Dope Kicked Off Mudvayne ‘Pedal to the Metal’ Tour

DOPE has seemingly been booted off the upcoming Pedal to the Metal Tour featuring MUDVAYNE, BLACK LABEL SOCIETY, STATIC-X, SUICIDE SILENCE and BURY YOUR DEAD with the official tour site no longer listing the band.

The full tour will kick off July 24 in Portland, ME and will wrap up on September 13 in Dayton, OH.


  1. Anonymous says:

    still a shit tour

  2. anonymous says:

    I dont know if they were kicked off. For starters they tour hasn’t begun yet, lol.

    Still someone must of pissed someone off. Which is weird b/c Dope and BLS have the same management.

  3. J-Rod says:

    ok uh… bury your dead and suicide silence are incredible and always will be. i don’t understand how one can put bury your dead and suicide silence in the same line up as mudvayne. fkn gay

  4. Anonymous says:

    who cares about those mallcore bands for kids? ballsuckers

  5. Anonymous says:

    I don’t understand how enough people like Suicide Silence and Bury Your Dead for them to ever have gotten signed. SS did a great job of fucking up the last Carcass and Nile tour. No self-respecting metal head would ever give SS the time of day.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Only faggots listen to garbage like Suicide Silence and Bury Your Dead. You’ve gotta be deaf to like either band.

  7. Tripp575 says:

    Actually, i like Bury Your Dead SOMEWHAT and Suicide are my boys, but the rest of the tour is complete shit. This tour makes NO fucking sense. Dope being booted off was probably the best thing for them. Hell, if i were in Dope, i’d be stoked to be kicked off the tour. You KNOW they weren’t getting paid well and ALOT of people would see them as the opening act and pay no or little attention, so it would be a waste of time for them, in my opinion. I’d rather sit and home, jerk off stale-fish, watch Viva La Bam and make my abusive girlfriend mac-n-cheese while cutting myself to the sounds of Hawthorne Heights than to even ATTEND this tour. -1,000/10!

  8. Anonymous says:

    F this tour for not coming to Florida.

  9. Anonymous says:

    this tour is gay and so are you.

  10. The Ultimation says:

    Why are some people saying suicide silence are better than the other bands? Aren’t they just as crappy as Dope and static-x? I mean there’s absolutely nothing cool about that band. It’s all a crapfest.

  11. scenekids says:

    Yeah man suicide silence is fucking br00tal.
    NOT, Shitty fucking scene band. go listen to real music j

  12. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t anybody like BLS? Who says you have to like every band on the tour?

  13. Glass Koffin says:

    bLS is the shit! I was gonna hit up their tour they did together(BLS/DOPE) along with sevendust in the D but missed it.

    I’ve seen Dope a couple times. seen them at Harpo’s on the eastside back in ’05. BANGIN!

  14. Alex says:

    Dope is a big league band, and deserve to headline eventially. BLS is the best band on the planet period! The rest of the bands on the petal to the medal tour have no business being in the same building as Zakk and the rest of the doom crew. I intend to be in the lobby while everyone else is performing. How these crappy bands get any reconition is mind blowing!

  15. Anonymous says:

    this is bullshit. dope was actually one of the reasons i was going. because tripp is oh so fucking beautiful.

  16. Lynn says:

    What a fckin rip! I was going to 4 shows to see Dope! Any body want to by some tixs?

  17. nikki says:

    wtf, dope was the only reason i was fucking going. fuck it i anit goin anymore.

  18. Psykee says:

    I just got back from the Portland show…And I didn’t do research and thought Dope would be playing. It all pretty much stunk. BLS and static were fun. But there was no energy. This show was calmer than some crap emo shows I went to in high school. I’m disappointed.

  19. rocdahl says:

    Hey all. I worked the kick off show last night here in Portland Maine. Let me just say, there was alot of shit going on, people being arrested left and right, fights were breaking out every where and well, don’t bring chains, spikes or open containers.

    Each of the smaller bands played between 20-30 minutes and BLS, Mudvayne played an hour. Definatley worth the money for those two alone. Show started at 6:00 and ended at 11:00.

    Keep in mind this is only my opinion. The show was okay, it was f**n loud. I was a little surprised to see BLS play third, since they were one of the headliners. They were so loud you couldn’t tell Zakk’s singing from his guitar. They finished their hour long set with Stillborn. Suicide Silence went first, they put on a good stage show and were cranking. Bury your dead was an okay band. Mudvayne, to me was the best of the night.

    Here in Portland, we only sold 3,000 tickets, not even half of the civic center. They didn’t advertise well, but still, I thought BLS and Mudvayne had more followers.

    So that’s my review.

  20. Psykee says:

    Hold up. Bury Your Dead didn’t even play.

  21. rocdahl says:

    Oops, sorry bout that. I knew one of the bands didn’t show, it must have been them. I couldn’t keep them straight. Thanks for clearing it up 🙂

  22. mtlgirl says:

    saw the show in lowell…bury your dead was good and static x…not having dope was a bummer but they are better off not being in this line up…bls put me to sleep!!!

  23. the tattoo man says:

    Dope is amazing live, u pussys probably havent even heard the new album but it is one of the bast albums to come out this year. Was the only reason I was going to the show what a bummer they wont be there now.

  24. VenomA7X says:

    What happened? Dope would have been awesome to see live, their songs have a lot of energy it would have been fun. Screw that, im buying Coraline instead.

  25. kore says:

    virus of dope texted me last sunday to say they were off I know theyve rebooked some solo dates in the midwest prolly was due to money and such
    check out the work me and virus have done on my page!

  26. Anonymous says:

    Static-X and Dope have a few shows together in between the other shows.

  27. the shaft says:

    this concert was the best ever anonymous doubters u guys r fucking idiots n i should teabag u like i do ur mammas u limp dick fuckas! oh ya in the mean time and as usual go fuck yaself

  28. fuck the hatters. says:

    so i dont know what the fuck is up with all of you kids hating on SS. just because there not some little kid band you can cut yourself to dosent remotely mean their not good. if anything i would attend the tour just to see them so to all of you who posted shitty stuff stfu p&t

  29. Obsolete says:

    What is a hatter? Like the Mad Hatter?

  30. fuck the hatters. says:

    yeah man. Lol im suprised someone actually got it lawl

  31. Blah says:

    There’s nothing really to “get”. It just looks like a mistake. DEFINITELY worth posting on a year-old article.