New KoRn Song, “My Time”, Leaked

A fashionably “old school” KORN demo track has hit the net. It’s been titled “My Time” and Epic are all over YouTube removing leaked copies, so lets hope the below video still works:

An instrumental demo off KORN‘s 9th yet to be titled studio album, due out in early 2010, can also be found below:

Catch KORN headlining the 2010 Rockstar Mayhem Energy Tour this summer.


  1. Ant says:

    Song is sweet. I do not understand why Epic would have any say with this song leaking to the net. They are no longer with Immortal (Epic) and the song was not recorded on their dime so I’m not sure if that’s accurate.

  2. JHMDF says:

    Its The Firm that wants it removed, the bands management. The second song is a simple demo that Jonathan worked on while on his buss out on tour, so its not truly a demo from the new album.

  3. 57sop says:

    yeah that didnt suck

  4. Anonymous says:

    They already have a song “I did My Time” so now they made “My Time”

  5. JHMDF says:

    It could just be the working title… it might even be a B-side.

  6. WKYA says:

    I just sat down today and “Did My Time” giving a serious listen to Winds of Plague.

    Man they really suck. Fuck Winds of Plague. new Korn is ok though.

  7. dur says:

    this is a pre-production demo that someone in the band did on a computer. Bands do this shit a lot on the road or at home to come up with ideas for songs. by the time this is finished and on a cd its going to sound a hell of a lot different and is pretty likely to have a different title.

  8. Danny says:

    I think I have the lyrics down around 90-95% for sure.

    I know what you’re saying
    I know that you’re saying
    I know everything in this world surrounds me
    I feel your pain in me
    I feel your screaming
    I feel I can’t go nowhere in this world without leaving

    My Mind plays tricks on me
    I can’t control it you see
    I feel it beating down, the pain around me
    My mind plays tricks on me
    Its unbelievable to see
    Im always testing the shit around me

    Let me tell you something
    THis shit is beating
    it wont leave me alone
    my disease, I’m messing up
    you think you feel me
    you think you know me
    because I’m the hell in your head

    My Mind plays tricks on me
    I can’t control it you see
    I feel it beating down, the pain around me
    My mind plays tricks on me
    Its unbelievable you see
    Im always testing the shit around me

    are you ready to leave
    are you ready to die
    all I do is give
    am I wasting my time?
    I am ready to leave
    I am ready to die
    All I do is give
    Am I wasting my time?
    Yes Im ready to leave…(NO)
    Yes Im ready to die…(NO)
    all I do is give…(ughhh)
    Am I wasting my time..(No I’m Not) x3
    Am I Wasting my Time? (NO….IM….NOT!!)

    My Mind plays tricks on me
    I can’t control it you see
    I feel it beating down, the pain around me
    My mind plays tricks on me
    Its unbelievable you see
    Im always testing the shit around me

    are you ready to leave
    are you ready to die
    all I do is give
    am I wasting my time?

    All I do is give.

  9. Ajay says:

    Awesome! Clearly, working with Ross Robinson again is what Korn needed. I’ve loved them for years, but, some of the later albums were disappointing. I love the music in this leaked song, the intro hints at Blind, and the vocals are a mix of Jon’s old and new style. Can’t wait for the new album to drop.

  10. 57sop says:

    “They already have a song “I did My Time” so now they made “My Time” ” are you fucking retarded?

  11. Anonymous says:

    thats old school korn like all the albums long time fan waiting long time for them do this sounds like freak on the lash album that one best and frist 2nd album david on top form cant wait album come out stone souer new album comeing out in summer think korns will come out early spring depens if ther get done ther sound like old korn back in early days even with out brian and daivd drummer ther still sound like korn and allways different like make what ther want .I like that cant stand pop bands club music told what write with havey rock and meatle most bands write what ther want and fans to my time will be the new single wounder what the vidoe look like korn back

  12. Anonymous says:

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  13. dur says:

    that guy right there ^ thats why I don’t like korn.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I am looking forward of see Korn at mayhem.

  15. Munky says:

    I love this, I hope all their 2010 songs have as much emotion as this one did…. KoRn FOR LIFE!!!

  16. Travis says:

    Yeah i hope it goes well for the guys after all they went through. Props to Ross and his effort. Don’t you feel guilty knowing you going behind the band and doing something they wouldn’t want? would that make you a fan? I personally feel guilty even watching it.

    K 4 L

  17. Metal4Africa says:

    Well well well.. just as I stumble across this site, the videos have been removed.. KoRn helped many scholars indirectly way back when.. with those anti-jock, no bull lyrics. This is and always will be my no.1 band

  18. Metal4Africa says:

    One thing that gets me though.. KoRn has a huge fanbase here in South Africa but they only performed here once. Hmmm either I should wait till they tour in SA again or take the next plane to wherever they’re playing

  19. Kerrampo says:

    Wasn’t this demo leaked by Ross Robinson himself? I read on another source that he posted the link on Twitter.

  20. Anonymous says:

    cant wait for new album my time sounds like old school korn like all of the albums but still like frist 3 they best ones korn last album was ok like some songs on ther not best one joey was realy good in korn surprise me how good he was all member from slipknot great music tanlted wait for they next album clown said take break this year 2010 stone sour new album comeing out in summer hopefuly cory will get back with slipknot next year wounder what will joey do proble be new muder dolles album clown new little dirty rabbite album rest of the dont know looking forword korns new album hope they gone back to they old school ways now .

  21. Metal4Africa says:

    Wow.. Alrighty then..! Dont want to offend but uhm.. maybe you should try spellcheck there, hey buddy? . . Yet, I agree with some of the parts- those I understand. lol

  22. Ghost_of_Oden says:

    What??? Their fan base never grew up?

  23. gowl says:

    wow i cant believe what im hearing, the only album that has dissapointed me ALOT was see you on the other side, but these two songs sound AMAZING!!!!! omg! i thought that after head and david leaving korn was going to be different forever, but these two leaks sound so great, I love them, i cant wait for the Cd to come out,
    wow, this is really awesome

  24. kolitch says:

    Im a diehard fan of KoRn this new stuff sounds like the older stuff, witch is good, i saw it on youtube it had pics tied into it. One was a siluet of a person holding thier hand out with korn on it but the pick is from the cover of a great book caled unwind. I dont know if any of you have read it but its about a what if. if abortion was ileagal and insead they would have kid unwould between the ages of 13 to 18, and would take them apart to have 97% of there body to be used for transplants. First if the parent didnt want thier child, they would file the unwind papers and the child would become the governments property and taken to a harvist camp, to be taken apart. the book is very contraversial, but all in all great, i wonder if that was the insaration for the song, i can see it but thats cus i read the book, i heard the sang and found this site.

  25. Devildriver says:

    Verrrrrrrry impressive! And this is just the demo. wow

    Hey Metal4Africa, I was interested to see if there really are metal bands in Africa and I SO did, at… South Africa anyways. Some of those bands sounds pretty hectic dude!! I couldnt believe you guys have Death, Power and Thrash metal bands!

    Everybody talks about Mind Assault and how epic they are but I cant get my hands on them… let me know if you can help? And send it through msn, or skype me?

  26. Diego says:

    great korn reborn yeeeeeeeaaaahhhh

  27. chris says:

    hands down korn is simply the best band ever. korn is the onlyuband that can make you emotional and want to rock the fuck out at the same time powerful stuff.

  28. Jacked says:

    Dope song. I’m really anxious for their CD to come out!!!!!

  29. KoRn..... says:

    KoRn!! der Besser Gruppe vor ” Nu Metal” von alle Geschichte….xD KoRn LEbE FÜR immer!! das ist eine gut Lied…..!!!!!

  30. chris says:

    has anybody heard the new song oildale…its pretty damn good..god there new cd is gonna kick ass

  31. Anonymous says:

    same old, same old. I thought they were going back to the “early days”?
    somehow that must just mean “the same as the last couple of offerings”
    Korn and Life is Peachy rock, no doubt. Then it’s all purile samey overproduced annoyance.

  32. Anonymous says:

    it doesn’t sound like old korn at all
    but it’s good