that shit than you are a dumbass. Find a different doctor. Be your own advocate. It’s impossible to give you an exact date of when cancer will kill you. Trust me.What do you mean by getting cancer? Either you have it or you don’t. If you were ‘getting’ cancer -- even pancreatic you’d be in stage 1 or stage 1a1 which is curable at the 5 year rate. I know an incredible amount about the disease. I’m a Survivor.
    The issue with Howard Jones is he has knowingly or otherwise been putting many,many people’s lives at risk with his sexual health. I do not need to go into the reason that anyone had unprotected sex with him, these people were in LONG TERM RELATIONSHIPS with him. Did you NOT read my last post. I said most of his girlfriends
    met him outside the “super famous metal world” which by the way isn’t famous at all. He was more proud of being a manager of a couple of bands than being in KsE. He is a chameleon, many things to many people. Just like any sociopath.
    Esp, are you trying to act like Yoda and speak in code? So where did you grow up. Humans hmfff…. are you an alien or something? Am I keeping you from your Star Trek convection. Not all humans are violent creatures. Read the bible, like Howard. Remember he was raised a Christian? Maybe you guys went to church together. You know where he originally starting singing.
    That is so corny to first pretend you know Howard and then to act like some prophecy. He will be judged, remember all liars, sinners, and fornicators will burn in lot of fire and brim stone? I’m far too intelligent and well read for many of you. Michelle being the exclusion so far.
    Kojima you have great taste in movies, you must have loved freaky friday with lindsay lohan.

  77. Kojima fan says:

    Thank you verry mouch, and yes I do enjoy freaky friday how did you know? do you posses the powers of ESP?heh heh… it weird for a sixteen year old male to enjoy souch films? I like geting peoples opinnion and FYI the humans are violent creatures comes from MPO/Metal Gear Portable Ops gene sais it at the end Im a MGS Fan I recognized it as soon as I read it.well he might be my mgs online rival who knows.FUCK YOU HOLLYWOOD!Why did you cancel the metal gear movie?!!! IM NO NERD PEOPLE!

  78. kojima fan says:

    hey (Hype) do you think KsE blows or only H.J?

  79. kojima fan says:

    Wooops Im typing way to fast I apollagize to all readers I meant to say “Gene said it at the end of the game” sorry better to correct my self befor I look foolish :/

  80. stems n seeds says:

    sorry I was taking some pain killers I was all loopy n stuff I couldnt focus well I ment to say HAVE I was trippin out sorry and you tell me some good info and yet you insult me UR trippy girl.but thnx….

  81. believe the hype says:


    I am not a fan of metal at all. Having said that, Adam D. is hands down one of the most talented musicians and producers in that genre of music. I know the rest of KsE is so passionate and so committed to the band. I also think Howard has a great voice and Jesse has a great voice. I’m too intelligent to stoop to a level where I need to criticize the band for Howard’s vile personal life.
    Now I guess I can understand why individuals are criticizing Allie so harshly because of her choice of vocation. I mean working in the sex industry does put her in a category where people would judge her morals or lack there of. According to her she no longer works in porn. Honestly, I don’t know her. From what I have read she is in her early 20’s and clearly not making well thought decisions. Parenthood is a very serious life long commitment. I know people can make jokes and judgements but at the end of the day if the rumors are true she is going to bring a life into this world. If that child is biologically Howard’s then he has a moral responsibility to step up and be a father. Maybe, if his father stayed in his life and his mother had been kind to him he wouldn’t behave the way he does.

  82. kojima fan says:

    Amen to that hey how old are you if you dont mind me asking because your English is perfect its hard to find it in the youth and middle aged I enjoy using vocabulary words and I dont like the LOL’s,LMFAO’S and junk I find it boring Im called wierd because of that but Im unique Im my own person I dont fall for pier pressure I can refuse to co-op. when it comes to stupidities such as drugs,alchohol my point is nothing holds me prisoner I prefer to be locked up in my room than join gangs and junk

  83. kojima fan says:

    So is that rare in 16 yr old males?

  84. kojima fan says:

    Damn does anbody know if KsE is christian because google is not accurate it gives me only wiikipidia and they suck (Confused)

  85. believe the hype says:

    Kojima~ I’m over 30. KsE isn’t a Christian group but Howard was raised Christian.

    Stems and seeds~ I am not trying to insult you, what I need for you to understand is Cancer is all about perspective. You cannot ever feel sorry for yourself. You can never own it. You literally need to say F*ck Cancer. I would never disrespect your illness because as a member of the dreaded “C” club I know how very hard this fight can be. I just find it insulting honestly when people say don’t worry you’ll be fine. Who am I to say that? The only thing that knows whether or not you will beat cancer is your own body. So I’m not trippy, I am just brutally frank. I realize how short life is and I don’t mince words. I think you can be a survivor, just be your own advocate. Keep in mind a doctor comes in to an examination room drops a bomb on you and then goes home to his life and his family and doesn’t think about how that information affects you. I’m telling you, if you don’t like what you hear -- find another doctor -- you have one life don’t let someone else play with it.

    It’s important at any age to speak with education.

  86. kojima fan says:

    Ohhhhh nowonder you have somouch wisdom you have to admit they have riligious meanings in theyre songs ,Thank you so verry mouch, I agree but people dont speak how they should oh well I pitty the people.The foolish ones. hmmmmmmm.mgs pw on jun.08 2010 (excited) Save me is hardcore riligious and my fav.well im convinced Howward you are aficially Fucked good luck DADDY man I would never wana be in his place rightnow.So what is it? Thats next months news I bet.well good for allie quiting porn now that shows

  87. kojima fan says:

    that she has a brain.

  88. Preach! says:

    Michelle is right, that is all the same person talking to himself. He probably should have made it easier by naming himself Sybil #1, #2, #3, ect. See how the icon next to all the names is exactly the same? That is because the posts are all coming from the same PC.

    You know I totally agree that Howard needs to take responsibilty for the child, if it really is his. But after thinking about it, the idea of Howard raising a child is scary to me. The guy is certifiable, so what kind of a parent could he ever be? I cannot see a young child really benefiting from having Howard’s influence in his or her life. Clearly he received little in the way of good parenting or guidence when he was young. Ugh. Vicious cycle.

    Don’t worry about all the ignorant “you should have known better!” crowd. They can only pompously say that because, obviously, they do not know Hobag Jones. He put on a damn good act for a long time, but now his cover is blown and NO ONE will ever trust a word that comes out of his mouth again. After this fiasco he has made himself into nothing more than a bad joke. As for those few girls you said he was able to dupe again, are they not at all concerned with his sexual health? Seriously, they need to be.

  89. believe the hype says:

    Hey sister. I just looked and you are right. How mental is that? You give yourself 15 different names and actually try and tell ME that you have cancer. What a loser and a douchebag. Clearly this little person has WAAAAYYYYYY too much time on his hands. Good luck Sybil 1,2,3,4,5,6 AND 7. You are just the person that should be a fan of Howard’s….. a total Wing Nut just like him. You guys will be good company for each other.

    Oh I agree whole heartedly about Howard’s complete lack of parental skills. The thing about being a parent is you have to put yourself second and we all know he could never do that.

    I really hope that enough people read all of these blogs and are scared to death of getting anywhere near him or his filthy privates. That’s why I’ll never stop writing about this. If I can prevent one girl from getting hurt by him then my job is done!!!!

  90. kojima "stupid fucking Nathan"!!! says:

    WoW now thats ignorant I said I know a few names there because thats there crew name and we all use our schools network through our psp I live across the street and I know how it looks but Im going to clear things up from my end so I sugest you guys look up how do psp’s operate if you dont believe me.besides I dont have all the time in the world,I have a job I only go here 5min. only and continue with what I do so I wont be here until
    a.I kill those socalled friends
    b.I leave them in a hospital

  91. Dave Martinez/kojima says:

    hey people I have to tell you all something 1st I thank you beth,& hype I won my PS3 because the whole 15 alias thing was retarted but my friend bet Im not good enough to impersonate:
    a perve,Douche bag,pot smoking ass hole,and weirdos but its over 12 o’clock so thank you I got caught way too late so I kept my end of the bargan.I apologize too you all but I need that ass holes PS3 so Im not a pshycho that worships him he has a good voice thats all most of you sound like fun cool people especialy (hype)

  92. Dave Martinez/kojima says:

    So Im sorry for messing you BUT kojima was the most closest person/Alias that I am it wont happen again I mean why would I want to be a wannabe Soldier,Startreck fan (good guess hype),perve,or pot smoker do you comprehend? I was an asshole, for that I know I can say Fuck you people even if I dont know you guys/ladies mean Im not going to diss you all I may like KsE but I can respect others opinions what ever you guys say Im cool with it.Like hype said he is going to continue his career so I dont worry.

  93. Dave Martinez says:

    “So cant we start again” By.KsE
    No seriously IM SO SORRY PEOPLE.Can you guys 4give me 4 using you guys as my Dummies 4 my bet??? wow Im a looser after all well I can play Dantes inferno now.and 1 more thing I actually like Freeky Friday its pretty funny but Residen Evil is better. 🙁

  94. Dave Martinez says:

    YOU Have to admit Im pretty good I had you hype for a little while but seriously I dont argue with adults Im better than that I was raised better also. wow I sound like a Pussy with guilt.whell I enjoyed blogging you guys as Kojima,the nice one which is pretty mouch like the real me.

  95. michelle says:

    you didn’t have me fooled for a second, I called you put on that straight away. put the ps3 down and pick up a book, learn how to write and construct a sentence in different styles then maybe you can “fool” people.

  96. OH SORRY I MEANT Michelle not beth i was reading a comment and got distracted as I posted mine.

  97. Dave Martinez says:

    Um dont you mean put the control down?and ok thanks for the tip I didnot know a book like that existed.oh well I will check it out by the way whats your take in this? if you dont mind me asking? :/ did you date the guy?and did I insult you in anyway about a week ago? I reall dont remember.If so I am trully sorry i didnot mean anything by it 🙁 oh just letting you know dont play 100 hrs a day I do read books,some magazines NOTHING STUPID,Manga ,or I read online. and I go out Im no couch potato.

  98. Dave Martinez says:


    Hey one more apollogie goes to you Im sorry that I used Cancer as a lame excuse I dont smoke though but I didnot think at the moment I was blinded by my stupidity,My grand fauther died of a combination of cancer and diabetes he had cancer in his pancreas I didnt think of that either it was foolish of me to post such a thing it isnt funny at all Im a looser like you said.(Sigh)………………….Talk sh##t of me if you please I deserve that I have the PS3 I cant even touch it.

  99. Dave Martinez says:

    Because the way I earned it was stupid But now I dont know what to do next.Well not doing it again is a start but then after that I dont know.
    what do you mean on the 1st sentence “I called you put on that straight away”??? I dont follow.

  100. believe the hype says:

    I wasn’t going to even respond after I learned that you used cancer as a fucking joke. It’s not a joke when you have it. It’s not a joke period. I have no words for you, only that some times pancreatic cancer is genetic and almost ALWAYS deadly. Maybe, some day you won’t have to lie about it. I wouldn’t wish cancer on anyone…… not even you. You and Howard would make great friends because you are both sociopathic mental cases that deserve nothing but the worst things in life. Don’t respond, because I am absolutely done talking to you. Rot in hell bastard.

  101. Dave says:

    Wow I wasnt joking about my GF dying from it didnt you read my other coment and why would you condem me?reread my post and then you will understand and Im no Sociopath nor psychopath but hey like I said talk about me all you like I can admit my mistakes and I am a bastard I have no father but hey FUCK HIM I only need my M’A nobody else so Im not going to argue with an adault and its pretty imature “Go to hell bastard” to a 16yr old? com’on act your age at least michelle called me ignorant and not condem me

  102. Dave Martinez says:

    sheesh well I did my part by appoligizing you killing yourself by holding a grudge is not my concern thank god and IM NOT LYING ABOUT PANCREATIC CANCER I KNOW ITS DEADLY BECAUSE MY GRAND FAUTHER DIED! I said I didnot think about that at the moment I was thinking My 360 vs his PS3 and I won you guys found out too late that I was under 15 names my deadline was luckily 2hrs b4 U caught me and I hope THIS Cleared IT UP I said I was blinded by stupidity and I dont need Hj as a friend I have enough headaches :/

  103. Dave Martinez says:

    Oh the reason I said sociopath nor psychopath was to verify to others its the same thing and I do have remorce and feel guilt so I am normal…….goodbye…..

  104. Dave Martinez says:

    OH my god people these days,hmmmm to be honest Im sure people deserve the worst but Howard and I no we dont there real mental cases out there such as Rapists,child malester’rs,asasins,and more I havent done none so dont say I deserve the worst use your wisdom and choose the correct words and ways to express your self. I dont expect a plesant reply but I could be wrong.all of you ask your selves have you not commited a crime against your neighbor,family,or partner? things happen for a reason.

  105. Dave Martinez says:

    if you answered no then your being ignorant and lie’n to ones self because choosing to be with him is YOUR mistake and dont say we try to believe he was a good person inside because that is just being stupid because people dont change from 1 day to onother and if you date a musician what can you expect they travel they dont give a damn about any of you sad but true. Dont reply with cheap insults, be an adault about this and back your statements up please.Thank you.

  106. dj says:

    Dave M and Believe the hype: both of you are clowns. Cancer rules!

  107. Dave says:


    I dont see anything funny. Oh What the hell I know its hallarious :), but some dont see it that way and why do you say cancer rules?

  108. Dave M. says:

    Well Victory is mine Im the one playing Dantes inferno on PS3.Ehhhhhh.:)

  109. Preach! says:

    Still talking to yourself, I see, Mister Sybil X25. You should try going outside every once in a while and making some real friends. I had to chime in and say your BS cancer comments were low, stupid and insensitive. I understand that you are young and dumb, but in the future try thinking before you type.

    Stop trying to goad BTH with the idiotic “you should have known better” routine. That argument is as stupid as your carrying on conversations with yourself on this blog.

    One more thing. Do yourself a favor and get hooked on phonics. No 16 year old should read and write like they are under a decade old.

  110. Dave M. says:


    How am I talking to myself and I revealed my name morron! I gow outside and its my problem if I am a Sociopath,nut case ect.,insensative thats my shit NOT YOURS besides Im playing MGS4 now on ps3 not you.So go bug some1 else would you.I have better things to do then stoop to your level.and Im the mental case uhuh sure look who holds a grudge against Howard and Hype your Right we make good buddies,a couple of guys who dont give a shit about the world so dont come and Preach to me

  111. Dave M. says:

    Im no fallower,listener nor leader Im a ghost I have no person,emotion,face,and name I choose my path that no one will understand,So go masterbate to your guy on guy films.

  112. believe the hype says:

    You are a douche. You are in desperate need of serious mental help. YOU respond to yourself A LOT. 99% of the shit you say doesn’t even make sense and you are trying to sound deep and wise. How about this for a path….. turn off your computer and focus on school. My guess is you could use some time in an after school program for spelling. iz that sumthin yu undastand or shood i spel it owt four yoo.
    You are right aren’t a follower, a listener, or anything. You are making such an impact that you talk to yourself, in different characters, one of them so stereotypically Asian that clearly you are a racist jackass. Get a life kid. I don’t care if you are 16 or not. Didn’t your parents tell you it wasn’t polite to interupt when the adults were talking. GO ride your huffy bike to the park and make some friends

  113. believe the hype says:


    You are hilarious!!! Hooked on Phonics -- worked for me!!!! I LMFAO when I read what you wrote, nicely done my friend!

  114. Dave says:


    Did you or did you not say you are not going to reply? ms Im done talking to you and oh I got good grades there is a thing called being lazy to Type corectly look it up,you would be surprised what you will find.oH I am no racist I look up to asians So dont come and tell me that ok.I do as a please I have not comited a crime Im grateful Im not your son or I would of probably offed my self because of the shame,So dont bother U’r words fall on deaf ears mrs. Albert’a enstein and I own no huffy bike

  115. Dave says:

    I am half way on paying my baby girl my “Harley” (Angels Singing) So maybe I should go to class w/ it but I live across so nah.I told you why I typed all of that stupid crap! (Click,click,click) I own a P.S. FUCKEN 3 I care less about my dignaty/self respect,if im offered a game consol against mine and the rules are make a fool of my self.HEY Im going to make a fool of my self and I did not create all the names my retarted ass friend helped.and Im not being deep n wise Its how I normally talk,Smart@$$….

  116. believe the hype says:

    If you were my son you would know how to spell. Mental Case. Exactly what is the definition of “retarted”? If you are referring to the word retarded -- it’s not nice to use that word. It’s politically incorrect. Oh wait, there is more than one syllable in both of those words so you won’t even understand them. You are right, I said I wouldn’t respond to you. When I say you, which personality am I referring to exactly? After all, you have so many! You are a douche -- I think it’s hilarious that you are now making up things like owning a Harley. Oh wait, maybe that’s the name of your huffy bike. Harley Huffy….. riding to the park. Get off the porch pup, you aren’t ready to speak with the grown ups yet.

  117. Dave says:

    I said Im Paying it “OFF” to my uncle and you are sadly mistaken.I can converse with adaults but you people have gone cookoo/off your rockers/insain/lost your marbels/got a couple of loose screws in your heads/Loco/gone psycho/CRAZY AS FUCK.Oh yah that pretty mouch covers it, and I dont give a damn if retarted is “politically incorect word” what are you Obama?NO,your a broken tape recorder douche this & douche that,and pup? Im no dog, I have a personality not many not that I will show you so you go study

  118. Dave says:

    How to speak to teens and children 4 Dumb asses I wrote it just for people like you which are labeled as Dumb asses, its a shame really all of that knowlage to read and write but you use it like a 8 yr old child.Tsk,tsk,tsk….well Im off to go and play my guitar now I’ll right you a song I promise i will call it Fuck You all as for the album Fuck the world.oh yeah thats perfect 4 the retarted 1ns meanwhile go in your corners and hide cut your selves or do what ever emo’s do.Metal UP UR ASS &KsE RULES!!!!!

  119. Michelle says:

    Dave -- You should just give up now. Until you can construct a sentence with no spelling errors and proper grammar you have no place to forge a debate. My 5 yo niece can actually construct sentences and spell better than you. If you are getting good grades that says something about the atrocious state the education system is in at the moment.

  120. Dave says:


    Look here is the thing I think to myself why try when Im not geting graded on this site, and good for your five year old niece maybe she will be a teacher or a author, Im not going to bash on her because its not my style to bash on kids.

    NOTE:Bash means to Criticize,Put down,judge in a negative way.
    How is that? I see this comment readable, do you? and what do you mean by “proper grammar”? I know what grammar means. (Snake answer me, Snake, Snake!!) oh great I died thanks alot! >:1(

  121. believe the hype says:


    You rule!

    This kid is such a cheech.


  122. Dave says:

    cheech or honest?
    well atleast she is not bothering me (Thinking to myself)
    oh hell im never ennoyed,its just to good.
    anybody comon give me your best shot,I—m a—ll e—-ars or eyes whatever take your pic.

  123. Dave says:

    I got the last word YES I WIN AGAIN! KSE Rules!!!

  124. hahahah says:

    you win a mouthful of black cocks, faggot

  125. Dave says:

    Look who is talking blow me, and I wasnt talking to you so bite cock dont expect a reply from me again and the term is gay or homosexual go read a book and get a life unlike me I have time for internet use and for my life……….Imbisile.

  126. hahahah says:

    you always say you arent going to not reply when i post, you spell like a queer and you talk about how you have a life. yet you keep coming back. FAG

  127. Anonymous says:

    I just took a big dump

  128. anonymous2 says:

    I just took a big steaming Dave.

  129. Dave says:

    Wow what a bunch of weirdos,Its funny rather than insulting……Yawwwwwwwwwn…..Well Im going to go play C.O.D.M.W.F.2………

  130. hahah says:

    you said you wouldnt reply. and who the fuck cares if your going to play that shit, unless you post your gamer tag so i can track you down and butt fuck you (not in the way that you like)

  131. Dave says:

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaawn. !!!! (METAL GEAR SOUND) Holy shit I Slept in damn that was a hell of a game (Thinking to myself) (Sound of PS3 turning on) well time for round 28…Fizz ahh I loves me a good coke gulp gulp ah I need some takis w/ that.

  132. haha says:

    hahaha round 28. and you have a “life” nigga please.

  133. Dude says:

    dude its the weekends think use your Fucking head alot of people do shit like that I dont hate African Americans So dont Say “nigga” if you say that in public you’d be dead and Im curiouse are you a male or female I mean hahah gives me a little hard time about that but if you are indeed a female then YOURE FUCKING STUPID I mean the ones on this thread are and will be alot smarter than you.PS.changing my name was my loop hole to reply this to you, go read “how and when to use the word gay 4 dumb asses”.

  134. Dude says:

    Oh I forgot one thing I dont need to have intercourse w/ you psycho I have my girl for that not that I am going to……………yet…..So pull your head out of your ass.

  135. Anonymous says:

    Fuck Wit Dave Day (And Everybody’s Celebratin’)

  136. L Lawleiwt says:

    dont you mean dre day morron I dont have a day.

  137. hahah says:

    Dave/dude, your “comebacks” and insults are so bad that i want to vomit and cant even make sense of them to resond, so im just going to call you a big pile of soap dropping queer bait asshole drippings and leave it at that. nigger faggot.

  138. L Lawleiwt says:

    hmmmmm.Your sounding like (Dave is a faggot) from other threads, could it be? well toobad, maybe Im not insulting you, have you thought of that? Im not stooping to your level and why am I a “nigger faggot” Im not African American or latin American you will never guess it right but I know my english pretty damn good, anyways if you like to argue alot lets do this like adaults,meaning no stupid childish insults such as queer bait ect. 2nd why are you dissing me? I dont get it.explain LIKE AN ADAULT!…….

  139. dude says:

    whoops I posted my name from other websites damnit….

  140. hahah says:

    your right, GREAT connection. that IS me. you still dont make sense.

    upon a 2 second google of your “other website” name, i realize it is named after manga….which in its own right is totally fucking gay. top that with the fact that you already said you played 28 matches of MW, you STILL cant spell, you STILL say the same things youve been saying…basically proves you are a worthless fucking retard with no life. go jack off to some anime in your parents basement. You said you were 16 once, and you are just sealing the deal to forever be a fag in his parents basement jacking off to fake chicks, because only girls with dicks like manga

    hahaha god you are a fucking loser.

  141. dude says:

    Oh my god Im a geniouse my predictions are indeed corect i knew it the (never replying to me and the same vocabulary) all the evidence I needed hahahaha Its so funny ahhhhhh……..Well go fuck a nutt Im in honners at school so Im a something go do something w/ your life go get a job instead of bother people.L Lalight Rules!!!!

  142. Ghost says:

    D.I.A.F. UR A Fucking Clown Nobody saiz queer bait go fuck your mom man.Your a mental case I read ur comments wich R gay “Im in two bands and I work as a whore and @ a gay bar” Ur a Homo fo-sho.

  143. steve says:

    you read manga have honors at school, and you cant come up with any funny jokes. you are pathetic. your dad raped you and you liked it, fo-sho.

  144. ghost says:


  145. Ghost says:

    Oh great another dave is a faggot trick,Well “Steve” I dont joke for your information.and my dad died along time ago not that I care so how did I get raped hmmmmmmm?perhaps you did and loved it so-damn much you do it still do it ti’l this verry day….and DEATHNOTE is not gay since diaf aka hahah judges my music alot tell me what is goooood music,I want to know what Siman has to say mr.American Idol….Go on ahead amuse me w/ your knowlege wich you posses it is your time to speak.

  146. (+[__]÷) says:

    fuck Steve, steve is a gay name and this isnt a carlos mencia show wich sucks balls and hahah shut your mouth your not funny and go play w/ your jonnas bros dicks w/ your tounge.

  147. Anonymous says:

    AOTP in this bitch

  148. Dave says:


  149. Dave says:

    I guess I did have the last word Ha! fuck (hahah, Steve, and the weirdos)

  150. mrcheato says:

    i just spent the last hour reading all of this to figure out why Howard left the band becuse he sings my favorite song (My Curse) and from what i can tell and i dont me this to make fun of any of you but relly? people its this guys personal life let it be. And to get into little arguments with each other and get completly off topic from the originol meaning of this blog tweet conversation argument whatever the hell this thing is, is just sad. Dave and all your other names I thought some of the stuff you said was funny but you say all this shit then say you have a life relly man? you relply within an hour or two after someone has commented on somthing you said. to the ladies that are feeling bad about all of this I say im sorry that you feel this way and im glad that you still think the band itself is good, but its all in the past now and sitting here and complaining isnt going to help anything (please dont point out that thats what im doing right now). as i said before i mean no disrespect to ANYONE with this post but after reading all of this i wanted to speak my mind

  151. good riddance says:

    The baby has to be due in the next few weeks. Im sure that will re-ignite all this hoo haa again.

  152. ugh says:

    Yep she had the baby, and its WHITE. Looks like Howard isnt the father. Surprise Surpise! Whoever thought a porn actress not on birth control could pin point the sperm that actually made its way to her eggsnis out of their minds. I guess it was wishful thinking on her part, and her ticket out of her shitty life.

  153. Anonymous says:

    just because you fuck a black guy doesnt mean you are guarenteed to have a black baby you stupid fuck

  154. mrcheatoisafaggot says:

    you are a faggot mr cheto go suck a dick or 12

  155. ugh says:

    exactly…. Allie fucked a black guy, and a million other dudes, and it seems the white guys sperm won!

  156. UGH says:

    stop using my name fuckface….

  157. Wow says:

    Good call, anonymous. Howard has white in his family. Who knows if the kid is his or not…

  158. ugh says:

    even with white in his family, the baby wouldn’t be albino white like it is. who would have thunk that a porn actress the calibre of Allie Foster might be fucking more than one guy? What a surprise!

  159. Wow says:

    I had a friend that had a baby with a guy more black than Howard. Baby came out just as white. Didn’t start turning black til 3 months, so don’t be too quick to judge… If the kid is his, she’ll take him to court I assume and we’ll all hear about it. I know I’m anxious.

  160. ugh says:

    I guess we will have to wait and see.

  161. double ughhhhh says:

    The baby still looks extrememly pale to me, and even though Howard is light skinned, surely the baby would have a little more pigment in its skin. I think it was just wishful thinking on Allies part that the baby was his. Even though she was obviously getting down with other guys. Which begs the question -- WHO is the father of this poor kid?

  162. give it a rest says:

    I’m in agreement with Mrcheato. I felt saddened after reading most of these posts. I’m a big fan of KsE and Howard because of the obvious talent and I really don’t want to believe that some of the things said here are true. To all the women that are calling howard a pig/sociopath/mental case or what-have-you, take a look in the mirror. You’re spending your time ranting on a forum about how much you despise howard for what he has done. If any of this is true, Howard is sick. He needs help.

    If you continue insulting the poorly educated people on this site with the self-glorification of your own grammar/sentence structure, you’re no better than the poorly educated.

    Forgive. Forget. Move on.

  163. tsk tsk tsk says:

    @give it a rest

    Howard is sick. He does need help. But you cant teach an old dog new tricks. He is a lost cause

  164. give it a rest says:

    @tsk tsk tsk

    Maybe you simply don’t have the strength or patience to try anymore, which is acceptable. However, ranting about someone’s personal issues is not. You may not have the capacity to be taught “new tricks”, but you may only speak for yourself.

  165. tsk tsk tsk says:

    @give it a rest

    If you knew Howard Jones. Not the Howard Jones as he presents himself in interviews and in the public domain, but the real Howard Jones and how he treats other people and has been treating other people his entire life then perhaps your view would be much different. He is an awful person, who feels no sense of remorse and will continue treating people like they are at his whim.

    • give it a rest says:

      Who cares.

      Move on with your own life, instead of flaming him on some forum.

      If Howard wasn’t famous and was simply some guy you dated at some point in your life, would you still be posting on forums about him? I’d hope not. No one would want to date you again.

  166. applaud says:

    I consider this a friendly warning to other potential victims.
    Someone who sleeps around, and knowingly spreads STDs should be flamed online. Famous or not.

  167. Fred Durst says:

    just want to say how fucking retarded you all are. that is all.

  168. applaud says:

    @fred durst

    You have the gall to call other people retarded? using Fred durst as your avatar? thats retarded. Fred Durst. Pfft. instant douchbaggery.

  169. Jyssika Von Dester:) says:

    You guys are Batshit crazy. Not Howard, Not Allie, And Not his Supposed little sex scandal:)

  170. Preach! says:

    Good try, but if you knew Howard you would know he is batshit crazy. The jury is still out on Allie.

  171. wotif says:

    Yay Preach!
    Good to see you back!
    Although, I’d say Allie is crazy, she is still claiming her albino baby is Howard’s.
    And Yes, Howard is batshit crazy. He is still contacting women from his “little sex scandal” that really isnt so little at all.

  172. Mrcheato says:

    Did they do the blood test to see if the baby was Howards?

  173. wotif says:

    from everything I have heard, shes in the process of legal dealings to make this happen.
    Have you seen a pic of the baby? It is so caucasian its quite funny. I guess she was just really hoping that it was Howards under the illusion that he is “famous”(what a joke) and that he has money(even more of a joke). He is broke and his bane members in KsE want nothing to do with him. Hence Adam and Jesses new band with joel which is nearly the original line up of kse. Allie should be counting her lucky stars thats Howards gene cesspool didnt contribute to her spawn.

  174. Preach! says:

    I had not checked the email I used here in ages. But there is definitely some funny comments. The Give It A Rest poster is a total hipocrite.

    Guess the jury came back on Allie after all. Why don’t the KSE guys want anything to do with H? Did they finally find out about H always trashing them behind their back? He is broke now too, huh? Sounds like his mom and his compulsive shopping drained his bank account!

  175. wotif says:

    Not to mention flying himself around to his various love dens around the world, that had to take its toll on his bank account. Along with his few stints in rehab which aint cheap

  176. believe the hype says:

    Give it a Rest…….you are a doucher!!!

    There are a few things that I have read that I find interesting. Howard has white in his family -- where did this information come from? Howard? Is this really a reliable source? Also, I too have seen the child in question. Not all babies who are of mixed races end up looking black,. If it is true that Allie is trying to prove paternity -- Howard could have taken a simple blood test and proved he was not the father. The fact that she continues to pursue this makes me think regardless of what this poor child looks like, that it could be Howard’s spin-off.
    During downtime from KsE, Adam has often worked on side projects and other bands. So has Joel for that matter. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they are ditching Howard, although at this point with his addictions he is more of a liability than anything else.

  177. amiah says:

    Good job, believe the hype!! If it wasn’t Howard’s baby, why would he be hiding and NOT doing the paternity test??

    HELLLOOOOO….. If he’s sooo sure, he would come out and do the test to prove it. But he doesn’t. But I wouldn’t say “poor child”….

  178. i smell a maurey episode says:

    There is only one way to find out the real truth

    maurey maurey maurey maurey

  179. believe the hype says:

    If Howard Jones is the father of that child, then I repeat “poor child”. It is WELL DOCUMENTED that he asked Allie to get an abortion. Clearly Howard has no vested interest in being a father to this baby. In order to be a parent you need to love another human being more than you love yourself. Howard can’t see beyond himself or his own needs.

  180. i smell a maurey episode says:

    Fuck i want this to get to reality TV. Howard, all his whores in every city mad at him and abusing him for playing them, a rough as guts porn actress and the baby she claims is his and the live paternity test that will reveal all. It will make for such great viewing, then Howard could go on Celebrity rehab with all the D grade celebs and failing musicians living on past glories.

  181. effing people says:

    Howard Jones isn’t the FATHER of the child, he’s the sperm donor. Doesn’t mean the kid doesn’t have a good father figure in it’s life. You know, a REAL man. Some do exist 🙂

    I do agree, however, that Howard Jones could never be a father. He could sell his sperm to support his drinking, but that’s about it. I wish he would get that paternity test, I bet there will be some pretty interesting posts then!

  182. i smell a maurey episode says:

    @effing people/ aka allie foster
    cant you serve him to take the paternity test? and then what will you do? post the results only if its his?

  183. Effing people says:

    Hmmm… On Inside Edition -- TWINS -- One is BLACK, one is WHITE. So next time someone says she’s white, she couldn’t be Howard’s…. Grow a brain. 🙂

  184. i smell a maurey episode says:

    maurey maurey maurey maurey
    the only thing that is going to resolve this is cold hard facts.
    You getting online and posting on forums doesnt prove jack and referencing some tv show? Howard and the band have not responded publicly to any of your claims, so I assume this means he thinks you dont even warrant a response. That must feel horrible?
    What is happening with the band, the only posts on any of their social networking in the last while is about adams other band with Jesse. Are they done?

  185. epic fail says:

    No one will ever know the real truth besides Howard and Sara. However, Sara’s immaturity about taking her personal drama online from the beginning is the thing that has put her in the spotlight in a negative manner. Hopefully, this situation is resolved for the baby’s sake and everyone can move on with their lives, and the baby can have a normal life, we as normal a baby of a porn star can have. Not really the ideal role model for a little girl. Seeing video of mommy drinking 10 different black mens semen from a martini glass? Lord help her

  186. Fuck you says:

    You’re all idiots. It’s actually sad. You know that there are STILL girls emailing other girls, asking if they’ve talked to Howard, if they miss him, etc. He’s worthless, move on.

    ‘i smell a maurey episode’ — you are one of the biggest morons. If the child weren’t his, why would he NOT have stepped up and done the paternity test and just ended this? And unfortunately no, they’re not done. And apparently they don’t care about any of you, or they would keep you updated. Maybe the world will get lucky and 99% of the KSE fans will go commit suicide? 🙂

    ‘epic fail’ — First off, I never posted anything. Bitches are CRAZY, it was probably another girlfriend, and I’d bet money it was a Canadian. Second, who do you think I am, Jenna fucking Jameson? I would be extremely hard to find. I quit doing that stuff because Howard wanted me to, then didn’t go back because I found out I was pregnant (thank God). What I’ve done in my past says NOTHING about my parenting style. I just pray you never reproduce. Especially if you’re female, which I assume you are. You’re probably another one of his ex girlfriends that just can’t let go. Boo fucking hoo. Get off the internet, focus on your own life. This is pathetic of all of you.

    I’m definitely never posting again. When an idiot wants to put pity on my daughter without knowing me or her, I can’t keep my mouth shut. Next time any of you want to make me out to be a bad mom, think again. I could be out drinking and doing drugs, or I could do nothing with my life except sit on the internet all day long like you morons. So congrats to all of you for being losers with no lives. I’m going to go take care of my daughter and myself, so enjoy all your drama. 🙂

  187. Anonymous says:

    8=======D ~~ 0-:

  188. P Millsy says:

    This thread? WOW!

  189. Anon says:

    Allie -- You are the one that started this “drama”. Twittering and contacting tabloids and posting on every single forum and website trying to make a “story” and try and get attention, but you were some F grade porn actress and he was a nobody from a mediocre band that no one cared about and still dont. But guess what, its not news. Douchebags in bands get sluts like you pregnant every other day of the week, Boring.

  190. allie fosters kid says:

    Hey @fuckyou (allie foster)
    Maybe Howard hasnt “stepped up” and had the paternity test as your child is clearly not his.
    What you have done in the past has nothing to do with you parenting skills? Forrreeeeeal? WHat happens when your daughter takes after mommy and starts fucking every man and their dog, taken or not… wearing “fuck my ass” tshirts to metal shows, and skulks around trawling for cock? Parent that!!!

  191. Seriously? says:

    Ummm you guys do know these are all rumors right? Just because your crazy ass mind comes to such conclusions does not mean it’s the truth. None of those pictures are incriminating. They aren’t kissingor anything in any of those photos. It’s like a hug between friends. But seriously you all have some funny conclusions that you have come up with. I mean seriously “I feel sorry for Allie because I think she may have actually really loved Jones and thought that a baby might bring them closer?” How do you even come up with that? haha

  192. Sara Dunmoyer says:

    If Howard isn’t my daughter’s father, then could one of you please tell me why he won’t just come do the DNA test?

  193. whistles says:

    Sara Sara Sara
    Do you really think your albino white, blue eyed, ginger child is Howards? Really?! And if you really believe its Hojos and you’re not just trying to save face, you could have his ass served and made to do the test. I dont believe he will just come and do the test of his own volition after seeing pics of the kid? I wouldnt. There is no way that little girl is the product of a black dood. Perhaps you should test the other doods dicks you were riding

  194. whistles says:

    Heres your chance Sara. Go get that DNA test and prove everyone wrong

  195. Sara Dunmoyer says:

    Yeah, like I didn’t think of that one. The court in Indiana AND Connecticut have dropped it because SOMEBODY is hiding. Deleted emails, changed phone numbers, and never at his main address. So since he wants to hide like a BITCH looks like I will just have to wait until they tour the US and make a special appearance with a sheriff 🙂

    And yeah, you can’t serve someone in a different country.

    Do you really still think highly of him? He knew I was pregnant. He tried talking me into abortion for almost THREE MONTHS! Then he disappears….. She’s 15 months old, and he has yet to step up.

  196. Sara Dunmoyer says:

    Would you like me to email you all the court papers to show I’ve been trying and it was dismissed? And the side-by-side photos of Howard and my daughter so you can see how much she looks like him? She isn’t ginger, by the way. She’s blonde, like I was, but certain outfits, surroundings and lighting make it look like she has a red tint. 🙂

  197. whistles says:

    I dont even know the dude to thing highly or not of him. Im reading the tale of a porn chick who was into metal dudes and saw a way out of her shitty porn life and it backfired. Needless to say, I would try to talk a girl I did not want to have a baby with into an abortion if the baby wasnt wanted. There’s enough kids in the world that are going to grow up all messed up because girls have babies thinking that they can trap a guy. And consequently end up in single parent homes and told that their father did not want them and grow up to have major daddy issues. I think if you actually love your little girl you would drop it and move on, but hanging onto this when more than likely the kid is not his, is breeding all sorts of problems for your little girl later in life. It is going to be hard enough finding out her mother did porn and that she can find video all over the internet of it, along with blogs such as this talking about how she wasnt wanted and accusing some guy in a band of being the father when clearly he is not

  198. Sara Dunmoyer says:

    Hilarious when you take one aspect of a person’s life and suddenly you know everything about them 🙂 I hadn’t been doing porn for a month, then I conceived. No intentions of trapping that alcoholic, just want him to do the DNA test like a man. Also, Howard is her father, NOT her daddy. And she won’t have daddy issues because she has an AMAZING daddy. 🙂 The idea of a man impregnating a girl, any girl, and hiding like a bitch just doesn’t go over well with me. So he WILL do a paternity test someday. And how are you so sure she isn’t his? Were you there with us? Is this based on the fact that she’s white? Go look it up. Ask a doctor, ask everyone you cross paths with if they have ever seen or heard of a black person and a white person having a white baby. Then take it a step further and ask if it’s possible for that child to have blonde hair & blue eyes. And I guarantee multiple people would tell you it’s very possible. Also, do you know Howard? Did you know that he has white in BOTH sides of his family? That also increases the chance of white offspring.

    As for porn, I did that before my daughter. It’s not going to ruin my daughter’s life. She will survive. Kids will be kids, and even when she starts school they will STILL bully about anything they can. At least I’m not a whore now 🙂

  199. really? says:

    I find this whole thread completely baffling. Sara -- How do you know Howard has white in both sides of his family? Is that something he told you? Can you believe anything he ever said? I know a geneticist and while it is possible for an interaccial couple to produce white offspring it is in fact very rare.
    Whistles -- I think you have no idea what you’re talking about
    But again Sara, you’re not doing yourself any favors by posting on these sites especially when you claim a little further up you were never posting again.

  200. Sara Dunmoyer says:

    Why would he make that up? And I’m posting because two lawyers suggested I go public until it drags him out of the shadows. 🙂

    I don’t care if I get $20 a week in child support, I’m mainly concerned with him doing the paternity test. I do just fine without his money, and people just can’t seem to comprehend that.

  201. really? says:

    From everything I’ve read in this thread he made up a lot of things to a lot of people. Seems he was a master manipulator and compulsive liar

  202. really? says:

    So lying about his genetic history would be just another lie, along with all the “i love you’s” and whatever other crap he fed you. Also, I dont think you posting on threads will drag him out of the shadows, I read back over this and its been going for nearly 2 years. Going “public” will do nothing but push him further into the shadows. I think you need better lawyers. Any decent lawyer would have been able to track him down and have him served by now and wouldnt be telling you to post on public forums.

  203. whistles says:

    @sara dunmoyer
    If you are out of porn why are you contacting your old porn agent through twitter for everyone to see? You’re really not very smart are you?

  204. Sara Dunmoyer says:

    I’ve always kept in contact with lots of people out there. Danny was always a close friend. Also I was with Foxxx only in 2007. Call them up, ask if I’m getting back into porn. They’ll tell you no. Also you could search for me frequently and see nothing new ever come up lol. Moron. I talk to band people too. Does that mean I’m joining a band soon? Haha.

  205. whistles says:

    Well the “band people” too is not because you are joining a band in the true sense of the word, but its well known how you join with band members and why now you are still claiming your baby belongs to one.

  206. Sara Dunmoyer says:

    Yeah cause I’ve been with sooooo many hahahaha!! When have you and I spent so much time together? I really don’t hardly ever go out, I must have missed you coming by! I’m sorry :-)I

  207. whistles says:

    You’re just embarrassing. Before you deleted all your incriminating tweets way back when you were very vocal about what band members you were fucking. Wearing “Fuck My ass” tshirts and talking about going to metal shows and ending up with cocks in your ass and taking hot loads in your pussy (your words). For the sake of your kid you need to just let this go. That kid still could be anyone’s, looks more like Phil than Howard. When shes old enough to google, shes going to be a very confused person. Her ghetto porn actress band whore mommy putting her personal life out on the we for the world to see desperately trying to pin the paternity on a man who is clearly not the father. Let it go

  208. All about sara says:

    That is what this thread should be called.
    To whistles and really?, Sara will keep posting so long as someone pays attention to her, she can’t help herself even after she said she would never post here again. Right! So many people tried to give her the benifit of the doubt in the beginning, that includes me, even after she sent out her self important emails and made digs at the other girls. She calls the other women crazy bitches while she’s the craziest of all. Some of us do know the truth about stuff she keeps lying about. She likes to criticise other girls for not letting go but doesn’t take her own advice. Howard is a big piece of shit yet Sara really is not much better than him. Too bad Sara made such a messy situation, cause those two are so perfect for each other.
    Please keep posting like your lawyer told you to do Sara (that one is too funny), that way you can prove to everyone more and more what you are really about. For the record everybody, the chance of Sara making a totally white baby with Howard literally is about one in a million.

  209. believe the hype says:

    OK, I need to speak up a GENETICIST specializes in heredity and genes NOT SKIN COLOR. You guys can ridicule Sara all you want….. the bottom line is, Howard could put all of this to rest by simply taking a DNA test. The fact that he hasn’t speaks volumes.
    I also find it highly hypocritical that some of you continue to RETURN to this blog after all this time to be self-riteous and criticize.

  210. believe the hype says:

    P.S. Sara’s little girl (regardless of the father) does NOT deserve to be picked on. She didn’t do anything anyone. That is super douchey. If ANYONE has a problem with what I have to say, then bring it. I know Howard better than almost anyone, and I don’t think Sara is lying. This is just false idol worship from a bunch of teenagers.

  211. whistles says:

    @believe the hype
    You claim you know Howard better than anyone, since youre putting that out there. Care to elaborate? And if this is true why are you hiding behind a fake name? Most of us dont know him, and are going by what you have all posted on this and other blogs. And for the record I never picked on the baby, I just think shes in for a whole world of pain once she can read and google.

  212. believe the hype says:

    Whistles…… is that YOUR name? I’m not hiding at all, but I’m not sure what MY name has to do with any of this. Why do you think that Sara’s baby is in for a world of pain once she can read and google. My guess is that having a father who doesn’t even acknowledge her existence will be more painful than what she’ll read years from now.

  213. whistles says:

    No but I’m not the one claiming that I know Howard better than almost anyone, Anyone could post on here claiming they know this person and that person without any validation. Why should anyone take what you say about him as truth? As for the baby, the fathers paternity is yet to be determined, and just because Howard is “hiding” as you all claim doesn’t make him the father.

  214. whistles says:

    So, youre happy to make claims like these ” If ANYONE has a problem with what I have to say, then bring it. I know Howard better than almost anyone, and I don’t think Sara is lying. This is just false idol worship from a bunch of teenagers.” and then when asked to elaborate and back it up you hide behind a false name and dont answer. At least Sara has the balls to post under her actual name. What are you worried about? That Howard who you know better than anyone else may find out youve been posting on every website?

  215. jenny says:

    Pretty funny how Jones or kse have never even addressed any of the claims by this whore or any of the other girls. If there was even a slither of truth he/ they would have made some sort of press release to deal with this drama. All sounds like an all too familiar tale about a guy that lied to his girlfriends, and just because he is in a band and the girls thought they could somehow ride his coatails they all felt burnt because like believe the hype they thought they knew him better than anyone, what a joke!!!. Come on ladies, dude in band guarantees he has girls everywhere else. Were you that naïve? This story isn’t even newsworthy.

  216. believe the hype says:

    Jenny/ Whistles,

    I’m fairly certain I DID elaborate LAST YEAR when this news first broke. For the record, I’m not worried about anything and I certainly don’t need to defend myself to either of you. I didn’t give anyone herpes, or get anyone pregnant, or hide my addiction to alcohol that led to a hospital stay for pancreatitis.
    Jenny, what did you expect KsE to do? Send out birth announcements? Howard became a liability when he got Allie pregnant. That is why Phil and Jesse made appearances with the band. Question. What is a coatail? Is that like a cocktail? Darling, I’ve never had to ride anyone’s coat tails…… ever. If the story isn’t news worthy why on earth are you commenting on it.
    I’m very patient. I will wait for as long as it takes to see Howard pay for his crimes. That is the reason for my anonymity. If you don’t like it, I don’t care.

  217. whistles says:

    How is a dude in a band impregnating a chick he banged a liability? Besides, Its still yet to be proven if it even is his kid, and by the looks of the pics, that kid exhibits absolutely no african american traits. Dudes in bands banging whores and even knocking them up happens almost a hell of a lot in the music industry. Thats not a liability and I doubt that was the issue or the reasoning for Phil and Jesse stepping in. Im sure from what this site says, it was probably the alcoholism that was the liability?

    What exactly are his crimes? He was a guy in a band that had girls in every city, a typical story, unfortunately for him and you all, he got busted and the little bubble burst, he didnt love you like you thought, and you didnt know him better than anyone else like you thought.

    If thats a crime, Fuck!!! Call the police, at least 3/4 of every band and crew do the same thing as Howard. The industry is rife with addiction and cheating.

  218. believe the hype says:

    Do you know Howard personally? Are you familiar with his geneology? “Happens almost a hell of a lot” Does that mean that it happens often or that it doesn’t?
    I never said Howard loved me. I never loved him. I knew him long before he became ‘famous’ I didn’t have a meaningful relationship with him and I never claimed to. I do however, know him better than anyone. For the record, infecting an uninformed individual with a sexually transmitted disease with full knowledge and intent IS a crime.
    Didn’t Howard admit to having a SEXUAL addiction? Wouldn’t that be considered a liability in the same way an addiction to alcohol or drugs would be. Why don’t YOU let me know. Oh yeah, that’s right….. you don’t personally know Howard or Adam or Mike or Joel. Call the police!!!

  219. whistles says:

    Well for someone who didnt have a meaningful relationship with him, you’re taking this whole situation very personally. I still dont believe that you know him better than anyone. If you did you would have known everything that he was getting up to.

    Claiming he was knowingly spreading diseases is defamation and you could be sued for that, Do you have proof that he did that? Or are you going off what some slut said who was more than likely fucking a bunch of other dudes but is trying to pin it on Howard. Or did you catch something in your non meaningful relationship from him.?

    You claiming you knew him before he was ‘famous’ would make you his friend, and if you were his friend you wouldnt be on this site posting such crap unless you feel you had been slighted or burnt in some way from a relationship you thought was meaningful even though perhaps you claimed otherwise? You were in control right? You were getting out of it equally? yet you attack his physical attributes in another blog, his saggy bottom and moobies!? Were they your words?

    As for knowing him personally or the other guys in the band, no i dont know them, but Im not claiming to. Anyone who knows the band knows their names and if youre a fan have probably met them as they are very friendly and usually hang out after their shows. So excuse me, if I still dont believe the hype… Youre still someone hiding behind a name on the internet standing on soapbox and making claims about inside knowledge and history.

    As for Howard’s geneology, even you questioned him having white in his family further up the thread, my how your tune has changed. I doubt even Howard knows who his father is, I may have even read that in an interview somewhere. Boy, I must know him better than anyone.

    So now you are claiming its his sexual addiction that is the liability and not getting a whore pregnant. Howard never admitted to having a sexual addiction, someone hacked his email and wrote that and sent it around to a bunch of his girls… again all info that has been put on line by women such as yourself who claim to “know him better than anyone”. Im calling bullshit.

    Just why are you so offended by what you claim he has done if you werent in a meaningful relationship with him.

    Oh say Hi to Howard, Adam, Mike and Joel… You forgot Justin, who I am sure you are really great friends with too as Howard and Justin were friends before kse when you two must have been. One big happy family.

  220. believe the hype says:

    I’m flattered you took the time to research and read every word I have ever written online. Your life must be very fulfilling. You’re like a metal super-hero. Wow, I’m scared….. are you a lawyer? Defamation of character? He’s going to sue me? If he can find a lawyer to defend him, I’ll be more than happy to see him in court. That is hilarious, he won’t take a paternity test but he’s going to sue someone for telling the truth.
    For the record, Justin was the drummer in Howard’s other band. Did you ever notice that he isn’t included in any side projects that Adam, Mike and Joel are involved in?
    So let me get this straight, before the news of Allie and Howard even went public, someone broke into his crappy apartment in CT and hacked into his email? Do you really believe that?
    I stand by my statement that Howard does not having any white in his immediate family. His mother is black, his brother is black and his incarcerated sister is black. That doesn’t mean he cannot produce a white-looking baby. Don’t mess with me, I have the home court advantage.
    I absolutely do not need to have been in a “meaningful’ relationship to be infuriated with him. I have my reasons and they are none of your childish-ass business. For the record, being friends with someone does not mean that you allow them to behave in a way that is harmful to innocent people. If you found out one of your friends raped or murdered someone, would you not alert authorities on the basis of friendship? That is ridiculous.
    Let me ask you, am I getting under your skin? It seems that way. Why are you so protective of someone who could care less about you?

  221. Sara Dunmoyer says:

    Lol! I just had to say — believe the hype, you’re fucking awesome. 🙂

    The court just had an Ohio address verified for him. Which anyone that knows him would probably be thinking what I am -- its the house he bought his mom. I think he’ll be served soon and everyone will see 🙂

  222. believe the hype says:

    Sara, are you on FB?

  223. whistles says:

    No youre not getting under my skin, very far from it, I just find you ridiculous. making all these personal claims, home advantage and dropping all your “knowledge”, theres nothing you have said that cant be found online.
    Rape and Murder is very different to what you are claiming Howard has done. “Maybe” Getting someone pregnant, having an std, being an alcoholic, perhaps a sex addict too. Just a little different from being a rapist or murderer.. Seems a friend with those issues needs their friends help rather than someone dogging them out on the internet. Again, posting on these forums isnt allerting the “authorities”, perhaps if you knew he was up to all this stuff like you claim way back when and youre relationship wasnt meaningful, you would have helped him. But I believe, that you were engaged in what you considered was more than meaningful, knowing more about him than anyone… 🙂 Hilarious, you are so burnt because you didnt know hime like you thought and he made you feel like a fool, which is why you are so inclined to post on here and every other board that mentions him.

    Yes I know Justin was the drummer in BHBS, again all info that can be found online. But you knew Howard before he was famous, bravo!!! Does that make you better than everyone else. Im sorry, I salute you.

    For the record, you dont need to break into someone apartment to hack their email. Are you familiar with the term “hacking” at all? It can be done from anywhere. Allie mentions her accounts were hacked too by the same person that hacked Howards.

    The other posts you make on allknowingforce allude that you were in a sexual relationship with him, and you were the one claiming to know him personally and know him better than everyone else. Or do you see all your friends naked?

    Protective of him? Ha! I just love to play devils advocate

    As for your home court advantage, Im still calling bullshit. If you really knew him and you didnt care about the backlash like you claimed when you said “bring it”, perhaps you could stand tall and back your claims with real facts,. Not just shinfo that can be found on any of these blogs. None of these opinions makes the info truth.

  224. believe the hype says:

    Oh whistles,
    Really? I know it’s difficult to imagine, but I don’t spend all my time trolling the internet for information about Howard. Remind me, previous to this when did I last post? Quite some time ago.
    Is it really true that you don’t need to break into someone’s apartment to “hack” their computer? Wow, you are REALLY smart!!!!!! I bet after a few months at the fry station you are going to get promoted to Assistant McManager. I’m sure people are really impressed with grammar and spelling.
    Truth is I don’t care what you think and I never will. I’ll write whatever I want, whenever I want. Deal with it.

  225. Sara Dunmoyer says:

    Yes I have fb 🙂 search my name, profile pic is of me & my BEAUTIFUL daughter! 🙂 Include a note that its you, I usually deny people that I don’t know. 🙂

  226. whistles says:

    Get over yourself BTH!
    You were the one that insinuated that in order to hack his email someone had to break into his apartment.
    Well I’m glad you and Sara are friends now. Your fantasy world where he is the father of that white, blond, blue eyed child and where you know everything about Howard is now complete.
    Keep dreaming ladies.

  227. Preach! says:

    What exactly is it you are trying to accomplish? Posting on a blog, viciously attacking people you don’t know, all in defense of another individual whom you do not know. And then turning around and calling BTH ridiculous? Why are you arguing so vehemently attempting to prove a “meaningful” nature to BTH’s relationship with H, or stating what the any of the girls “thought” about him? And complaining that BTH is taking it too personally? Seems like YOU are taking it very personally, all over someone you have never met. That’s baffling to say the least.
    Obviously you’ve gone over every detail of every blog post in regards to this story with a fine tooth comb, and have even taken to following Sara’s current twitter activity. That is your concern, of course, but I find it disturbing. For someone claiming to just be playing devil’s advocate, your posts are positively seething. The regular use of words like “slut” and “whore” aren’t doing you any favors either.

    “Claiming he was knowingly spreading diseases is defamation and you could be sued for that, Do you have proof that he did that?”

    The proper term here would be libel.
    Of course H could file civil suits, in fact I would like to see him attempt to sue. Most likely H has been strongly advised against this course of action because -- A) Filing suit leaves him wide open to counter-suits. B) The claims would easily be proven factual, therefore non-libelous, and H would lose. C) The case would then become public record and any schmuck with a few bucks to spare can pay to read the court papers and any dirt contained therein.
    In other words, H won’t be suing anybody.

  228. James says:

    Why is everyone so venomous on here?
    Ever heard about letting the past go. Move on. Theres nothing to gain from living in the past.
    I think you are all grasping at straws, if anyone was going to sue anyone it would have been done by now, so it seems no one has a case.
    It seems simply to be a case of Howard and all the girls involved not being able to restrain themselves from keeping their pants on. And if anyone got an STD, theres a lesson that you should protect yourself and you need to take ownership of your own behaviours. You cant blame others if you chose not to protect yourself against diseases and pregnancies. This goes for both parties.
    Glove up idiots

  229. jenny says:

    Preach and Believe the Hyde,
    I’m sure you have ypur personal reasons for being so salty and raw at Howard, and while it is your business, you guys were the ones that took to posting anonymously on message boards to try and get at him. I’m not sure what you’re trying to achieve in doing so. He will remain unaffected and carry on with his life as should you guys. I agree with James, let it go, move on with your lives and learn from your mistake, dwelling on the past isn’t doing you any favors

  230. Preach! says:

    Jenny Whistles

    Come on now. As person posting anonomously on a blog yourself, you shouldn’t throw stones. And what are you trying to acheive by smugly telling people you don’t how they should live their lives? For that matter, it’s pretty odd to see a individual become this invested over complete strangers.

    If you really don’t care about this as you want everyone to think, all you have to do is stop posting and it will fade away on its own.

  231. James says:

    Interested to see if any of these forum roastings will affect Howard or the band. I really doubt it.

  232. believe the hype says:

    Preach, as ALWAYS thank you! Oh Jenny, what sage advice. You are so profound. As far as Howard being unaffected…. that remains to be seen. Preach said it all, believe me I don’t spend any time dwelling in the past…ever. I’m still allowed to have an opinion and I will share it wherever and whenever I want. Your opinion means nothing to me.

  233. James says:

    Being a dude, I will never understand the inner workings of the female brain. All that comes to mind when I read these posts is, Hell hath no fury like that of a woman scorned. Does that make me insensitive? Probably… Only because the women on here are crying murder, but giving no real details other than rumor and innuendo. There is no factual basis behind any of these claims and if there is, they certainly havent been presented as such. Also, Believe the Hype and Preach, you really need to come down of those pedestals, you claim that you are allowed to have an opinion and can share it however you like, yet you shoot down other people for having an opinion, assuming some sort of expertise that is unfounded.

  234. believe the hype says:

    James, you obviously find us interesting enough to spend time reading everything we write. What I find interesting is that when a group of women get together and voice an opinion that isn’t submissive and weak it’s criticized as scornful and bitter. I call bullshit on the double standard. When a woman is promiscuous she is shunned by both men and women, when a man is he gets defended by people like you.
    For the record, neither Preach nor myself re-opened this blog. We simply responded (over a year later) to comments made by individuals like Whistles and yourself. You can say whatever you want ‘dude’, I don’t owe you any specific explanation and no amount of psuedo-intellectual bullying is going to change my mind.
    As far as the pedestal is concerned, I’ve paid my dues and earned the right. My brain functions better up here.Being a dude I’m sure it’s hard for you to comprehend. After all you have so many other complicated things to be concerned with, like how a zipper works and how to properly use a seat belt.

  235. James says:

    Correction my lady friend. I commented after this all fired again. Im not afraid of strong or assertive women, and never once have I mentioned or defended promiscuity for either sex within my comments. I have not defended Howard either, I was actually baffled at how poisonous your posts are. But again your message is actually coming across as weak and submissive and seething with emotion… and claiming rights and dues that you have earned? Really? How so? How did you earn your dues? By dating a guy in band who turned out to be like everyone else and now you post on message boards trying to get back at him? And that is in no way defending him, its just an observation. In regards to specifics, I actually think you do owe an explanation. You and others come on here pointing fingers, making accusations with NOTHING to back up your claims. You hide behind your anonymity as thats the only way you can actually make all these allegations against someone who obviously hurt you in some way, yet you claim no “meaningful” relationship? You talk in circles and start pointing fingers at me saying that I defend promiscuity and have a double standard? You have absolutely NO idea what you are talking about… You are talking for the sake of talking, and you didnt need to get on here when whistles or whoever it was posted, if you werent still invested somehow, you would have just let it go.

  236. Preach! says:

    Again, why are YOU so invested in how absolute strangers live, or, should live, their lives?

    No one directly addressed you “James”, and still you respond with a “venomous” post of your own. Why are you so angry over our comments, especially when no was was speaking to you? Shooting down anyone with a differing opinion? Really, I was only making certain points and pointing out certain hipocrisies. If coming down from a pedestal means being reduced to slinging petty insults and sexist remarks at strangers, no thank you.
    If you want proof of all this from people you consider trustworthy, all you have to do is go ingratiate yourself in the Mass metal scene. They are all well aware of H’s shenanigans.

    “And if anyone got an STD, theres a lesson that you should protect yourself and you need to take ownership of your own behaviours. You cant blame others if you chose not to protect yourself against diseases and pregnancies. This goes for both parties.
    Glove up idiots”

    This needs to be addressed because speading incomplete sexual heath and safety information is bad business.
    Yes, all idiots should “glove up”, that is sound advice. But stating this as though this is a surefire defense against disease and pregnancy is completely wrong. HSV-2 is transmitted to and from “gloved up” individuals every day. There have also been a couple reports of HIV transmission with condoms, so don’t be presumptuous.

    I will say to you basically the same thing I said to Whistling Jenny.
    If you are above this as you want us to believe, all you have to do is stop posting and it will fade away on its own.

    Happy holidays.

  237. James says:

    I read this site for news in music and you all kept popping up in the feed which is why I first commented. I responded, to your rebuttals that were addressed to ME. You are the ones keeping this alive mainly. It will actually fade away on its own if you, the ones who have some personal emotional investment let it. Seems you dont really want it to? The only reason I comment now is in response to you attacks.

    I am in no way angry. Again, you attaching an emotion to my post that doesnt exist and dramatising.

    As for getting proof from a Metal scene? Really? We all know what “scenes” especially metal ones are like and most of what you hear are “stories” Doesnt make it fact. Im not doubting Howard was a player, he is a guy in a band, and Im not saying that makes it right, however, I know quite a few guys in bands and they are all the same. Im sorry but if all these women are strong and assertive and intelligent, it was hightly naive of them to think they were in a monogamous relationship. If women are going to go down that path and get involved with a band member, they cant expect to be the only one… theres a very small percentage of men in the industry who arent promiscuous.

    And yes some std can be transmitted with condom malfunctions and for those that cant be prtoected against, And again this goes for both parties, how about you refrain from fucking someone until you actually know who are getting in bed with.

  238. believe the hype says:

    Preach, maybe it’s all this holiday spirit……but right now I just want to fly you to my city, dress you in Prada and jump right into a cesspool with you. I love to love you, baby.
    James, my life experience and the dues I have paid would bring the strongest man to his knees and trust me that has NOTHING to do with Howard. I have nothing else to say to you. I find your opinion boring and judgemental.

  239. Mrcheato says:

    I wish you all a happy holiday and hope that we can let this stay in the past and turn our eyes to the future, not only for the good of the child but for the good of a great type of music that needs it’s fans to not fight and argue but get along enough to spred metal to the rest of the world, granted I’m still cerious as to if Howard is the dad but it’s not my business so again I hope you guys have a good x mass and that we can just get along

  240. James says:


    By saying you have nothing more to say to me, you are in fact saying something to me.

  241. Preach! says:

    As long as you don’t dress me in some used up Prada shoes, it’s all good! 🙂


    -“I read this site for news in music and you all kept popping up in the feed which is why I first commented. I responded, to your rebuttals that were addressed to ME.”

    So what if it kept popping up in the feed? Unless you were held at gunpoint and forced to post, you, again, have too much interest in strangers. Speaking of which, you never did answer my question, why you have such interest in the lives of complete strangers? To the extent that you should advise the course of their lives?
    No. We were replying to Whistling Jenny, not you. No reply was directed at you until after you kept posting to get acknowledged. Obviously you misread our initial posts.

    -“The only reason I comment now is in response to you attacks.”

    No one is attacking you. In this little back and forth, the only personal attacks being made came from you only. Yet again, you misread our posts.

    -“I am in no way angry. Again, you attaching an emotion to my post that doesnt exist and dramatising.”

    Oh, you mean like the way you did here to BTH’s post…
    -“But again your message is actually coming across as weak and submissive and seething with emotion”


    -“As for getting proof from a Metal scene? Really? We all know what “scenes” especially metal ones are like and most of what you hear are “stories” Doesnt make it fact. Im not doubting Howard was a player, he is a guy in a band”

    There’s a difference between “stories” and personally witnessing behaviors. There is also a big difference between a player and a person who knowingly puts the health of others at risk. It is obvious you want to stay happily in the dark in this matter. I applaud you pure heart and loyal nature.

    -“And yes some std can be transmitted with condom malfunctions”

    Again, James, this is wrong. It transmits not because of condom malfunction, but when the transmission area is beyond the condom. Do you understand now? Educate yourself. Like I already told you, spreading incorrect sexual health and saftey information is bad.

    -“how about you refrain from fucking someone until you actually know who are getting in bed with.”

    Once again, don’t be presumptuous.
    Seems I keep having to repeat and minutely explain things to you. In fact, there appears to be some reading comprehension issues on your part. I’m not saying that sarcastically either. Dyslexia maybe? I’m going to sign off now and enjoy the rest of the holiday season. Hope you enjoy yourself some Christmas pudding.

    Since I know you are the type who absolutely must have it, I will leave you to get the final word.

  242. jenny says:

    Oh ladies..
    It must be hard knowing you were made such a fool of by someone you thought you knew?
    James and anyone are free to post on these open blogs. Just because you and bth were the ones who were personally invested it doesn’t mean that people who weren’t can’t post on the topic. Or do you think you’re above it as you fucked a dude in a band and inevitably he fucked you over?

  243. James says:

    Well BTH and Preach looks like perhaps you might finally be happy

  244. Anonymous says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  245. BTH says:

    Did Howard leave the band OR did the band leave Howard? I’m sure Burger King is hiring.

  246. Michelle says:

    Howard will never work. He is a man without any ethics, especially a work ethic, the reason I am sure the band decided to walk away from him. He is unreliable, selfish and a waste of space.

  247. Michelle says:

    He is probably already on some disability payment. Dude is a victim.

  248. BTH says:

    Did you check out his bullshit on KsE’s FB page? Apparently he has type 2 diabetes now and he’s gone fishin’. I hope he falls out of the boat.

  249. BTH says:

    Did you check out his bullshit on KsE’s FB page? Apparently he has type 2 diabetes now and he’s gone fishin’. I hope he falls out of the boat.

  250. Preach! says:

    Just heard the news and I decided to come back and gloat!

    Hey Whistling Jenny the cyber stalker, how do you like your crow, grilled or fried?

    Truly though I really feel sorry for the rest of the band for having to deal with all H’s crap, and the income they lost due to his personal problems and inactivity.
    But I am relieved that him and his biohazardous self is now contained to CT.

    Type 2 diabetes? Somebody cue the violin section. I personally know 2 people who developed that condition because of years of alcohol abuse. Just sayin.
    Guy is still in total denial, no wonder the rest of the band handed him his walking papers.

  251. jenny says:

    Him leaving or being kicked out of the band still has nothing to with your claims that he gave girls STDs, or got slutguts pregnant. But if him being out of the band makes you happy, you girls really need to re-evaluate your priorities and values. Youre actually pathetic. Calline me a cyber stalker when you both stalk any and every page that even mentions Howard. He broke your heart, we get it. GET OVER IT!

  252. bethany says:

    You best be checkin yo sources sista Preach! H aint been in CT for a long time, as sara said way up this here blog, he lives with his wife in canadia and has a long time. Bth- for someone who claims to know everything about old hojo, u have no fucking idea. You never knew H, perhaps you though you did but NOPE.he made all his girlfriends think they knew him, pretended he only told them certain things. We all know about his sister, mother, brother. I’m sure your husband would be upset if he knew you were still so hung up on H. He messed with a good friend of mine as he did with you both. Ya’ll need to move on.

  253. believe the hype says:

    Bethany, tread very fucking lightly. Bitch, you do not want to fuck with me. Trust me. I moved on many years ago. You got problems with me, bring it. You try and bring my family into it and you have a big problem. My husband knows all about this bullshit. You need to shut the fuck up about what you don’t know. I don’t need to prove anything to your young ass. Be careful you stupid fucking bitch. For the record, Howard has lived in Canada or as you call it CANADIA for the last year with his GIRLFRIEND. Not his wife. Check your information. Ya’ll need to keep your comments to yourself. Donkey.

  254. bethany says:

    Bth -- if you were over it, you wouldn’t still be commenting and so interested in this.

  255. BTH says:

    Bethany, if you were smarter you’d just shut the fuck up, clown. If Howard screwed your ‘friend’ over then why are YOU so attached to this? This isn’t about Howard right now, this is about you trying to come out of your donkey mouth about my family. Your time might be better served picking up an extra shift at Taco Bell so you can help Señor Victim pay his bills. Oh wait, didn’t BB King go on to glory? Maybe Howard could be the new face of diabetes testing. Insulin in one hand and a big plastic cup of vodka and orange juice in the other.

  256. bethany says:

    Why is it so hard for you to admit you have an unhealthy interest / obsession with Howard? Your denial about this is pathetic as his denial of his alcoholism. You are so quick to point the finger at everyone else if they comment on this, claiming you are an expert on him and his situation. Well guess what old lady. He never loved or respected you, as he hasn’t anyone else. He doesn’t even respect. Himself, othetwise he wouldn’t be in his current position

  257. BTH says:

    Bethany, you seem to have a very unhealthy interest with me. The only person I am pointing the finger at now, BITCH is you. Do you think that there is a possibility that your dumb ass is going to enlighten ME? Get the fuck out of here. For the third time, my issue with you is you talking about my family, you fucking dumpster. As for Howard, he put himself in his situation and he deserves it. Period. When an evil person does evil things to good people it’s acceptable to celebrate when they fall. That has nothing to do with love or respect, it’s called karma. For Christ’ sake you wrote me at 4 in the morning. Is it time for you to make the donuts? Maybe you could be charitable and bring some to Howard’s AA meeting along with a big Box o’ Joe. Or maybe you just got home from a night of drinking, which would explain your consistent excellent grammar and spelling. Bethany, I’m flattered that you have taken such an interest in me but I don’t really want a stalker. I never would have responded to your dumb ass in the first place, if you hadn’t talked about my husband. Don’t you EVER make that mistake again you stupid fucking bitch.

  258. bethany says:

    Wow! You really are presumptious. What makes you even think I am in the same time zone as you? For someone who claims to be part of the intelligencia you’re rrally stupid. The frist step to overcoming an addiction is admitting you have a problem and lady, you have a huuuuge problem.

  259. Preach! says:

    You’re stalking BTH because a friend of yours got fucked with. Is that right?

  260. bethany says:

    So making a couples of comments constitutes stalking where you’re from? Don’t flatter yourselves…

  261. BTH says:

    Bethany, my huuuuuuge problem is with YOU. You are fucking killing me, you can spell presumptuous but you can’t spell first or really? REALLY? Is it difficult for you to stalk me from your ‘time zone’? Are you on Canadia time? What you fail to understand is that nothing you say will ever have any impact on me, I’d have to give a shit about you in order for that to happen. I will however continue to clown you, because you are a dumb ass.

  262. Preach! says:

    No. Tracking her down and digging into her life constitutes stalking.

    Again, what is your reason for doing that?

  263. bethany says:

    Ha! I never tracked her down! I made a calculated guess she had a husband and it paid off. As for my spelling… I’m on a new iphone and obviously I am no good at using it. Canada? Ha WRONG!!! I’m in the US just not on the east coast, you two think you’re so clever but seems you are bigger drama queens than Howard, no wonder you thought you were perfect for him and why your so raw from him still.

  264. Preach! says:

    Nice backpeddling. There was no calculated guess, you tracked her down and dug into her business the same as you have with Sara and whomever else. For someone who has posting under several names it’s hypocritical call someone else a drama queen.

    Stop stalking people, it tends to backfire.

  265. bethany says:

    Hahahahaha WRONG AGAIN!

  266. jenny says:

    Very interesting that whoever comments, Preach and BTH team up and attack and accuse them of being the same person. Get over yourselves, or perhaps you two are the same person which is why you think that anyone who comments must be the same person under different names.

  267. believe the hype says:

    Whistles message to Sara: You’re just embarrassing. Before you deleted all your incriminating tweets way back when you were very vocal about what band members you were fucking. Wearing “Fuck My ass” tshirts and talking about going to metal shows and ending up with cocks in your ass and taking hot loads in your pussy (your words). For the sake of your kid you need to just let this go. That kid still could be anyone’s, looks more like Phil than Howard. When shes old enough to google, shes going to be a very confused person. Her ghetto porn actress band whore mommy putting her personal life out on the we for the world to see desperately trying to pin the paternity on a man who is clearly not the father. Let it go
    Jenny message to BTH: Pretty funny how Jones or kse have never even addressed any of the claims by this whore or any of the other girls. If there was even a slither of truth he/ they would have made some sort of press release to deal with this drama. All sounds like an all too familiar tale about a guy that lied to his girlfriends, and just because he is in a band and the girls thought they could somehow ride his coatails they all felt burnt because like believe the hype they thought they knew him better than anyone, what a joke!!!. Come on ladies, dude in band guarantees he has girls everywhere else. Were you that naïve? This story isn’t even newsworthy.
    Jenny message to Preach and BTH: Oh ladies..
    It must be hard knowing you were made such a fool of by someone you thought you knew?
    James and anyone are free to post on these open blogs. Just because you and bth were the ones who were personally invested it doesn’t mean that people who weren’t can’t post on the topic. Or do you think you’re above it as you fucked a dude in a band and inevitably he fucked you over?
    Bethany message to Preach and BTH: You best be checkin yo sources sista Preach! H aint been in CT for a long time, as sara said way up this here blog, he lives with his wife in canadia and has a long time. Bth- for someone who claims to know everything about old hojo, u have no fucking idea. You never knew H, perhaps you though you did but NOPE.he made all his girlfriends think they knew him, pretended he only told them certain things. We all know about his sister, mother, brother. I’m sure your husband would be upset if he knew you were still so hung up on H. He messed with a good friend of mine as he did with you both. Ya’ll need to move on.

    Bethany and Jenny~ Those are the messages that YOU wrote to Preach and I. So how is it that WE are attacking and accusing? I know it’s hard for you country ass bitches to believe that there are TWO intelligent women roaming the earth, but it’s true. Preach and I are not the same person. Are we friends? Of course! The company a person keeps speaks volumes about their own character. We both believe the silly notion that we are equal if not superior to the male species and that it is our own actions and not our attachment to a man that truly defines who we are.
    I’m sure it is beyond your comprehension, but your views and opinions are the exact reason that in 2012 ( for the most part) women are still viewed as second class citizens. Here’s a prime example, Jenny, you referred to Sara as “Slutguts” based on her previous profession as an adult film actress. Just so we are clear, for a time Sara made a living having sex on film. She was also regularly tested for Sexually Transmitted Diseases with full disclosure of the results to every individual she was intimately involved with. Solely based on her profession self-riteous assholes have taken it upon themselves to not only make judgement and tear her apart, but they have also gone as far as to question her ability as a mother. Howard, on the other hand, had unprotected promiscuous sex with as many women as possible…..WITH the knowledge that he was sick and that he might infect them with AT LEAST one of the many STD’s that he had. Here is where the double-standard rears it’s ugly head, it’s perfectly acceptable to call a woman in the porn business a whore but when a man transmits an STD to a woman the blame falls squarely on her shoulders for not being more responsible. So thanks to bitches like you women are screwed either way.
    For the record, you can say whatever you want about Sara, but she quit porn, works a shitty factory job and raises her little girl all by herself. Can you believe that someone you’ve named ‘slutguts’ actually went against Howard’s request to have an abortion and saw the value in human life? Your mothers did the same thing for you girls. It’s pretty safe to say that NONE of us would be here without the women that gave us the gift of life. Howard being the noble man he is, left the COUNTRY shortly after he found out that he might be the father. Wait, I better stop……. I don’t want to get another ignorant ass response from you donkeys about being ‘bitter and salty’.
    Bethany, I really want to commend you on your detective work, I mean there was ONLY a 50% chance that I was married and you nailed it. It’s time to fess up, you and Jenny were both cadets at The Charlie’s Angels School of Private Investigation weren’t you. I’m completely shocked that you aren’t from the East Coast . Please let me know when you make plans to travel out this way, that way I can be sure that you are welcomed with a good old fashioned Brooklyn Beat Down. By the way doesn’t that super exclusive new IPhone of yours have auto-correct? Mine does.My bad, maybe you meant
    I-Fone Don’t worry I’m sure it won’t take more than a few years for that kind of technology to reach the Double-Wide, Mountain Dew drinking, Coal Mining, Banjo Picking town you live in.
    Can’t wait to get a response from you and Jenny Whistles telling me that I’m in love with Howard and I’m bitter and I need to get over it. My wish for both of you is that someday you are blessed with daughters. With any luck it will change your archaic views on women.

  268. colors says:

    Ding ding ding…
    Corners please everyone.
    This surely has been an entertaining read, keep it up! Or maybe we could take it to a wrestling match?

  269. jenny says:

    BTH -- For someone who claims to be so unaffected, you spend a hell of a lot of time on this. Maybe you need to make peace with Howard and whatever happened between you two?

  270. BTH says:

    Jenny, for someone who doesn’t know anyone involved in this personally you spend even more time on this.

  271. Nadda says:

    I heard that he has HIV -- anyone care to enlighten me?

  272. idiots says:

    @nadda: Stop making up shit to try and re-ignite this drama.
    This is old news. Move along now

  273. nadda says:

    Who said I was making up shit?

  274. idiots says:

    Clearly you are trying to cause some gossip. Get a life you fucktard