Slash to Design Dora the Explorer Backpack

Nickelodeon is creating a limited-edition series of celebrity-designed backpacks for auction this summer. With more participants to be announced shortly, we are delighted to inform you that your favorite chain smoking guitarist Slash will be be putting his own “personal touches” on designing a special Dora the Explorer themed backpack. What a guy.

Shakira along with Salma Hayek and John Leguizamo will all be joining in the fun. A limited quantity of each backpack will be auctioned off globally, in countries including the United States, France, the UK, Mexico, Canada, Spain, The Netherlands, Greece, Australia, New Zealand and Israel.  One hundred percent of the U.S. proceeds will benefit the Children?s Defense Fund. One hundred percent of international proceeds will go toward childhood education in each respective country.

Nickelodeon kicked off Dora the Explorer‘s 10th anniversary yesterday by announcing the Beyond the Backpack campaign at an event featuring Salma Hayek.


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