Drummer Will Hunt to join Black Label Society for Recording of Next Album

The recruitment of former EVANESCENCE drummer Will Hunt will add fuel to the fire of Zakk Wylde‘s rapidly diminishing reputation. Hunt replaces Craig Nunenmacher behind the kit and will feature on BLACK LABEL SOCIETY‘s upcoming album and tour:

Longtime rock drummer Will Hunt has been selected to play drums on the upcoming Black Label Society album and tour. Will, who has performed with a variety of rock bands over the last decade, has recently drummed for Evanescence and Methods Of Mayhem. His commitment to BLS is for the upcoming album and tour. At the moment it looks like Will will perform double duty as he is still working with Evanescence and will be involved in their future plans down the road as well. More details are forthcoming -and look forward to a short interview with Will in this space soon!


  1. anonymous says:

    Why a rapidly diminishing reputation?

  2. yo says:

    i think this refers to the fact that he quit ozzy (in no way makes zakk look bad, its probably good for him) and that will hunt has played in some really, really bad bands. the thing about it is, I dont think will is the one writing the shitty songs, hes just jammin on the drums, and he obviously has good chops if hes gonna play with zakk wylde. I imagine that playing for zakk wylde after methods of mayhem is like the difference between a Filet Minion and a piece of rotten shit. (zakk being the filet)

  3. Jomama 23 says:

    gonna be gay…evanescence sucks dicks that guy looks like he enjoys peters. wtf happened to craig honestly…this guy just doesnt fit. If they were to get a drummer from Evanescence why not go with Rocky Gray who had talent didnt fit at all with Evanescence and would go very well with BLS. dood honestly bad choice theres hella fuckin better out there.

  4. hikingartist says:

    I still have “Skullage” in my music rotation and it is not because of the drumming.

  5. Shannon Greenwell says:

    Uh, Rocky seems to have enough on his plate… He is also a Christian, He has talent… Yes. But I think he ‘s better off where he is at. He’s probably enjoying where he’s at now! He’s also a clothing designer,too.

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. Mira says:

    This is all bullshit! No matter what, Will Hunt kicks ass and that´s it! He´s da man!

  8. Anonymous says:

    he hasnt done anything really special yet but he hasnt been given an opertunity to, hes just a sesson kind of guy. there are thousands of drummers like this, you just dont see it in rock as often. the bands hes played in kinda suck but hes obviously solid and has good chops if hes made it that far.

  9. steve says:

    Saw him play drums with BLS two nights ago and have to say it was the best BLS show i’ve seen yet. I’ve seen BLS 5 times and I did like Craig but Will is a beast live. Everyone around me in the crowd was saying that the drumming was amazing. Check it out becuase he sounded awesome with BLS and I hope he stays with them.