Kristen Randall Departs Winds of Plague

Kristen Randall, keyboardist for WINDS OF PLAGUE, has left the band.

“I have decided to leave my current position as keyboardist with Winds of Plague and I?d like to personally thank each member of the band, as well as all of our fans. These experiences we shared have been such a huge part of my life the past couple years and I will cherish that forever.  I wish the band the best of luck in their future endeavors.  As for myself, music is my deepest passion and I look forward to working with musicians who have the same work ethic and honorable disposition.?

Upcoming events featuring Kristen Randall is TLC?s Hit cutting edge Tattoo documentary show; LA Ink with Kat Von D and will be aired in February 2010. Kristen Randall is also featured on the upcoming cover of Rebel Ink as well as an extensive spread in the Dec/Jan issue of Inked Magazine. The issue hits streets on December 15th.

Some of you might remember Kristin from a topless photo of her that leaked some time ago which you can see here.



  1. douchecide says:

    fuck century media

  2. Anonymous says:

    Good for you, join a real band. Or start one!!!

    Winds of Plauge was one of the worst bands I have seen live. Hopefully they never join a tour im going to again!!!

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Winds of suck says:

    Winds of plague is so bad. On a side note, its not like seeing her bewbies is that amazing. She doesnt have much goin on there.

  5. Chris D says:

    i havent seen them live and theyre singer might be a bit on the Tool side…however, they are just so brutal that apparently so people cant handle it..