Mastodon, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Slash to Feature on Metalocalypse

In a recent interview with Metalocalypse creator / DETHKLOK frontman Brendon Small in which MetalSucks readers submitted questions to be asked, Small revealed that members of MASTODON, STEVE VAI, JOE SATRIANI and SLASH will all have speaking/voiceover rolls in the upcoming season of Metalocalypse:

Can we expect to see more voice work from the members of the metal community in the new season, perhaps your tourmates in Mastodon?

That?s funny that you mentioned that, [because] we just recorded Mastodon in the upcoming episode and they were? we were blown away. We get a lot of people and we?re always surprised that they have this kind of other talent or can do voiceover stuff. Mastodon surprised us more than anybody else ? they were really funny. Just hanging out with those guys on this tour has been really fun. They have a very good sense of humor. A lot of people in rock and roll, metal and all that stuff spend all their time on the bus just watching comedy and Monty Python and stuff like that. We have Mastodon coming. We have members of In Flames coming this season. I have some of my guitar heroes playing parts on this season, doing voiceovers, like Satriani, Vai, and Slash. I?m a guitar nerd so I had to reach out to those guys to see if I can get them on the show. They were great too.

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  1. Really cool. Not even surprised that Mastodon are funny dudes.

    I don’t understand why some metalheads hate Dethklok/Metalocalypse. Everyone would probably get along fine with Brendan Small if they hung out at a show, heh.