Brokencyde Kicked Off Warped Tour? Nay!

BROKENCYDE have released a statement addressing the rumors that they were kicked off the remaining dates of this year?s Warped Tour. The band is currently in the UK and will return back to US soil in time to kick of their Crunk Kids Tour in October.

“So here I am sitting in Amsterdam and as per usual, people have nothing better to do than spread rumors about Brokencyde. The current rumor is that we got kicked off Warped Tour, which is so far removed from the truth,” says Mikl from Brokencyde.

“We had some UK dates and festivals, which conflicted with the last few dates of Warped Tour so couldn’t play them. Anyone who pays any attention to our MySpace would have seen the tour dates and flyer for these UK shows and would have noticed we weren’t playing the last few Warped shows. Brokencyde didn’t get kicked off the tour or scared by anyone, even those bands who gave us shout-outs during their set every day (Thank you Gallows and Alexisonfire). We want to thank Kevin Lyman for allowing us to be a part of his travelling summer circus this year, as it was an amazing experience and we only hope to be invited back next year. Thanks to the Crunk Kids who came out to show their support every day and we will be back on tour shortly so keep checking our MySpace for dates and cities.?

They might just be the most loved and hated band in America, but Albuquerque, NM based BROKENCYDE silenced critics by debuting at #87 on the Billboard Top 200 with their new album I?m Not A Fan But The Kids Like It. The band toured all summer long as a part of this year?s Warped Tour and are set to embark on a headlining tour in October.


  1. Anonymous says:

    fuck this band

  2. Anonymous says:

    Fuck you SMN

  3. Anonymous says:

    Seriously the worst band ever. I never knew of a band who deserved such a beating

  4. Anonymous says:

    yeah theyre bad…so bad

  5. Anonymous says:

    Silenced critics? Not too sure about that one.

  6. Brando says:

    SMNnews is really pathetic these days.

  7. builtforsin says:

    FUCK SMN for this news. FUCK Brokencyde. Faggot music for faggots.

  8. Tyler Will says:

    Broken cyde is Kick Ass ! fuck all you faggots that diss this Music go fucking listen to the jonas brothers fucking nine year old fagoots

  9. elana says:

    this is so utterly ridiculous

  10. marina says:

    i agree with tyler will. fuck the haters, go listen to your jonas brothers disney channel shit faggots.

  11. tyler will says:

    thank you marina 🙂

  12. vee says:

    Aww how CUTE! Somebody got off the school bus early today! Mommy let you have some internet free time?
    Sorry to burst you guys’ bubble, but Brokencyde sucks. Not just to 9 year olds, but also to…oh just about every other adult with ears on this good green earth.
    Get back to us on what real good music is when you grow pubic hair and stop using “faggot” as an insult.

  13. Alex says:

    hey haters!!! you can take all your fucking pathetic, pointless BULLSHIT insults and shove it up your ass! Brokencyde is one KIK ASS BAND. say wat you want, DO wat you want, but face the truth bitches! you will NEVER get rid of them, so take you judgemental FAGGOT faces and go watch hannah montanna….OH WAIT, shes a whore too! yet you people aprove of her cuz shes on the family channel LMFAO.shows how intelengant you haters are. if you people dont like, them, dont listen to them. if you dont want your kids listening to them….Good luck 😉 Brokencyde is an amazing band, no matter what you say. Go tyler and marina!!

    • fuckyou says:

      bro chill the fuck out if someone dont like them then they have rights to say what the fuck they want 🙂 k thanks bye

  14. Ghost_of_Oden says:

    It’s humorous a Brokencyde fan calls some one else a faggot. Hey, I think it’s humorous Brokencyde has any fans period. Calling them a “band” is an insult to every real band out there. What do you idiots think? That since we think this is a beyond terrible band that we must like kiddy things like Hannah Montana or Jonas Brothers? It’s too obvious you are just kids with no knowledge on music. Is this your way of rebellion? It’s still pretty enough to look like all the emo bullshit but they add rap and techno or whatever whicj makes them all rebellious. Brokencyde will die… when it’s current fan base gets a few years older. Who knows maybe the next batch of trendy 13 year old girls will love them too? Also, I love it when some one tries to insult the intelligence of others and spells it “intelengant”. Now excuse me while I listen to some Agalloch.

    • Raven says:

      Hahah Oh man , you just wasted that kid’s entire future , now he will have mental issues for the rest of his life, was really funny reading his comment and then I read your follow up comment, and just KNEW that ”intelegent ” thing is going to come back to haunt him, AGALLOCH !!! and just adding that you are about to go listen to them makes the climax of that great insult 😀 epic man

  15. alex says:

    oh yes definatly, kids are rebellious because of emo music that all the parents just hate right? no, kids are rebellious because parents give us reason to be. YEAH your right about one thing, i am a kid,but i aint 13 bitch. Just because it is not YOUR style of music, doesnt mean its not music, its obvious that you have no knowledge on this kind of music, Fans will be fans. so really. So go fucking knit something already grandma and leave us KIDS to be kids. if you have a problem with the music of the 21st century, then all i can say, is boo hoo. Cry me a fucking river. and you wonder why we are rebellious? people like you dissing our lifestyle, our generation, Brokencyde is part of it. The music is fun, its exciting, and if the lyrics happen to be a mit more descriptive, meh. get over it and just listen to the beat.have a nice day Grandma. peace out fucker

    • hayden says:

      brokencyde is a good band and so is hollywood undead i like other bands to but HU and brokencyde are the bands i listen to alot my family hates them but like they say its better than some of that music that some people listen to BTW brokencyde will never die i know alot of people who like brokencyde and other bands that i listen to if u hate brokencyde then dont listen to the music that easy and all u haterz out in this world grow the F*ck up everyone likes different music but we dont go around saying stuff about them now do we NO WE DONT so u need to learn to stfu im not one of the haterz that goes around hating on the other music like some people do but what yall say about brokencyde is uncalled for and so do other people think that and if you are 14 and up and hating on brokencyde and talking Sh*t then you act like my two year old brother GROW THE FUCK UP

      • hayden says:

        im with tyler and alex on this one and the other brokencyde fans out in this world they have alot of fans but then again the haterz come to the show to WHAT ARE THE HATERZ RETARDS OR SOMETHING IF YOU DONT LIKE THE MUSIC DONT COMMENT OR LISTEN TO IT AND DONT GO TO THE CONCERTS

    • Raven says:

      Hahahaha .. this is hillarious to see you make such a weak comeback, was that it? calling him grandpa? ROFL Kid instead of rebelling in the name of music,rather Listen and apreciate talent of music, do not get sucked in and follow the herd,go and listen to that band one more time but focus on the music of it and really decide if that is the kind of nonsense kiddies-music you want to listen to, Ghost_of_oden named a great band that would only do you good to go check out,aint you in the slightest bit curious ? I know I always trive to find the best of music even when it is comming from someone I do not really like all that much.

  16. Grindcore bands dont say "Bree Bree" says:

    LoL @ Brokencyde being part of your “lifestyle”

    Your “lifestyle” is being a teenager. When you are in your twenties you will most likely look back and feel a little embarrassed for defending vapid, misogynistic culture vultures like Brokencyde.

    Seriously though, keep on rebelling against people a few years older than you who don’t like emo/fashioncore/hiphop. We really are the great oppressors aren’t we? We put so much effort into crushing your “culture” of oversized sunglasses and swooped haircuts! Keep fighting the good fight kiddo! “Viva la revolucion”!

  17. shodan says:

    November 25, 2009 at 8:43 am:
    It’s like you took every cliche about what the “young feel about those older than them” and shoehorned it into one badly written post. Offensiveness doesn’t make them bad. Some of my favorite music is offensive to some. What makes them bad is their complete lack of musical talent and the fact that they could not have been any more manufactured if they all had MTV tattoos. Manufactured rebellion is not rebellion. It’s commerce.

  18. Mia says:

    …. This band is the worst band i have ever listen to.
    I’m a 15 year old black girl… and i HATE rap/Hiphop/and even “GrindCore”…
    but the said thing is… i would get into a fight over someone about if this is music or not…
    id rather have you people listen to paramore(there prettyy damn good) than this crappy shit.
    I have listened to every single song by them… and there all horrible.
    i sound better screaming and moaning in a microphone than they do.
    if you fucking faggot ass SCENE kids call this music…..go kill yer self and shower yerself with cupcakes and rainbows.
    I almost cried when this band was in Revolver mag…
    As much as i hate this type of music id rather see hollywood undead in that spot.
    …. if u cunts think yer sooo “hardcore”.. try listening to something that has more musical sense weaved into it. like Dream Theater.. or hell EVEN Disturbed.
    it is fucking sad that this lame ass shit is apart of our culture… i am asshamed of living among many of u scene faggots… and yer horrible girly whineing.. or piggy sqeiling .. and hell even yer annoying gayy ass “hardcore” break downs….
    I am someone who listens to something ffarrrrr from this lame “hardcore” crap… so don assume i listen to Joans brothers who actually have more talent than these shitfaced faggots.

    sooo… if u wanna fuss with me… MSN ME

  19. Ghost_of_Oden says:

    ^ Girl knows whats up with Brokencyde

  20. Raenisha WiLLIAMS says:

    umm all the bad words .. ok some people dont like them and some do . idk why you guys are arguing about it .. Ok me i am a 18 year old black girl that live in philly (the worst city) ..if you look at me you would that i knew nothing about them. I <3 Brokencyde. I have all their song on my ipod. But that dont mean im hardcore or rebelling. i like every kind of music you can think of country, hip hop, soft rock and so on but rap . And it is not because of my age. Just cuz i listen to broken cyde dont mean im wearing all black and doing crazy crap.. Shoot im Prom Queen at my school, have lots of friends. and I respect adults . I like them because they are original. I dont like rap but I do listen to them. Like yall said its the 21st century new stuff do pop up . If yall dont like it then dont listen to them.. I love broken cyde. and i hope they are on the 2010 warped tour.. Like some of yall said you guys hate that type of music.. why put down other people that do. same thing go with hip hop and rap .. you dont see me saying jay z ass cuz i dont like rap..

    now just think about that .

  21. WHUTthefuckkk says:

    if you hate them then FUCKK OFFF!
    seriously people, yer all gayy as shit.
    if you dont like or support them,
    then go awayyyy, ..brokeNCYDE is the business ,
    fuck all you haters that breathee..
    and to “mia”
    how does tht make you feel ? [:
    paramore is sooo fuckin lameeee…
    so why dont you go to a paramore site and talk about haileyy
    and how fucked up her teeth are 😀
    suck it bitch [:


    These people aren’t nine-year-old faggots. They’re thirty-year-old PRICKS! Seriously, Brokencyde is bomb and whoever can’t see that just don’t know music these days. They kick ass and are totally awesome. Parents don’t allow their kids or teenagers listening to Brokencyde but they let them listen to rappers that all they talk about is getting laid, getting high, and getting pussy? That’s JUST as worse as these guys. Just because Brokencyde is screamo parents go all apeshit about it. But nooo, they don’t give a damn when all these rappers are talking about is sex, sex, weed, money, and sex. If you can’t hear the pure greatness of Brokencyde, get your hearing aid checked, grandma.

    P.S. Like whutthefuckkk said, SUCK IT MIA!

  23. Bones says:

    ……I love brokencyde….

    But I see no reason to post this…er…article?
    …Its kinda…pointless….

    Though, I see no reason to make fun of any other bands…seriously.

  24. da sex says:

    hatas can suck it I LOVE BC13!!!!ps ther scene not emo motha fuckas

  25. Ghost_of_Oden says:

    ^ lol. So many people are just so unworthy of life.

  26. VoiceOfReason says:

    You can tell see a correlation between people’s musical tastes and their general intelligence in this thread.

    Typical Brokencyde fan: “OMFGZZ FUKK U FAGGOT <3 BROKENCYDEEE"
    Typical intelligent person: "Uh…Brokencyde has absolutely no redeeming musical qualities whatsoever; they also promote a shallow, chauvinistic message."

    It's funny that many Brokencyde fans are moronic 16-year-old girls who have no idea that Brokencyde's lyrical content is encouraging them to become sluts. But yeah, you go girls! I'm sure your good life in the suburbs with loving parents is soooooo difficult, right?

    Open question: Can anyone, absolutely anyone, provide reasons as to why Brokencyde is a good band? Anyone? I'm waiting.

  27. Pissed off says:

    Kay? Seriously? It doesnt matter WHAT age you are. It just so happens that more teens, like myself happen to like this music. If you don’t like Brokencyde… then here’s a fucking solution? DONT listen to it? DONT bother yourself with it? Like what makes you an better by NOT liking them..? So it screams? So fucking what? Honestly, WHY are you bothering yourself with this if you hate them so much. Their music is entertaining to those who like it, so why bother it by insulting the music? OH and about that whole SCENE comment, listen you sterotipical asshole, I’m no scene kid, but i LOVE brokencyde. I find it fun to listen to. Like people, if you dont like, then…. i donno what to tell yea? Get over it maybe? And find something better to do then to diss them, like maybe going to listen to music YOU like? Whether it be the lyrics, or the style of MUSIC, doesnt matter, if you dont like it, then dont pay attention to it? How simpler can it get?

    And i think brokencyde is a good band because they are entertaining to those who like that music. Isn’t that what music is about? Fun and entertainment? To those who dont like them, they will disagree, but people who do, will agree. There is no right or wrong answer, just your own opinion.

    So… move on people.

  28. waverly says:

    Broekncyde is awesome
    okay so maybe you don;t like it because you find it offensive or something.
    but if you don’t like it , then don’t listen to it .
    I won’t critizee if you listen to like miley cyrus or taylor swift.
    but leave brokencyde alone, they are more famous and are probaly richer then you .
    so stfu k thanks 🙂 .
    BC13 forever. ! <3333

  29. Ghost_of_Oden says:

    Do these fucking idiots even know they are coming to a metal news site? Lol at these scenester fangirls. Just wait until you get a little older and you’ll be embarrassed you ever liked these hand-jobs

  30. Anon says:

    Brokencyde is possibly the worst band on the face of the planet, mainly promoting themselves to thirteen to sixteen year old girls with absolutely no taste in music. It’s just…awful. I hope that anyone who has ever liked this band, or still likes this band, is embarrassed to say so. All you little scene faggots can sit on a rusty nail and twist, because your opinions on music (or anything at all, for that matter) are opinions no one cares about. So shut the hell up.

  31. Anonymous says:

    bunch of cock sucking teeny bopper nigger shit. only a bunch of stupid niggers would listen to this fucking garbage.

  32. Andale says:

    @Alex --> FAIL!! If you are going to cast arias of revilement, the least you could do is ensure proper orthography.

  33. anonymous 2 says:

    shutup cunt

  34. Jesus C. says:

    Some (if not all) Fan kiddies use the same comeback, “If you don’t like them then don’t listen to them!”. Why the fuck are any of you on this METAL fan site?! Brockencyde is not an ounce metal, if you don’t like this forum… FUCK OFF! Go listen to such wonderful remedies like: “Get Crunk”, “Sex Toyz” and even “Bree Bree”. Have a shitty life and go fuck your mom, PACE.

  35. pissed off says:

    Wow -_-” …..
    Really guys? REALLY? Did no one even read mine -_-
    To the comments above between this and my last post that support BC13, I like them alot as well, huge fan, BUT what you said is not the way to defend them… Read your post, and tell me that’s not just a little immature. Like sure.. on the inside Im screaming GO FUCKIN BC13!!! MOTHA FUCKAAAA. But am I saying it? NO. You know why? Cause it’s not helping to defend them any.. its just adding to the immature that all THESE PATHETIC HATERS are saying. LIKE?! I sware Im 16 and I have more matturity then half the people on this board. Especially towards the SUPOSIDE adults whom are on here telling us how embarassed we should be about liking our music? Sorry my brain is built to like them..? Like umm are we supose to apologize.. what do you want from us?
    By bitching and complaining.. what are you asking for? For all the fans to just stop? Mkay I will when you stop being a fan of music you like. Like is all this really needed?

    I love this band, so do alot of others. Why? Well why is the sky blue? Why is an apple red? Cause it just fucking is. Like WHAT point are you trying to make? Yea yea yea we get it you dont like them ahhh we should crawl into a whole and cry omg I dont believe I liked them blah blah blah OMFG SHUT UP. This is dumb.. don’t any of you have better things to do with your time then crisitize a teen favoured band? Like honestly?

    Alright, as my final comment. Im going to compensate with the matturity levels here by saying something completely immature…To Anon, Ghost_of_Oden, Anonymous, and Jesus C… SUCK MY SHAFT. LIKE GET A LIFE AND PISS OFF.

    God that felt good…

  36. Anonymous says:

    dude above me, youare still a fucking faggot cocksucker and i wish you would dye with brokencyde (who i will now refer to as faggotcuntdicksucker)

  37. CrunkKidddd says:

    BrokeNCYDE is an ah-mazing band. sure there music isnt appropriate but hell! thats the beauty of it! and besides you cant even turn on a radio anymore without hearing some song about sex or sum shit. BC13 is just more open about it becuz they dont give a fuck and thats another reason people like me love them so much. sure sure. you haters can call evey single one of us “emo fags” or “tasteless fucks” well you can take all your wonderful compliments and shove them straight up you hating bitching and griping assholes becuase no one wants to hear your shit(: im listening to BC13 right now(Bluesteel to be exact) and i know every single fucking word. do i have a life? yes as a matter fact i do and it just so happens to include my favourite band in world just like everyone else sticking up for them. so if you dont like them, take my advise and dont listen to them,and defninately dont come around hatin’ becuz thats just going to piss real fans off.

  38. Pissed Off says:

    Crunkkid, I love you.

    Anonymous, I’m a girl asswipe. Sorry if the “Suck my shaft” led you to believe otherwise, but was mainly my way of telling you that hating here is pointless, so do something productice and get on your knees, like a good little bitch 🙂

    I would love to sit here and pick apart the grammar and spelling errors in your post, but I think I’ll go watch a movie instead.

  39. Anonymous says:

    guess we’ll all have to accept the fact that there are stupid cocksuckers who actually listen to this garbage. How your brain could be so retarded to actually enjoy this, I dont know, and quite frankly it amazes me.

  40. Pissed Off says:

    …. Was that an atempt to sound intelligent?

    Yes, I’m so fucking retarded because I like music that you don’t. OH and I suck cock apparently -- Meh.

    Hunny, get out of the house, and get a life, or atleast get laid.

    Either way, you’ve lost this.

  41. ES-335 says:

    I don’t hate BrokeNCYDE because they are offensive… I hate them because they have no depth to their music. The lyrics are shallow and hold nothing past face value. Their songs hold no melody or resonance… It is like they took a whole bunch of different parts and threw them together with some lyrics… No sense of arrangement AT ALL.

  42. Pissed Off says:

    Have you listen to all of their songs? Have you sat their and paid attention to the lyrics? Have you watched their interviews? I’ll guess no. Listen, yes, some of their songs are purely about fuckin’ deh hoes and getting drunk, but.. What isn’t today? BrokenCyde just chooses not to give a shit about the limitations. You know what I get out of the songs that “have no depth”? I dance, and have listening to the entertaining music. If it’s not your bag, get another, but saying that the music has “No sense of arrangment AT ALL” is a bit broad for just hearing maybe two, three of their songs that you’ve heard -- My guess. They’re a group of guys, doing what makes them happy.

    Ignore the lyrics for a moment, if that’s what bothering you so damn much, and just dance to the goddamn song. Not all of them are like what you’re describing, so try exploring all their music before you make a bias opinion on them.

    -- That’s all I’m saying for now, because it’s 1 in the morning and I’m fucking tired.

    P.S. Charlie Scene is sexy.

  43. whatsup says:

    did you know that brokencyde had 12 year old girls in their bus? yeah. they fucked them. ewe. i used to like them…about 2 years ago but then i grew up….and discovered they love fucking little girls.

  44. Brokencyde sucks says:

    Fuck brokencydes faggot crunk shit they should kill themselves!

  45. Anonymous says:

    “crunk kids” are worse than juggalos

  46. pissed off says:

    whatsup -- I want you to elaborate on what you just said.

    As in, I want the article link, or the story link, or whatever.

    Back your shit up, or at least have the balls to, or get the fuck off this board.

  47. what the hell... says:

    how can any one like brokencyde? its noice, not music. theres a huge difference

  48. Pissed off says:

    ‘what the hell…’ , I have a new flash for you. There are thousands of reasons that people like Brokencyde, for the same reason that you like your music. The main reason? Because we bloody well do. It is music, and your OPINION doesn’t make it otherwise.

    ‘whatsup’ never did reply to my request. Ha, I always do love to call out liars, and win.

  49. @pissed off

    you’re a fucking pussy. get the fuck over it. cunt.

  50. pissed off says:

    Lol.. People like you make me smile, Jim. You know why? Because it confirms my belief that someone can be that pathetic. I’m a pussy, eh? Not just a pussy though, a cunt as well! It’s funny you should pick those words, because they’re two things you’ll never see outside a computer screen.

  51. Jon says:

    I think the reason that Brokencyde upset older people, musicians, music lovers, makes deaf people cry etc is a little more complex than anyone has so far given it credit for.
    Sorry for the dig early on, I will attempt to be balanced.
    This comment comes from a position of deep concern for the future of humanity, for our ability to self determine, for our culture, for our collective soul.
    Now teenagers always have and always will listen to music that older generations despise and coin new youth subcultures, rebel in general.
    From Elvis Presley to Slipknot bands and artists have almost always been at the forefront of such rebellion, giving inarticulate young people a voice.
    And in the past these teen rebellions have always concerned wider issues, Chuck Berry and Elvis Presley signalled a great change, young people formed their own identity and became outspoken, leading to the hippy movement.
    The hippy movement of course had a social and political conscience.
    Skip forward 20 or so years and you have punk, again it was politically aware, and angry for a reason. Thatcher was ruining england and young people were pissed off for a variety of genuine reasons. Punk had something to say, they all did.
    I’m 25, and I’m ashamed to admit that I think it started with my generation, redeeming us is the fact that as members of an alternative youth subculture we hated the mainstream, we felt patronized by it. It wasn’t for us, we rejected it. Rejection of mainstream culture is deeply healthy for culture at large I feel, if it wasn’t for that rejection there would be no new ideas. See, in the capitalist west (and most of the world now, sadly) consumerism is everything, it’s how we define ourselves and our environment.This means that what I call Image (the mouth of consumer culture) seeks to consume everything in order to commodify it.Even abstract concepts have become commodified now such as ‘cool’ and ‘love’, both attainable by purchasing the correct product. This means that the machine will take the easiest route to its next payday, thus everything is recycled, it’s much cheaper and faster to create the latest buzz out of existing parts, and requires no real inspiration.
    All of this means we now have a youth culture with absolutely no values at all, and a world where bands can put the absolute minimum effort and time into their work and become succesfull. This culture is based almost entirely on image, these days it can be hard to tell whether you’re looking at a fashion shoot or a promo shoot for a band. It is superficial and nihilistic in the extreme. The lyrics aren’t shocking, nobody cares about the swearing, sorry to dissapoint you all, it’s just that they’re empty.What you are doing is not rebellion, it’s stagnation. I’ve heard several people here talk about music being “for fun and entertainment”, “why can you just enjoy brokencyde” they say, well whilst music certainly should be enjoyed I’m afraid I’ve got news for you.
    Music is not ‘about’ fun and entertainment.
    Music is about death, love, the human experience, rebellion, social change and unrest, it’s about being involved with life, it’s recognizing that the intense feelings a music lover gets from his/her favourite album are something transcendent.
    If the ultimate nature of reality can be transcribed by number, and therefore is number, I would posit that the ultimate nature of number is rhythm.
    Draw your own conclusions, but this for me is why music is forever interwoven with something greater than us, and has been the voice of so many oppressed masses throughout history.
    Music created out of love and passion, out of lifelong yearning,out of hardship and determination can instill a sense of rebellion, can instill pride, empowerment, a sense of community, can instill the kind of spirit that drives a people to stand up and say “No more”.
    From black pride to Tahrir square to the occupy movement.And it can make your individual experience of life much richer.
    I’m afraid that if this dead culture is what modern teenagers are embracing, allowing to be sold to them, then we will always be repressed, always be sold to, always be presented with pre-selected puppets to vote for, that eventually we will become less than human, we will lose all the beauty and wonder that some people fight to defend, and we won’t care, we won’t even realise it’s happened.
    So there we go, the most damming evidence is that none of you made it this far, your attention wandered, another symptom of your null and void culture, or scene or whatever you fucking call it. You’re all intellectual midgets with dead eyes.
    Though I’m sure you don’t care.
    Here, medicine:
    A singer who never used her tits to get ahead, creating something timeless with her own experience and suffering:
    And a modern band who put some effort in:

  52. Jon says:

    Just a quick note:I’m not saying that Chuck Berry and Presley started the hippy movement, that’d be daft!
    Just that there was no youth culture before rock n roll was invented, and without THAT the hippies would never have existed.

  53. Raven says:

    All that is Left to say on this threat is.. Rotting Christ -- Enuma Elish , over 20 years of musical experience and talent. Listen to your fav brokencyde song, then listen to that song. Children and young people have never been able to truely make music.

  54. Bob says:

    BrokeNCYDE have absolutely no musical talent whatsoever. And whoever called them crunkcore is retarded, because yeah, they scream, but it’s weak, and has no elements of hardcore. Im 13, and I hate this crap. Anyone who likes this band has no musical taste. It’s all RAH IMA FUCKIN DEM HOES, RAH IMA GET DRUNK RAAAAAAH!!!! Hell I’d even listen to Design the Skyline over this. And I hate them. It’s just mindless noise. No lyrical depth, music that probably was made by a machine. Oh and by the way “pissed off” you are a liar. Because you say BrokeNCYDE are good. That must be a lie, because I doubt anyone is seriously dumb enough to like them. Now , if you don’t mind, I’ll go listen to Muse now, one of the greatest bands of all time. I am seriously sorry for whaty generation has done to music.

    P.S Who even uses the word pussy? Honestly, I wonder about people these days.

    • hayden says:

      bob yeah i wonder why ppl use that word alot but they just stupid now im a brokencyde fan and i ant gonna go hating on music these days im about to turn 13 and i love this band they have got me into alot of things some of the things was trouble and you aint ever going to see me hating on any kind of music cause i was taught better than that i aint gonna go to ur level or anyone elses and if yall dont like the band why listen to the music and comment on it come on use that brain of yours to think like i am!! but some ppl just cant use their brain

  55. Bob says:

    I am seriously sorry for what my generation has done to music*

  56. pissed off says:

    Lol, Bob, you make me smile. “That must be a lie”, so I’m a liar. Really? Really? THAT’S the best come back you have to defend your point?
    “I doubt anyone is seriously dumb enough to like them.” Well.. I.. Scroll up? Look at the people that do like them. Watch their concerts online, are those thousands of people at their concerts ‘seriously dumb’? The way you phrase things.. Is idiotic. You lack the ability to properly get across your point without sounding like a little shit who’s just shooting his mouth off.
    What makes your opinions a fact? Say you took 20 people, one of which was you. And of that 20 people, you were the only one who liked Muse. Does that make the opinions of the other 19 people in that room WRONG just because you say so?
    Don’t get involved unless you can back it up. All you’re doing is making yourself look like a cocky, arrogant little shit head. So, please, piss off. Come back when your balls drop kid.

  57. Jon says:

    I like muse a lot myself.
    But it’s no suprise, although Bob say’s he’s 13, Brokencyde are of course aimed at younger teens.
    Speaking as a musician, that’s quite a cynical move.
    Anyway I see users such as Pissed off aren’t willing to engage with what I’m saying?
    I’m not about to be drawn into a silly slanging match online, maybe that’s why.
    But some real debate?
    If anyone can defend Brokencyde with a well structured argument I’m more than willing to listen, I’d be amazed actually.
    I’m probably expecting too much.

  58. what the hell... says:

    i just want to know what makes them so special? there are so many musicians that are so talented: have amazing voices, play instruments well, etc. they don’t make it big in the music businessyet these idiots do. just about anyone can scream to a beat. you may like their music (i have no idea why you would), but thats not what im arguing. im saying they have ABSOLUTELY NO TALENT

  59. Pissed Off says:

    Jon, you’re arguement is nothing special, sorry to dissapoint you. You sound exactly like every other person that’s commented negatively on this post. It’s just.. You found a way to make it loger, and insult this generation in new ways. That’s all you did.
    Sorry, no Nobel Prize for you sweetheart. I apologize for not responding to your exaggerated essay.

    What the hell, I’d like to point out that ‘screaming into a microphone’, no matter how easy it may seem, DOES require talent. This style of vocals is dangerous, and if you go at it without knowing what NOT to do, you’ll blow your voice. I mean this literally. However, my main comment to you is the SAME BLOODY THING I’VE SAID FIFTY TIMES. You’re opinion is just.. Your opinion, it doesn’t make it a fact. I say they have talent, and you say they don’t. There is no right or wrong answer to an opinion -- I seriously hope I don’t have to repeat myself again. We never said they were special.. We’re talking about them because this forum is about them.. Thought that was sort of obvious.

  60. jon says:

    Yeah no worries, opinions and arseholes etc
    I just felt like having a rant.
    When it comes to music I’m pretty snobby and opinionated.
    I’d agree about screaming and talent, you still need phrasing and control, and a sense of musicality.
    Brokencyde lack that, in my arsehole.
    I mean opinion.
    I’ve got a different arsehole tonight, which is that humans have always had a great capacity for being dumb, doing and saying dumb things etc etc
    It’s just in our nature, whatever generation.
    Every once in a while you get a Beethoven or a Jeff Buckley, every once in a while you get a Brokencyde or a Cambodian genocide or…
    Sorry, I couldn’t resist one last dig!

  61. Jacqueline says:

    Fuck all you haters! I LOVE BrokeNCYDE. Before and after they were mainstream. Go listen to your shit and stay the fuck off bands you hate. This band makes me happy. You haters make me sick. Fuckkk Youuu <3

  62. what the hell... says:

    my opinion is fact dude. brokencyde doesnt make music. they make noise. if screaming into a micropohone is talent like you say, then im making a demo and sending it to a record company so i can become rich and famous

  63. what the hell... says:

    one of the few intelligent people on this board! thank you!

  64. BRD says:

    Wow… how did I end up here? Totally by accident, but anyway…

    The only comment I have is this: the ones that are truly indifferent to this band and their music, and don’t have anything to prove are the ones NOT commenting on them. I’ve never heard them (going to check them out now), but even if I don’t care for them, I won’t be coming back here and spewing love or hatred for them and try to get others to realize that they’re great or that they suck. To each their own. \m/

  65. Pissed off says:

    No. Opinion. Is. Fact.

    Your stupidity is actually starting to annoy me.