Ozzfest 2010 Bands and Rumors

Bands and rumors are starting to swirl for Ozzfest 2010. With the traveling festival making its much heralded return to the touring circuit this summer, punters are eager to know which bands will be filling this year’s Ozzfest roster. What seems to just ‘make sense’, coupled with educated guesses and general ideation based on various rumors and whisperings, can be found below:


Main Stage

  • Ozzy Osbourne (to headline)
  • Rammstein or Slipknot or Euro-UK/allstar Act or Stone Sour (to co-headline)
  • Alice in Chains
  • Them Crooked Vultures
  • Mastodon
  • Fear Factory

Second/Third Stage(s)

  • Down or DevilDriver (to headline)
  • Skeletonwitch
  • Whitechapel
  • Dirge Within
  • Children of Bodom
  • Mutiny Within
  • Baroness

General Rumors and Musings

  • The likelihood of a ‘big name’ European/UK act (remember Iron Maiden, Judas Priest) being thrown in the mix, coupled with the potential for a ‘reunion‘ act (aside from Alice in Chains) to lock down the co-headlining slot on the mainstage would not go amiss.
  • Having said that, what about someone a little more mainstream as co-headliners…our two picks outside of the above thought process go to Chickenfoot and Godsmack.
  • One or more of the usual NWOAHM crew (Unearth, Killswitch Engage, Shadows Fall, All That Remains, etc.) will make their annual appearance.
  • Most folks will be crossing their fingers that a Relapse or Earache upstart will make the bill (see: Your Demise, White Wizzard).
  • Don’t write off Roadrunner funding multiple bands, outside of their young guns in Mutiny Within, to get on Ozzfest 2010. With new signings  Trivium making strides across the globe with their own headlining tours, and now boasting a new drummer, odds would favor rather than not.
  • Who wouldn’t like to see a fantastic random Euro act like Finntroll or Dark Tranquillity from the CM/NB partnership come over to the US? Both are supporting new albums. Even Soilwork are in the studio again, don’t forget.
  • Leave one slot open for a band nobody likes (see: OTEP)
  • What about Disturbed and Mudvayne and these larger acts who have ‘done it all before’? Depends on album sales (not so hot for Mudvayne), interest (high for Disturbed), and what’s in the cooker for them for 2010.
  • Note: Various acts above (Mastodon, Lamb of God, etc.) could be interchanged between slots. Noted that acts like Dillinger Escape Plan are on other tours, but routing and dates for Ozzfest is still TBD.

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Let us know your thoughts below in the comments!


  1. stu says:

    Lamb of God, Shadows Fall and Rob Zombie are on Mayhem…. how the hell are they even in the rumor mix for Ozzfest??

  2. Ross says:

    Them Crooked Vultures probably won’t be on it…

    QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE frontman JOSH HOMME has blasted OZZY and SHARON OSBOURNE for treating bands who perform at their annual Ozzfest festival “like s**t”. Homme has vowed never to play at the touring event again after his experiences in 2000. When asked by U.S. magazine Blender what his worst summer job was, Homme said, “Ozzfest, because they treat the bands like s**t. “And now, this year, you get to play for free, but it’s under the guise of, ‘No, we’re doing it for the fans!’ But it’s really for the people who fan Sharon and Ozzy with palm fronds at their house. “I only make mistakes once, and I won’t be playing Ozzfest again.”

  3. Chris says:

    Most of this makes no sense. Several of the aforementioned bands are on Mayhem, Slipknot’s album cycle is over, Mastodon already got thrown off Ozzfest in 2005, and it’s very improbable that Dillinger would do Ozzfest.

  4. ozzford says:

    Chickenfoot? for Ozzfest? that’s insane, not gonna happen. Municipal Waste, Soilwork, In Flames, Machine Head, and Meshuggah should be on. I hope for a strong lineup.

  5. 57sop says:

    COB is going to be co headlining the second stage.

  6. Rammstein says:

    if Rammstein were coheadlining i’d go for sure.

    been wanted to see those guys for more than a decade.

  7. JHMDF says:

    The “rumors” this site has posted lately make little to no sense… like the first poster mentioned.

  8. Chris says:

    Dillinger is doing Warped this summer. Does anyone even check this shit?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Skeletonwitch, Bodom, and DevilDriver would be awesome.

    Whitechapel is already doing warped tour ALL SUMMER so that’s out of the picture.

  10. Meh says:

    No shit. Kurt Cobain had his head sewn shut and Nirvana will be headlining the 2nd stage. This also is a rumor. Please back your rumor shit up.

  11. Ann says:

    Rammstein are co-headlining the Sonicsphere Tour this year and are fully booked during the July weekends. So no Rammstein for Ozzfest. Look for them in the US in the fall.

  12. Anonymous says:

    You guys are worse at “musings” than Fox News. Why not just wait for the official roster?

  13. frank says:

    ■Leave one slot open for a band nobody likes (see: OTEP)

    I laughed so hard at this.

  14. Sh!th3ad says:

    It would be GREAT to see Devildriver or DOWN headline the second Stage. Slipknot’s time has come and gone, bring on Mushroomhead!! Stone Sour would really SUCK!!! AIC and Fear Factory are Like Slipknot their time is over. Bring on Machine Head!!!

  15. JuJu says:

    OZZY, BLS (dont fallow them but i figured they’ll be on), DevilDriver, In Flames, Srone Sour, Disturbed, Trivium, SevenDust, Bullet for my Valentine, KSE, Faith No More, Limp Bizkit, Slash, Dirge Within, JFAC, Manson, HIM, Fear Factory, Behemoth but im just spit balling

  16. JuJu says:

    And maybe All That Remins (got my fingers crossed)

  17. BlackJackyl says:

    OZZY (without ZAKK)


  18. BlackJackyl says:


  19. Anonymous says:

    they’re probably just going to load up the second stage with deathcore or Sumerian artists

  20. WKYA says:

    Faith No More and Meshuggah


  21. the sir says:

    “they’re probably just going to load up the second stage with deathcore or Sumerian artists”

    Actually all the main deathcore bands are on Warped Tour this year so they won’t be on Ozzfest.

    Oh and this is literally the worst “Ozzfest prediction” I’ve ever seen, for any year of Ozzfest.

  22. CannibalCFHobZen says:

    Ozzy (Headliner -- duh)
    Alice In Chains (Comeback is going amazing.. it will continue here)
    Stone Sour (New Album)
    HellYeah (New Album/Mudvayne not touring)
    Fear Factory (New Album/GENE HOGLAN)

    2ND STAGE:
    Down (Co-headliner)
    Devildriver (Co-headliner)
    MESHUGGAH (Non-Rotating New DVD/Live Album/ Mayhem Fest Rumored)
    As I Lay Dying (Non-Rotating/New Album/ Mayhem Fest Rumored)
    Cannibal Corpse (they might be the headliner for summer slaughter)
    Children of Bodom (Rumor to doing us summer fest tour)
    Job For A Cowboy
    Municipal Waste (if not summer slaughter)
    Toxic Holocaust (if not summer slaughter)
    Mutiny Within
    Dirge Within

  23. BlackJackyl says:


    Hellyeag wouldnt tour with DOWN. Vinny Paul STILL BLAMES Phil for DIMBAG’S DEATH!!!

  24. male bonding 69 says:

    main stage
    marilyn manson
    dimu borgir

    second stage
    children of bodom
    white chappel
    powerman 5000
    pappa roach
    job for a cowboy

    3rd stage
    one big GAY shirtless sweaty man loving male bonding circle jerk of faggot metal heads moshing touching and hugging other dudes shirtless and sweaty u fags!!!!

  25. what/ says:

    baroness down and them crooked vultures? wayyyyy to good to be true. probly be more like mudvayne, chimaira and lamb of god.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Ozzfest still has a nu-metal stink amongst its attendees regardless of the bands on the bill

  27. big_metal_al says:

    Nice rundown. Please bring back Meshuggah!

  28. Aaron says:

    All these summer festivals are going to complete shit. They used to my favorite part of the summer…but now they’re a source of contempt for me.

  29. Jomama 23 says:

    Dood what the fuck happened to lineups like 2007 where badass fuckin bands like Daath and Nile were thrown on the bill? I went to Mayhem last year and was pretty happy just cuz there was quite a bit of death metal and bands that should be on ozzfest or mayhem. Mayhem is fucked who gives a rats left nut bout Atreyu or Norma Jean. heres my Ozzfest lineup.

    2nd Stage -- Throwdown, Kataklysym, Children of Bodom, Warbringer, Evile, God Forbid, Trivium, Meshuggah and Devildriver, Suffocation (don’t know who’d headline but who gives a fuck)

    Main Stage -- Machinehead, Testament, Fear Factory, Alice in Chains(sorry all u haters..still respect Cantrell and the boys), Ozzy

    -it wouldn’t hurt for their to be a 3rd stage with bands that are up and coming say Lazarus A.D., Woe of Tyrants, Abigail Williams,Thy Will Be Done, The Agonist, Threat Signal, Arsis,
    Tenet, Sylosis, Rumplestiltskin Grinder


  30. St. Token says:

    Drowning Pool and Sevendust are doing a summer tour together to promote both their new albums so don’t look for them on Ozzfest, Mudvayne is less likely cuz they are in the studio now in Arlington, Tx recording the new Hellyeah CD. I don’t feel Ozzfest is gonna be a huge shock this year cuz it goes further in the hole every year.. Deftones are a big rumor cuz they got a new album coming, but I doubt Slipknot will be on it but it would give mayhem a run for the money, a Limp Bizkit reunion is in the works so don’t be suprised if they make on there, and that would definately keep Slipknot from doíng it cuz they have never gotten along. Dillinger is on warped tour, along with alot of metal acts cuz vans is going into a new direction since ticket sales have dropped in the last few years, Killswitch is on their own tour and Howard has left the band for personal reasons and As I Lay Dyin frontman is filling in. Soulfly is about to do their own summer tour too this year. I’m sure it will be interesting though it always is…..

  31. jnafe says:

    If I were the man in charge…

    Main Stage: Mastodon, Meshuggah, Between The Buried and Me, headliner: Slayer

    Second Stage: Despised Icon, Animals as Leaders, Genghis Tron, Beneath the Massacre headliner: Converge

  32. WKYA says:

    My wish list…
    Main Stage: Slayer, Carcass, Down, Meshuggah, Puscifer or maybe Rammstein
    Second Stage: AssJack, the Dillinger Escape Plan, Napalm Death, Devin Townsend Project, Krisiun, Deicide, Sworn Enemy and Flaw can open at like noon, before anybody gets there.

  33. izzo says:

    zimmers hole is the only band ozzfest needs….just get them to play all day long and id be good.

  34. Ghost_of_Oden says:

    Lol, for real izzo

    Looking at all these comments thought I realize how much I hate the musical preferences of the Ozzfest fans

  35. Meh says:

    Fear Factory, ALice in Chains, The Red Chord, Gwar, CONFIRMED.

  36. WKYA says:

    I heard a Trivium confirmation

  37. john c philly says:

    my wishlist for ozzfest


  38. kylie says:

    Is Metallica going to be at ozzfest????

  39. mike says:

    man i hope the ozzfest is a go for 2010 it will be the 16 th time i saw ozzy and may be the last

  40. CannibalCFHobZen says:

    Iron Maiden co headlining??? well find out March 4th

  41. Anonymous says:

    Jomama 23 has the best line up; just switch out Kataklysm with say..Gojira and we’re set. I really hope GWAR is actually confirmed, they would be fucking bad-ass on the 2nd stage.

  42. Mike Roberts says:

    There are really only 3 or 4 bands that I would actually go to see if this goes down. Mayhem Fest sounds way better just my opinion

  43. CannibalCFHobZen says:

    Nevermind, Iron Maiden is booked weekends in august so no Ozzfest 2010 but … i hope they get a better opener then fucking lauren harris this time

  44. gavantifer says:

    It would be great to see the Scorpions on there for the old timers. The Soundgarden reunion would fit perfectly as well.

  45. Big C says:

    I would love this line up, the only other band i have heard rumors of was Metallica. Rammstein on ozzfest would kick all our asses. I just saw AIC on monday, was a pretty good show, would be surprised to see on ozzfest tho. Same with Them Crooked Vultures, i cant wait to see them, but doubt they’ll be on ozzfest. More likely to see, soulfly slipknot, static x, fear factory as return artists. Oh and btw, f stonesour

  46. Big C says:

    30 seconds to mars??? FAG

  47. LifeTimeRocker says:

    What about 6 feet under or obituary there highly known in the euro world and damn good bands, and whats this about otep not wanting to be seen i seen then a couple yrs ago in concert with static-x in st pete and id love to seen them play again

  48. Joe says:

    Too bad Korn and Zombie are on rockstar but I am waiting to see how ozzy will do the line up. If it sucks i’m going to Rockstar

  49. WKYA says:

    Obituary is great, but Six Feet Under? Come on dude -- they are fucking garbage.

  50. LifeTimeRocker says:

    well i only said 6 feet under because i know the guy who started it which is the same guy that started obituary allen

  51. Engel1 says:

    Rammstein on the bill? not happening..
    the tour needs sone strong solid bands to get back and dominate over Mayhem(not likely).Been a fan of ozzfest since 98..it was sad to see it fall. Good ridance
    I’d love to see Fear Factory,BIohazard,Soulfly,Mushroomhead,Carcass,Napalm Death,Dimmu Borgir,Gorgoroth..at least three bands any combination

  52. Anonymous says:

    Carcass would be ill.

  53. CannibalCFHobZen says:

    anyone know when any info is getting released?

  54. LifeTimeRocker says:

    was suppose to be on wednesday

  55. Glass Koffin says:

    what about ICP???? LOL

    nah, ozzfest kids couldnt handle the faygo and the ruthless Detroit ghetto wicket shit

  56. LifeTimeRocker says:

    lol i actually think that wouldn’t be a bad idea but your right but ts not that they cant handle it they would rather be butt fucked by an ape then listen to it

  57. Sickboy187 says:

    Would love to see SEVENDUST and DISTURBED return to the Ozzfest…DISTURBED as a co-headlining mainstage band and maybe SEVENDUST as a co-headliner on the second stage…These 2 amazing bands would add a different element to a festival that has become rather mired in super-heavy death/doom metal bands….Some people still like heavy music with singers that actually SING instead of growl and scream all the time…Offer up some variety and the festival could dominate again!! Stay Heavy!!

  58. BlackJackyl says:

    What i have seen, ozzfest will be announced at the end of the month

  59. LifeTimeRocker says:

    whered you see that?

  60. Ghost_of_Oden says:

    sickboy187 is fucking retarded, same as with all the other ideas people are giving on here.

  61. LifeTimeRocker says:

    why dont you stop bashing other peoples ideas and say what you think should play

  62. demonsnake says:

    i wanna see motorhead
    motorhead rules all

    and gnr

  63. Ghost_of_Oden says:

    Why would I say? On average, Ozzfest only gets a 2 bands each time that I REALLY want to see, although 07 had like 4 or 5. so what I give a list of bands that I know won’t play? Like that guy saying Gorgoroth. Really, if you know jack shit, you should know that even writing that you want them to play is a waste of letters because their is no possible way they ever will. So then, I’m stuck with having to come up with a list of shitty, mainstream bands that will probably play but I don’t give a shit about?

  64. LifeTimeRocker says:

    that makes sense but everyone is just saying how they’d like to see play who gives of fuck if they actually do or not its like a bucket list

  65. TheRenzination says:

    Cross Rammstein out of this equation, as well as Slipknot. Rammstein is booked for the rest of the year, and Slipknot is taking time off while Joey Jordison works with Rob Zombie for Mayhem and Corey and Jim doing a new StoneSour record (maybe StoneSour will find a way in). Them Crooked Vultures won’t be playing at Ozzfest, I can guarantee you that. I like Mastodon and Fear Factory on the main stage, maybe add an aging MudVayNe, and leave Alice In Chains out. So it would be, Ozzy, StoneSour, Fear Factory, MudVayNe, and Mastodon on the main stage. The second/third stages seem alright if Ozzfest is trying to top Mayhem this year.

  66. WKYA says:

    Stone Sour is featured on the Rockstar Uproar tour with Disturbed and Avenged Sevenfold

  67. JuJu says:

    Wkya where did u hear that from i cant find shit man

  68. WKYA says:

    yeah the website says nothing, but in my newspaper (The Toronto Sun or Star I can’t remember) they had the concert listings for summer in Toronto, and the Uproar tour, listed as featuring the likes of Disturbed, Stone Sour and Avenged Sevenfold was set for a July date I believe.

  69. JuJu says:

    Sorry i keep asking questions man but did it say if it was coming to the US or who else will be playing?

  70. WKYA says:

    No worries man, I’m curious about it myself. It didn’t mention any other dates, but it’s at a venue called the Molson Amphitheater (not sure if you’re familiar), it’s a good sized venue, and it has recieved festival-sized tours before, so… just gotta keep an eye out i guess. the only site i could find that even mentioned the tour was http://www.rockstaruproar.com

  71. jah says:

    I don’t really care if it CAN happen at this point but i would LOOVE to see rammstein coheadlinea nd get a proper 90 minutes to do their thing

    Icpy actually WAS set to play ozzfest or there were serious talks of putting them on ozzfest one year….I know some people refuse to belivee that but it’s true ((they were on the ozzfest sampler in 2001 i think it was..there was talks of them playing in 02…my years may be wrong but many reliable sources confirmed that for me so im not talking out of my ass)

    that being said about icp..I wouldn’t want to see them at ozzfst but at this point….it might actually help them bring a few people in…and as of right now mayhem fest is going to take all the spending dollars

    just my opinions and/or thoughts

    fear factory has a kick ass new album out so them at ozzfest would be grand BUT they do have a tour they are doing and I dunno if that will prevent them from ozzfest or not…

    Disturbed is releasing the 10th anniversary rerelease of the sickness….i can easily see them being co headliners…as they’ve played the fest a ton of times previouslyl..i hate them live but whatever

  72. JuJu says:

    me too man i look up for rumors and stuff nothin just brings up the web site with nothing on it i hope it has US dates and they add other bands to the bill ive seen disturbed 3 times and it was the same set list every time and ive only seen stone sour once and A7X once both good shos so i hope they add some other kick ass bands u no?

  73. Rocksaltydawg says:

    Rob Zombie
    Black Label Society
    stone sour

    Second stage
    lamb of god

    Tell me that wouldn’t be a sick ass show. One can only dream though.

  74. WKYA says:

    Yeah man I’m definitely fuckin itching to see all these festival lineups revealed, both Uproar and Ozzfest. I don’t know what kind of tricks Ozzfest can pull out of their sleeves to grab a coup on the summer-festival market (Soundgarden, Faith No More?), and now Rockstar has TWO fucking major summer lineups!

    juju I really enjoy Disturbed man, however I’ve only seen them once, Ozzfest ’01 so I think I am overdue for another engagement; A7X I’ve never really enjoyed, although they did get fuckin crowds moving, but Stone Sour, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw them on Family Values a few years back. They are all heavyweights on the touring circuits, I have a feeling Uproar will expand it’s roster before kicking off this summer.

  75. JuJu says:

    me too man i hope they get Faith No More for sure ive wanted to see em since they got back together Im goin to Mayhem this year i havnt seen Zombie before and i like every band on the bill minus hatebreed and 3 inches of blood i no i could get killed for saying that but not a fan and i hope ozzfest puts on a sick ass beging to my summer and now uproar this is great dude

    I enjoy disturbed i just wish they would at leats change up the set list, A7X is a good sho im not a die heart or nothin hell i didnt listen to them since 08′ but started again the Rev passed and i missed that family values man but i cought the one w/ Evanescance, HELLYEAH, Atreyu, Flyleaf and ya what ever happend to Family Values man 07′ was the last one rumors of limp bizkit are spreading but idk

  76. WKYA says:


    Here’s your confirmation for the tour man http://www.torontosun.com/entertainment/music/2010/03/08/13161271-qmi.html

    this is the article out of the paper, i get th impression you’re not in Toronto, but this should give a better idea than the useless Uproar website; it’s the second last mention in the article, says the festival lands in town on August 24 (relatively late for a summer fest)

  77. JuJu says:

    lol naw i live in OKC man im an okie and talk about not SHIT comin through man and thanks for the article man that makes me excited it better come through the US man ill travle to dallas for that and im not sure if that will be a festival if its that late it will interfear w/ school thats why not alot of festivals come through OKC there good music nazi’s thats y mayhem didnt come through OKC the first year and barly made it last year i ended up goin twice last year but thats the shit man for sure i hope they add a little more bands tho

  78. WKYA says:

    tell me about it man. I will admit in TO we get quite a bit of traffic, however we do miss out on the majority of the good festivals. there is many added expenses and visa-related issues with artists touring up and across our border, and this has related in many problems over here, including not receiving an Ozzfest for 10 years now, Mayhem festival pulling out of all Canadian dates, Virgin Fest losing headliners, etc etc etc. Best of luck for both of us I guess, and Go Thunder.

  79. JuJu says:

    for sure man, and i no that blows dude lol

  80. TheRenzination says:

    With Mayhem Festival having NO black metal bands at all, there’s a major gap of heaviness in the summer. Ozzfest needs to fix that gap with some sick death metal bands with new material out. Also, after Slayer had to cancel the American Carnage tour this winter, instead of doing it in the summer, why not at Ozzfest? Here’s what the lineup should be:

    Fear Factory
    Black Label Society



    This would make for one of the best, not only Ozzfests, but all-day festivals of all time. Does everyone agree or disagree?

  81. Miss X says:

    Them Crooked Vultures certainly will not be there. J Ho and Sharon O despise eachother.

  82. Billy Ransom says:

    someone mentioned disturbed should be on the bill this year. might as well be disturbedfest because they’re on every fucking year.

    bring back fucking neurosis or some melvins god damn it. also interested in baroness making an appearance.

    let’s get some grind in the mix, howboutitfellaz!?!?!

  83. Billy Ransom says:

    rocksaltydawg i would rather kill myself twice than see even half of one of those bands’ set.

  84. Corey Ross says:

    Being that Lamb Of God, Rob Zombie, Korn, Five Finger Death Punch, Hatebreed, and Atreyu are all doing Mayhem this year, Ozzfest is pretty much screwed in getting major mainstream acts. So what should they do? Reach out East. Why the hell cant the mighty Manowar be a 2nd stage headliner? What about Holyhell? how bout Overkill? they just released a new album. How bout Gwar? Slipknot would be good. Lordi? Dragonforce? Slayer? there are bands to choose from its just a matter of having the juevos to book them. I dunno I think Mayhem has got Ozzfest beat to hell this year. We shall see…

  85. Corey Ross says:

    Heres your Ozzfest 2010 lineup via WetDream Productions, a division of I Friggin Wish Industries:

    Main Stage:

    Second Stage:
    Arch Enemy

    ooohhh yeaaaaaa

  86. Ghost_of_Oden says:

    Well since other people are putting up these ridiculous set list, I’m gonna put something good, although maybe a little impossible:

    Main Stage:
    Ozzy Osbourne (Only because I kinda have to)
    Morbid Angel
    My Dying Bride

    Second Stage:
    Dark Funeral
    Visions of Atlantis

    There, suck on that

  87. Ghost_of_Oden says:

    The one aove my last comment isn’t too bad though

  88. Anonymous says:

    ozzy osbourne
    alice in chains
    fear factory

    children of bodom
    the sword

    the red chord


  89. Lady GaGapolooza says:

    RockSaltyDawg Send Me Your Address Cause Im Gonna Mail U a Dress!!! Cause You’re Such a Lady Your Ozzfest Line up Is Piss Weak U Picked Every Girly Weak and Sellout Mainstream Band Metal. Im Surprised U Didnt Say Papa Roach, Avenged 7 Fold, Cod, Static-x ,and Powerman 5000 U tasteless Faggot!

  90. Lady GaGapolooza says:

    Seems In My Moment Of Rage I Left Some Type-o’s. So I’ve Corrected Them. RockSaltyDawg Send Me Your Address Cause Im Gonna Mail U a Dress!!! Cause You’re Such a Lady Your Ozzfest Line up Is Piss Weak U Picked Every Girly Weak and Sellout Mainstream Metal Bands. Im Surprised U Didnt Say Papa Roach, Avenged 7 Fold, Cold, Static-x ,and Powerman 5000 U tasteless Faggot!

  91. Grumbler says:

    Nobody has any concrete lineup lists -- lots of speculation and rumors -- & a lot of “word of mouth” from he said -she said stuff. Ozzfest has played this waiting game for years so its not a new thing. When you wipe away all the BS and take a look at whos already committed elsewhere you can get a picture of what it may actually look like -- weather you like it or not i might add. If you read all the posts on all the various websites and interviews and that word of mouth thing it may not be all that bad after all.

  92. Grumbler says:

    So just a pure speculation list from what i have read and heard -- -- Not my dream lineup by any means! And in no particular order either. Anyways pick it apart -- the Real announcement should be coming in the next month or so but until then have fun with it 🙂

    Alice In Chains
    Fear Factory
    Black Label Society
    White Chappel
    The Haunted
    Godsmack (as a second stage headliner for once)

  93. Grumbler says:

    Dirge Within has it on their Myspace page that they are playing Ozzfest 2010

    Guess its time to scour all the myspace pages and see what else pops out -- lol

  94. Meh says:

    I think they’re trying to get on ozzfest. It could be some kind of petition to get them on. i hope they’re not on it.

  95. Grumbler says:

    Thats a real possibility -- i have been searching and found a few interesting tidbits that i didnt see before -- -- -- ill bet that very soon the cat will be let out of the bag -- that is except for the mystery main stage band that they are sure to have -- lols -- anyway looking a little deeper -- i found some serious considerations but cant link anything just yet. we may all be in for a big surprize -- -- not saying a good one but we will see

  96. Grumbler says:

    oh and white chappel is apparently out of the mix as is Finntroll

  97. WK says:

    From what I am hearing now it will be a tour like the old Ozzfests, play a show then take 1 to 2 days off for Ozzy to recover. Only 12 to 14 dates. Rumors are that some/most shows could be at stadiums or racetrack/speedways like Summer Sanitarium was in 2000.

    36 Crazyfists
    Dirge Within

    Other sources are saying that Anvil, Kittie, As I Lay Dying, and All That Remains will be involved as well as possibly Godsmack and/or Alice in Chains. I’ve heard rumors of Motorhead and The Sword too. I was also told the hold up on the announcement is due to one of the bands having vocalist problems (KsE, Dragonforce or maybe Anthrax?).

  98. Grumbler says:

    yeah i have heard the Anthrax swirlings as well but haven’t found anything concrete yet -- they would be very cool on the bill -- -- -- i heard the same thing that there will be 2 days inbetween shows and sometimes 3 -- -- -- no dates are up yet but from what i heard there will be 17 shows give or take a few -- -- there apparently is a interview with sully erna somewhere -- where he supposidly said something about Godsmack closing a “second Stage” on a tour somewhere this summer -- -- i haven’t found it yet tho -- -- -- also something about Straight Line Stitch was trying to get on the bill but nothing concrete -- -- I did hear however that the Headliner was gonna be “BIG” but with Metallica’s euro gigs all summer i doubt it would be them for a whole tour -- but it would be really cool if it was them. Like them or not -- noone can deny that they put on one hell of a show….Apparently Sevendust and Fear Factory are extremely strong contenders for the bill -- all kinds of buzz about them…. Black Label Society as one organizer said is a “Rock Solid Lock” to support Ozzy on a mid to late summer festival run even tho Zakk isnt ripping it up on stage for Ozzy anymore. hmmm…….. OH also as reported in the main thread -- -- a “Bigger” european name band has either accepted a direct support slot or is close to accepting a spot -- -- -- Does Rammstein qualify as a “Bigger European Band” ? -- i would say so but there are so many that could do it -- also hearing 6 main stage acts, thats up 1 from the last traveling scenario. Im still digging -- i know everyone is tired of speculation and this goes on every year but its sort of a challenge for some of us to try and figure it out -- as i find more links ill post them here -- -- -- -- -- Peace

  99. WKYA says:

    Rammstein, Slayer and Metallica all have Sonisphere dates scheduled man, I will almost guarantee you that NONE of them will be on this bill. NONE. Anthrax I’d say is a good call (and would be fucking sweet). and I dont know is Zakk will get his band to open for Ozzy. I’m not sure if there was tension after he left, maybe, maybe not. it just seems kind of unlikely.

  100. j says:

    hey i will help you guys narrow down the list a little bit. kittie is touring with insane clown posse, so they are out. i was on the ozzfest boards and this guy said he has a friend whose band is on the bill for the second time. he told his friend he wouldn’t say so he didn’t. but he narrowed it down to mastodon, down, and as i lay dying.

  101. Anonymous says:

    Kittie could still be on. The ICP tour should be over by time Ozzfest starts.

  102. Grumbler says:

    hmm says 101 comments but i only see 1

  103. hatahs hatah says:

    Slipknot will not be on the bill.

  104. hatahs hatah says:

    Stone Sour maybe…Slipknot?…Don’t get your hopes up

  105. j says:

    stone sour is supposed to be on that uproar tour thing with avenged sevenfold and disturbed. so all three of them are probaly out

  106. Anonymous says:


  107. Anonymous says:

    Slipknot is done everyone. I hate to be the one to crush your wish. Slipknot will go on tour in 3 more years.

  108. Anonymous says:

    Slipknot sucks asshole, sorry. I hope they’re not on it. The one band I would love to see, never going to happen, is Gorerotted, or the Rotted. They would destroy the fuck out of Ozzfest. I’d perfer Gorerotted.

  109. Anonymous says:

    Bands I would expect:
    The Red Chord
    The Black Dahlia Murder
    Dirge Within
    Straight Line Stitch
    As I lay Dying
    AC/DC or KISS to be the coheadliner
    Alice in chains
    Random Deathcore band or bands

    Just guessing, no clue. Don’t love that lineup but I could live with it. Suggestions?

  110. Anonymous says:

    please, no AC/DC or Kiss. fuck that.

    I wanna see Vader on Ozzfest, they would fucking destroy. Something like Ozzy, Vader, GWAR, The Red Chord, BDM, Alice in Chains and a couple piss break bands sounds like a home-run to me.

  111. Anonymous says:

    Vader would be the shit.

  112. Anonymous says:

    fuck u all……bring back bizkit!!! here is a good ozzfest:

    limp bizkit
    all that remains

    2nd stage-
    killswitch engage
    children of bodom
    the black dahlia murder
    bullet for my valentine

  113. Anonymous says:

    what about lamb of god, memento, all that remains, 36 crazyfists

  114. Rodney says:

    fuck all of that ..how about alice in chains ..the deftones have a new album to promote as well as ozzy!!…mudvayne..fear factory..goatwhore ..whitechapel….stp have a new album coming up this summer…dont wanna get my hopes up but tool would be great!!..some rob zombie..atreyu…type o negative…what people dont realize is music nowadays fucking sucks ass..we need a fucking killer line up of 90’s hard rock mixed with todays ..or no one is gonna come to ozzfest..early 2000’s bands…even kittie would be great to see..get your hands on some fucking nine inch nails for ozzfest…ozzy and sharon can be as creative as they want with this tour..fucking throw in the genitortures

  115. Grumbler says:

    Fucking A Right Rod -- Love your attitude -- -- personally, i know it wont happen but toss in some Amon Amarth -- Eluvitie, Rammstein and hell even Five Finger Death Punch into the mix. anyway all our expectations and speculations will be coming to an end soo i think -- -- probably mid april we will get the real deal confirmations -- Eberyone seems to overlook that OZZY started this metal festival thing here in the US -- i mean he really made it a main stay -- so whatever or whoever is coming I thank OZZY for what he has done for us and apparent still continues to do! God Bless Our Troops and Heavy Music -- ALL OF IT!!!

  116. Anonymous says:

    what about Lamb of God, Suicide Silence, Mudvayne, Black Dahlia Murder, Whitechapel, The Red Chord, (never gonna happen) We Butter The Bread With Butter, or Unearth…any of those guys would be great!!

  117. Anonymous says:

    Lamb of god is on Mayhem, Suicide Silence is on Warped so is whitechapel and mudvayne is w/ hellyeah

  118. WK says:

    I’ve done some snooping & talking to contacts. The following bands are playing Ozzfest this year:

    Black Label Society
    36 Crazyfists
    Dirge Within

    i was also told the delay was due to a unnamed band having problems with their vocalist. This must be either Killswitch Engage or Dragonforce because of the well known problems they are having. It will be a tour starting in mid to late July & ending in early September. Thought I would pass this along.

  119. WKYA says:

    did that guy seriously just say Memento?

    i don’t think those guys have put out an album in 7 years

  120. TheRenzination says:

    Hey, WK, where did you hear about that? I heard the same thing about Metallica and I know BLS is gonna be there because they canceled a few dates at around the time Ozzfest should be touring.

  121. Anonymous says:

    isn’t metallica doing all those dates with the “big 4” over in Europe though? i mean, ozzy and metallica would be much more bad-ass (even more so if they could get Sabbath to re-unite) but i’ll believe it when I see it.

    when the fuck will we get an official line-up??

  122. Anonymous says:

    I agree with you, Metallica on a TOURING Ozzfest would be sweet. I just think they’re too greedy and will never get the kind of money they would ask for.

    Start thinking OLDER, pretty big, hard rock/metal bands I THINK there’s a good chance that will happen (excluding Iron Maiden).

    Fuck, I’d be happy with Motorhead or Danzig as the coheadliner, big doesn’t always mean good.

  123. Corey Ross says:

    Ive read some earlier comments: Alice In chains? STP? Tool? Are you fucken serious? Its OZZFEST not Lollapalooza. Its about HEAVY METAL and not a bunch of washed out ass has been grunge shit from the 90s. FUCK THE 90S the only good band to ever come out of the 90s is Godsmack. Metallica would be choice for a co headliner. as for lamb of god, sorry they are doing mayhem fest so is rob zombie and korn.

  124. Anonymous says:

    That’s funny you say that, corey, because Godsmack ripped off Alice in chains.

  125. Corey Ross says:

    How do you figure?

  126. CastorTroy says:

    Corey you are an incompetent boob. Fucking Godsmack? Moron.

  127. Anonymous says:

    Dirge Within is confirmed for playing Ozzfest this year its on their MySpace page

  128. Anonymous says:

    Corey you are musically ignorant, fucking poser

  129. Corey Ross says:

    and youre a pussy cuz u have to post your messages anonymously. fuck off

  130. CastorTroy says:

    Corey you are an absolute cretin. If you think Godsmack was the only good thing to come out of the 90’s (let alone the fact that you are PRAISING them), you are either trapped in the 80’s or a preteen cunt who has no grasp of reality. Claiming Godsmack is the beloved son of that decade is a travesty, and a stake to claim that you know nothing about music.

    I’m going to speak on behalf of all the “anonymous” posters on this board, when I say You Are an Absolute Idiot. So you fuck off, I’m sure Erna needs all the ignorant fans he can possibly get. You certainly do stand alone.

  131. Corey Ross says:

    Good God. I sincerely apologize to anyone I may have offended in my comment. It was not my intention. Let me re phrase what I meant if I may. Alice In Chains, STP and Tool are not Ozzfest bands. They never have been. They are not metal. Deal with it. Out of all of the bands that came out of the 90s Slipknot and Godsmack are the only ones I thought were decent. Yes I am a product of the 80s (and proud of it) So sorry if you guys are still butt hurt over Cobain and Staley killing themselves. There are other bands from the 90s I thought were good but cant really think of em off the top of my head at the moment. Anyway, act your age. Getting all pissed off and calling me names and telling me to ‘fuck off’ because I disagree with grunge being on the ozzfest bill is no way to act. Who cares what I say anyway, none of us on this message board have any kind of say so to who plays ozzfest this year. I will kindly go fuck off now before I cause any other of u guy’s pussies to hurt.

  132. Corey Ross says:

    Just one thing: Give me one good reason why these guys shouldnt be on the ozzfest bill:



  133. Corey Ross says:

    Or these guys….(other than the fact that Maria is fucken hot)

  134. Corey Ross says:

    Or perhaps these guys..(yea Simone is hot too)

  135. Corey Ross says:

    ooops try this one

  136. Corey Ross says:

    I know. Im sure every response I get will be: THOSE BANDS SUCK. YOURE A PUSSY! FUCK OFF CRETIN! WE WANT SOUNDGARDEN!!!!!!!!!!

  137. Grumbler says:

    March 26, 2010 at 9:51 am
    I’ve done some snooping & talking to contacts. The following bands are playing Ozzfest this year:

    Black Label Society
    36 Crazyfists
    Dirge Within

    i was also told the delay was due to a unnamed band having problems with their vocalist. This must be either Killswitch Engage or Dragonforce because of the well known problems they are having. It will be a tour starting in mid to late July & ending in early September. Thought I would pass this along.

    wow -- i guess we will all soon see if you are right -- i’m not picking at you cause that would be a HUGE Ozzfest for a traveling festival -- The addition of Metallica and DOWN alone propels it above Mayhem 10 fold -- -- -- dont think the vocal problems are with Dragonforce tho -- i’d look more toward KSE or even Anthrax (I know they are playing everywhere this summer but…) Also i heard that GWAR, and/or Rammstein and/or Sevendust are “supposidly” gonna participate in some way -- maybe select dates? dont know -- Also heard that the official announcement is gonna be made the 2nd or 3rd week of April -- but thats a no brainer -- -- -- You are right about BLS -- they are confirmed in all but writing -- -- Have a close friend in that band that told me “Ozzy called Zakk for support, and Zakk didnt think twice and canceled everything to be availible for OZZY this summer”

    so we will soon find out what the real deal is -- -- -- I will go whatever the line up -- only Ozzfest i ever missed was the destination 1 show in Texas -- -- Always has been a great time and should be again this year -- but i’ll say it again METALLICA is HUGE for a traveling Ozzfest if it turns out to be true!

  138. CastorTroy says:

    HolyHell isn’t half bad, haven’t heard of them before…

    …and I’d eat that chick’s ass after a one hour squash match, fuck yeah.

  139. Corey Ross says:

    That’s what Im saying Castor. Since big mainstream bands are slim pickings this year because of mayhem fest, Sharon Osbourne should check out bands from Europe. Though Holyhell is American, they only play overseas. Bring some of that metal here. Let them get some exposure

  140. chris zarichansky says:


  141. rodney says:

    dear fucking god corey ross …godsmack?…are you fucking kidding me..ya thats all i want to hear fucking whiskey hangover and cryin like a bitch ..fuck that im a music lover of many generations..as well as a musician..so let me give you a history lesson first off alice in chians was never considered fucking grunge..they were too heavy and got labeled something completly different..second of all you fucking rat bastard tool has already been to ozzfest before..now off this topic let me say to another post i do agree strongly with danzig and motorhead that would just be great!!..now back to this fuck nuggetif i wanted a 90’s lineup id be talking mudhoney,screaming trees,meatpuppets,pearl jam,soundgarden,silverchair..you see where this is going…ya go look up who mudhoney is on the net..ill give you enough knowledge to know who the others are..the fact is grunge is just fucking nirvana and alice in chains yes kurt cobain and nirvana were known quite well as starting the movement but there not alone..and how the fuck can you be a music lover and be so god damn emotionless with music..your a fucking sully erna ass blaster..dude godsmack sucks ass and disturbed is getting that way to..its nice to be dedicated to your favorite bands but wake the fuck up..you can tell when a band has lost there emotion and simply continue to make mainstream horrid songs just for money..and everytime a good band does it always fucking sucks

  142. rodney says:

    ***********the fact is grunge ISN’T just nirvana and alice in chains…my bad*********

  143. anon says:

    them crooked vultures will definitely NOT be on this. it’s publicly known that josh homme and sharon osbourne fucking hate each other after QOTSA had a bad run when they were on the tour.

  144. Anonymous says:

    i know this will never happen but heres my dream line up.
    some oldies:
    alice in chains
    iron maiden

    something different lol:
    lamb of god
    amon amarth
    despised icon
    arch enemy
    winds of plague
    august burns red
    dying fetus
    sworn enemy
    cradle of filth
    children of bodom
    bury your dead

  145. bonedude says:

    Screw Kittie. Get Volbeat to come in from Europe after they finish opening for Metallica this Spring and have them open up on the A stage. THAT would get the pit going for sure!

  146. BABA GERMAN says:

    Confirmed Ozzfest 2010 lineup by BABA GERMAN

    Mainstage-Metallica,Ozzy,Mastadon,Children Of Bodom,DevilDriver

    Second Stage-Otep,Down,Black Label Society,Killwitch Engage,Nevermore

    Final Stage-Dirge Within,36 Crazyfists,Lacuna Coil,Job For A Cowboy,Firewind

  147. bangel1414 says:

    im sry but whitechapel is on warped tour this year, same with suicide silence, emmure and BMTH, so none of those will be on there. Mayhem got LOG and FFDP, so. im not sure wtf ozzfest is gonna have this year, if ANYTHING. there could be a few good ones yes, maybe JFAC after this spring tour they are on, but who knows.

  148. TheRenzination says:

    Anyone who is trying to say that so and so bands are gonna be at Ozzfest, it’s total bullshit. Absolutely NO info has been released, anywhere. Black Label Society isn’t gonna be there, Firewind will most definatly take their spot either opening the main stage or headlining the second stage. In some ways, the lineup that everyone wants to believe in, the Metallica and Down one, it’s very believable, but it has a very slim chance of happening.

    Infor WILL be out before the end of this month, so just wait for that.
    And I pray to the sun that Metallica and Dirge Within won’t be there.

  149. AndrewB says:

    Wow, all these bands are gay, Godsmack, really? I would love to see Rhapsody of Fire, to bad they’re inactive though, and Epica and HolyHell would be sweet also. I want some actual metal though, I would like to see this lineup:
    Judas Priest
    Alice Cooper

    2nd Stage:
    Symphony X
    Paradise Lost
    Malevolent Creation
    Grave Digger
    Blind Guardian

    Now THAT’S a good lineup loaded with different genres and different styles of performers, There is a couple of bands that everyone would want to see.

  150. Wow, all these bands are gay, Godsmack, really? I would love to see Rhapsody of Fire, to bad they’re inactive though, and Epica and HolyHell would be sweet also. I want some actual metal though, I would like to see this lineup:
    Judas Priest
    Alice Cooper

    2nd Stage:
    Symphony X
    Paradise Lost
    Malevolent Creation
    Grave Digger
    Blind Guardian

    Now THAT’S a good lineup loaded with different genres and different styles of performers, There is a couple of bands that everyone would want to see.

  151. CastorTroy says:

    let’s get fucking Unleashed over to the States!

    Loving the new album, and would kill to see them play “Destruction (For the Race of Men)” live just once.

  152. don warhorse says:

    well I’ve got to say, I’m glad ozzfest is back. Andrew, that wish list of bands is a mere dream. All of us wish we could see that kind of brutal metal show. The only things I would change are, jeff loomis and nevermore on mainstage, and the edition of dimmu borgir.

  153. pete says:

    Main Stage:
    Ozzy by default
    System of a Down

    Id pay for just that

  154. vincent says:

    andrew ballinger… I thought you said real metal

  155. Pseudonymous says:

    Lamb Of God
    Dream Theater
    The Faceless
    Amon Amarth

    This ought to do it.

  156. Jomama 23 says:

    Its come down to this. Ozzfest has the chance to get a damn good lineup cuz lets be honest Mayhemfest only has bout 3 maybe 4 bands i want to see (Lamb of God, Chimaira, Shadows Fall, n maybe In This Moment just to look at Maria’s tiggo bitties) but Summer Slaughter has a pretty decent lineup minus a few fag deathcore bands…heres my dream Ozzfest 2010 lineup:

    2nd Stage-
    Children of Bodom,
    Amon Amarth,
    Suffocation, Obituary, or Cannibal Corpse (Who doesn’t love sum old school death metal),
    Testament (No tour dates for Ozzfest have been set as of yet)
    ((As far as who headlines i dont care…just no deathcore, rap metal, or nu metal-lets face it that shits gettin old))

    Main Stage-
    Alice in Chains (still love em…sorry to those who dont)
    Fear Factory (Mechanize brought these guys status back they deserve the spot i think)

    It doesnt much matter what we think anyways cuz they never give a fuck about the fans…please somebody make them understand we buy the tickets, the merch, and all their horseshit that is usually way overpriced cuz we love metal and we love going to the original touring summer concert Ozzfest. its time to bring it back and big.

  157. Paul Shaw says:

    main stage
    Fear Factory
    Stone Sour

    Second Stage
    Despised Icon
    Heaven Shall Burn
    August Burns Red
    Municipal Waste

    Some ideas..if not more bands

  158. Alex B. says:

    heres my list: put them together how u will. I would add rob zombie but he’s playing the mayham tour

    Black Label Society
    Judas Priest
    Drowning Pool

  159. billy says:

    ozzy trivium slayer slipknot children of bobom black dahlia murder bloodsimple walls of jerico arch enemy devildriver all shale parise in flames tool alice in chains black lable socity mudvayne

  160. rodney says:

    nile and tool are the only band si agree with…ozzfest is not a fucking tour for a bunch of fucking idiots that all sound the same ..fast paced guitar..ect..ect…good in small doses ..if sharon and ozzy really want to make ozzfest great again..they just got to pick up where they left off…through all the years and ozzfests ive been to i must say the majority was fucking awesome..there were little to no complaints about filler bands..this isnt a speed metal death metal black metal metal metal metal metal tour…metal up your ass shit..its about great music..ya i love metal to..but alot of it is just bullshit with no meaning nowadays..

  161. nick says:


  162. Dave says:

    Wow most of the bands R awsome.

    if you are a Metal fan you wouldnot complain however it is understandable that some people cant stand too mouch speed and agression I recomend Kill swich Engage they are fast but they have melodies in parts of th’r songs and Rammstein is good also aswell as:
    as I lay dying
    in flames
    Dream theater
    Testament and the 1’s that R posted.
    NOTE: Who ever disagrees donot start posting nonsense back your self up w/ evidence. Thank you in advance……

  163. dave is a faggot says:


    pantera is not a band. dimebag darrell died a while ago.

    in flames is gay

    as i lay dying is gay

    Dream theater is too good to play ozzfest and they would have a set that only let them play like, two songs because most of their songs are rather long

    rammstein wouldnt work because no one likes them anymore

    so i just backed myself up with evidence. thats not nonsense, its fact.

  164. Dave says:

    Hey douche bag
    I didnot say they should play there I said theye are good be more mature seriously.Dave is a faggot? comon what are you 10? and I know Dimebag died.and I agry with 1 thing DT is good but seriousely be smart dont bother replying if your going to talk like a fucken 10yr old.

  165. Dave says:


    FYI I have a girl there4 I am no faggot and the term is GAY get real foo! people these days.

  166. phil grundy says:

    ozzy, tool, hatebreed, killswitch, maiden, testament, and of course slayer! jus throwin some stuff out there….but honestly, system of a down??? they had 3 good songs in 2001..and even those werent that great..idk just me.

  167. dave is a faggot, still says:

    I will stop talking like a 10 year old when you stop spelling like a 5 year old soap dropping queer bait.

  168. Dave M. says:

    Wow how imature.get laid for once and like I said the term is GAY fucken looser I bet you are a 60 year old virgin living in mommys basement huh,Seriously DONT REPLY UNTIL YOU GROW YOUR ASS UP! fucken illeterate bratt.

  169. Dave M. says:

    nice choices and SOAD got old you know your music verry well congrats.

  170. phil grundy says:

    idk though i think they should have marc anthony or william hung on the main stage…i think that they both might be too metal though…hahahaha

  171. Dave M. says:

    -Phil G.

    Dude its your opinion so if you think they should get marked then its cool.
    does it make sense?:)

  172. To the dude... says:

    Who said In Flames and AILD are gay…

    Go back to hiding in a corner and listening to shitty nu-metal (I’m guessing thats what you like considering In Flames and AILD are probably too heavy for you). I’m usually open-minded when it comes to what type of metal different people listen to, but you sir, have awful taste based on your comment (besides saying Dream Theater is good). So yeah, youre opinion is pretty much officially rendered useless.

    BTW, Dave M. You are not a faggot like this one clown said, you are in fact the total opposite, and have great taste \m/. And Phil, good recommendations.

  173. Dave M. says:

    Thank you The dude

    he is retarted as fuck he needs to clean his fucking ears he is probably someone that got dick instead of chi-chi’s as a baby and he is a imature 10 yr old who calls someone a fag under th’r display name, Your pretty cool The dude.:) but I like DT but I didnot say “they are too good” KsE Rules!!!!!

  174. Dave M. says:

    Oh I ment to say To The Dude sorry.

  175. Anonymous says:

    Ozzfest announcement coming Friday at Ozzfest.com
    Look for 12 -- 16 dates & 3 stages with about 13 -- 17 bands
    and NOTE there may be a few surprizes -- well maybe not for some who are “in the loop” but it won’t be bad.

    However the OZZY tour AFTER the Ozzfest run is gonna be explosive! Just wait and see

  176. To All You Metal Posers.. says:

    You guys need to seriously calm your asses down.

    Most of the bands you listed are gay anyway, so it doesn’t make a difference (siding with the other dave guy) but weither you agree with the bands or not, you don’t need to make a big deal about it. If someone says they don’t like those bands, just say ok.

    But Ozzfest is a METAL show, not a Emo show. Behemoth, children of bodom, 3 inches of blood, and other bands like that would be great for the festival

  177. Dave says:


    THOSE ARE WORDS OF WISDOM,instead of bashing you are being mature about it (Claping) Congrats,We have a ADAULT OVER HERE!!!
    but not all bands are terrible.

  178. Dave says:


    THOSE ARE WORDS OF WISDOM,instead of bashing you are being mature about it (Claping) Congrats,We have a ADAULT OVER HERE!!!
    but not all bands are terrible.

  179. therenzination says:

    Everyone is based to an opinion. Trying to make a big deal out of saying that one band is good and another isn’t, is just stupid. It’s like if, I’m walking the streets with a pentagram on my neck and a religious man starts to preach his word of God. You can’t enforce your opinions on other people. I mean, if I say your hair sucks because it’s not like mine, is it fair? No, so stop fucking trying to put down artists you don’t like. That’s not what metal is about, and if you’re one of those people, you shouldn’t consider yourself a metal head. The rest of us wouldn’t.

  180. Dave says:


    Yeah thats what Im saying if you dont like it then fine but dont bash on them unless they fucked w/ you but what are the chances? do you agree?

  181. therenzination says:



    -To Everyone Else


    I like all of these bands. If you don’t, fuck off, I don’t care.

  182. Dave says:


    Not bad man,Those some sweet bands METAL UP YOUR ASS! aka SRPL, hey any recomendations on good songs?

  183. Meathead says:

    Alice in Chains
    I could give a shit about the rest.

  184. Dave says:

    Man I like(NOT ALL R METAL) :
    thats pretty mouch it oh n sum 2pac.Haters Blow me.nah ur not worthy to even give me head.

  185. dave is a faggot, still says:

    yeah im listening to fucking nu metal alright, and also:

    ALL THAT REMAINS-repetative
    AS I LAY DYING-gay and repetative
    IRON MAIDEN-fags
    KORN-awful band, amazing to see live (it was free. free show is a free show)
    SYSTEM OF A DOWN-fucking gay
    DRAGON FORCE-worst band ever
    IN FLAMES-gay, used to be good
    311-the mexican guy sucks
    DETH KLOK-yup
    MEGA DETH-awful
    SOME-OZZY-fucking washed up retard
    3 SLAYER SONGS-i can definately agree with this one…
    P.O.D.-hahaha oh my god
    thats pretty mouch it oh n sum 2pac-your a total idiot

  186. pete says:

    man thats the worst list of bands ever, Dave. you suck.

  187. Dave says:

    dave is a fag

    I apolligize to all the others 4 using imature language but this girl wont understand so lets give her an applause 4 fighting Retardism. get real Bitch.Like I said they arent Gay! THERE IS NO PENIS IN THERE MOUTH OR RECTUM!!!
    and if Im an Idiot then idiot is the new smart go fuck your self and good luck in life.If you would have said that In our faces I bet some people would have assisted me on killing you.Dont REPLY KID SERIOUSELY DONT!

  188. Dave says:

    dave is a fag

    I apolligize to all the others 4 using imature language but this girl wont understand so lets give her an applause 4 fighting Retardism. get real Bitch.Like I said they arent Gay! THERE IS NO PENIS IN THERE MOUTH OR RECTUM!!!
    and if Im an Idiot then idiot is the new smart go fuck your self and good luck in life.If you would have said that In our faces I bet some people would have assisted me on killing you.Dont REPLY KID SERIOUSELY DONT!I dont need ur oks,gay,and ur repetative

  189. Dave says:


    Go do something with your live start by getting your ears cleaned,and You suck?
    fucken 5yr old get a wive if it makes swense to wu.psssst I care less of what you say I except good coments not imature insults from now on I wont reply to dumb shit heads like: Dave is a faggot,still
    & pete I sugest watching elmos world and telli tubies so you can learn at your pace…..

  190. therenzination says:


    Try to ignore all of these NON-METAL HEADS. A metal fan doesn’t critisize another metal fan’s opinions. You all fail for trying to impose your beliefs on other people. I’m not gonna waste my time looking at all of those comments from everyone else. You all look like immature assholes who can’t type or use proper grammar for shit.

    Aside from that:

    As a true metal fan, here’s a playlist for you to check out and listen to. I made it myself:

    1. Isak- Baroness
    2. All Bodies- Between the Buried and Me
    3. Get Sick- Throwdown
    4. Nothing Left To Mutilate- Cannibal Corpse
    5. Ov Fire and the Void- Behemoth
    6. The Invaluable Darkness- Dimmu Borgir
    7. Honey & Sulphur- Cradle of Filth
    8. Gin- Cobalt
    9. Black Crow On A Tombstone- Satryicon
    10. Demonized- Shade Empire
    11. Smile Pretty For the Devil- Children of Bodom
    12. Unfurling A Darkened Gospel- Job For A Cowboy
    13. This Is Exile- Whitechapel
    14. Decimate the Weak- Winds Of Plague
    15. Wake Up- Suicide Silence
    16. Electric Funeral- Black Sabbath

    A little bit of everything in that playlist. In my opinion. I don’t care what anyone else thinks.

  191. Dave says:


    Thanks for the list, and you are right they are imature ass holes who cant think anyways
    your a pretty cool person.
    Dave to assholes, Dave to assholes over I recomend pulling your head out of your ass over.

  192. therenzination says:


    For sure, man. Be sure to check out those songs. Here’s my e-mail adress in case you want to keep in touch. (renzination15@yahoo.com)

  193. Dave says:


    Thanks ,I would post my email ad. but my real name would be revealed, do you have a my space or something?

  194. hahahah says:

    looks like you found a boyfriend, dave. have fun being gay. LIMP BIZKIT IS THE BEST METAL BAND EVARZZ

  195. Dave 2 hahaha says:

    uhuh sure we are gay (being sarcastic) Fucken
    Psycho, and it is ever not evarz it is pronounced [Eh-v-eR] so go to your cell B4 the guard catches you with the phone and I guess you love dropping that soap huh.Read a book or something turn off the Psp,Ps3,laptop,pc or cell phone and read how to grow into an adault then come back and we can talk like adaults.Sheeesh and Im the 16yr old………

  196. Dave says:

    Take this life-in flames
    Angel of death,raining blood,& season of the abyss-Slayer
    Cowboys from hell-Pantera
    This is my goodbye- KsE
    Two wees-ATR
    Bloodrocuted-Deth Klok
    Smells like teen spirit-Nirvana
    dog faced gods-Testament
    the trooper-Iron maiden
    The warmth-incubus
    did my time-Korn
    Panic attack-Dream Theater
    through the fire and flames-dragon force
    disposable teens-M.manson
    Violent pornogrophy-System of a down
    papercut-linkin park.

  197. hahahah says:

    dave-I have no idea what you said earlier. You try to correct me on my spelling, yet you cant even spell “before”, do not use spaces between comas…you spelled adults wrong twice. I think you are an inbred hick trying to be something so you dont feel bad about your dad and his friends gang banging you every night. The two or 3 good songs on your playlist(i dont even know why you wrote it out anyways) don’t make up for the cock sucking faggotry. Also, i have two jobs and play in several bands, i dont own a ps3, and I only even come back and respond when i see your gay name. hows your boyfriend, anyway? are you guys making out and listening to linkin park and not knowing how to spell worth a fuck together? go suck a cock you soap dropping queer bait

  198. dude says:

    I forgot
    and B.Sabath

  199. huh? says:

    is this alex martinez from carolina? as in iznardo martinez son?

  200. fuckoff says:


  201. huh? says:

    Blow me Puto!!!

  202. \m/(+[__]÷)\m/ says:


  203. \m/(+.[__]÷)\m/ says:

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  204. Dix 4 yuh says:

    -psp fake guy
    Chupa juevos puta!

  205. Nuggz says:

    Fuck you haters especialy Dave is a faggot aka hahah aka dave is a retard Fuck whatever his name is he only pics on people because he has no life he swallos 12 gallons of nutt a day! wl- fuck You! Faggot dick loving bitch! and that goes for the racist faggots! KsE rules
    RIP The REV \m/(-.-)\m/

  206. sirshredzalot says:

    kkk all the way

  207. \m/(+.[__]÷)\m/ says:

    what a homo KKK is gay n old is it

    Krazy Kox luvin Krew?