Chelsea Grin – Desolation Of Eden

Deathcore, love it or hate it, the kids are all over it these days.  With such a high popularity in today?s scene and millions of deathcore bands popping up all over the map, it?s hard to find those who really stick out.  I thought Oceano was the last of the breed to arise at such high popularity (with others to follow at semi-popularity), but boy oh boy did CHELSEA GRIN prove me wrong.  Who knew they were saving one of the better for last?

Not that they came out of the blue, because CHELSEA GRIN is a hard working band, and I?ve been aware of their rise to the top.  DIY: it?s something every band has to do, and CHELSEA GRIN promoted the fuck out of their self titled EP, established a hell of a fanbase, and went on to tour the US extensively.  And as of late, CHELSEA GRIN has been all over the place!  Recently signing to powerhouse Artery Recordings, the band has gone on to score back to back tours with The Red Chord, and then with Through The Eyes Of The Dead and Impending Doom.  CHELSEA GRIN is touring in support of their latest release, Desolation Of Eden, which is quite possibly the heaviest release so far in 2010.  Staying on the fast track, Desolation Of Eden debuted at #21 on the Billboard New Artist Chart for its first week, moving over 1,500 copies!  Yes, this is where the popularity of deathcore ties back in, but regardless of your personal tastes, I say ?great for them?!  Any form of heavy music that does commercially well helps open the masses eyes to the wide world of metal in one way or another, and that?s a healthy thing for all of us.  And especially when that record is pretty killer, that?s always a good sign.  Now let?s finally dive into Desolation Of Eden.

CHELSEA GRIN isn?t entirely deathcore, because they add some tribal-like melodies, some great double bass drum accents, and even some death metal explosions.  Desolation Of Eden opens up with ?Judgement?, exploding out of the gates with tritone breakdowns that soon burst into a feeding frenzy of brutal madness.  Songs like ?The Human Condition? build up its strength one brutal assault after another until the ending ticks to your doom.  CHELSEA GRIN really keeps you at your heels with their thunderous riffs and brutal stomp, and while the wheel isn?t actually being reinvented, they do take those wheels offroad, not afraid to bring the mosh anywhere!  Other songs have more of a straight up deathcore feel like ?Sonnet Of The Wretched? and ?Cheyne Stokes? while also adding a little bit of death metal formula into the mix.  Regardless how they mix it up, each song on Desolation Of Eden has a whole lotta power.

Desolation Of Eden is definitely a CD made for the moshers.  If you like heavy as fuck music, pick up CHELSEA GRIN!  These dudes sure look like they are here to stay, and I?m stoked to hear what?s next.

Rating: 7.5 / 10
Label: Artery Recordings

By Alex Gilbert


  1. Jimmy says:

    Too high of a rating.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Heaviest of 2010? Ha, only til Chapters. Oh, and fuck deathcore.

  3. Anonymous says:

    For the moshers? You mean for the dancers?

  4. skullfullofmaggots says:

    read the review, guna check em out, guna be gay

  5. skullfullofmaggots says:

    wow dude they were fucking horrible

  6. skullfullofmaggots says:

    they were all 85 pound scene kids playing horrible riffs and irritating suicide silence vocals

  7. anonymous says:

    wow they are horrible huh ? haha thats funny . why dont u go listen to their ep

  8. Anonymous says:

    They are fucking terrible. Go read their myspace comments, the only fans they have are faggot scene kids

  9. xTevinx says:

    These guys are better live. They are incredibly close to sounding the same as they do recorded. I thought this album was fun. People take shit too seriously. These guys make music to be fun and serious at the same time. They put a good live show on.

  10. G3tAFuCK!nGL!F3 says:

    Wow really?? To you people saying these guys are horrible or gay, you need to get some sense knocked into your dumbass self.

    “They are fucking terrible. Go read their myspace comments, the only fans they have are faggot scene kids”, wow nice fucking comment LOL what does that have to do with fucking anything exactly???

    “For the moshers? You mean for the dancers?”, wtf is this?? hahaha i dont see how any can “dance” to this, when i hear this shit I’m straight up ready to go kick some ass in a pit!

    FFS learn to listen to some real talent..

  11. Anonymous says:

    I dance to this. Is movement to music not called dancing?

  12. Little Wayne says:


  13. derekcore says:

    chelsea grin motherfucker =]
    sick as fuck. amazing breakdowns. great screamer. dont see you bitches on tour. enough said.
    see you in the mosh pit, hardcore dancin’ =] dont like them, dont listen to them.
    im scene bitch, hailll yeahhh your girl loves me =] call me a fagget while i wear your girls pants LOL.

  14. Anonymous says:

    faggot scene kids are gay

  15. Anonymous says:

    lol you guys are retarded. Scene kids don’t listen to deathcore

  16. Anonymous says:

    i rule

    • cassidy says:

      i love chelsea grin, but hardcore dancing is fucking ridiculous. moshings whats up, and ill fuck any little dancing fucks up in the pit<3

  17. Anonymous says:

    Upon a burning body -.-

  18. anonymous says:

    chelsea grin are fucking amazing.
    give me a vocalist even close to being as talented as Alex Koehler.

  19. anonymous says:

    wow people who say deathcore sucks your retarded
    why are you even on this page if u dont like it
    dip fucks!!!
    chelsie grin is fucking awesome
    u can headbang and mosh all day to these guys!!