Creed’s Guitarist Loves Morbid Angel and Celtic Frost?

In a video interview with, CREED guitarist Mark Tremonti talks about growing up a metalhead. He cites bands like Celtic Frost and Slayer among others.

Check out the video here.



  1. creed suck says:

    he’s still a dick.

  2. screename1414 says:

    Hes a terrific player who uses his powers for evil instead of good.

  3. The Guy Above Me is an Idiot says:

    I’m not surprised at all to here this. You can’t deny that Creed puts out some fantastic, catchy riffs which obviously means great songwriting. Creed are an underrated band and it’s great that this guy was able to turn unlistenable basement shit like Morbid Asshole and Celtic Fags into something listenable.

  4. The Guy Above Me is an Idiot says:

    Not a surprise really to hear that the guy has such diverse musical interests. Creed has some amazing, fantastic catchy/memorable riffs which mean great songwriting. They’re a tremendously underrated band.

    It’s shows how talented Tremonti is that he’s able to turn crappy basement bullshit like Morbid Asshole and Celtic Fags into something listenable.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The last two comments posted better have been trolling or they might have been written by the stupidest person alive.

  6. YB says:

    Who cares about this gay?

    Slayer, Celtic Frost and Morbid Angel would get pissed off or angry that mallcore fag likes them. F.O.A.D.

    Thanks to swearing my great Metal bands fucker!

  7. carlosta says:

    What is “mallcore” anyway?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Not Creed. Creed’s a solid band. Fuck the haters who don’t understand real music. Wolfmother fucking rule too.

  9. Anonymous says:

    we may never know

  10. Anonymous says:

    Generic death metal, christian rock, mall-core and you all should die.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Once again, you guys really need to get over yourselves. Creed’s shitty music aside, Mark Tremonti can definitely play. Guitar skills are not limited to speed riffing and shredding.

    And as far as Celtic Frost and Morbid Angel go, well…Celtic Frost is a dead band. Period. Morbid Angel has not released anything in over five years and instead of releasing a new record, they too have jumped on the re-release bandwagon. The point is that both bands are well past their prime -- in terms of songwriting, fanbase, and record sales.

  12. Anonymous says:

    My Sacrifice was a fucking amazing song. Shit ruled so hard.

  13. Balls a la Mode says:

    Why wouldnt a guitarist that gives two shits be influenced by metal guitarists? They’re the best guitarists in the world for the most part. Creed can suck balls but still, makes sense.

  14. ban music says:

    ban it all

  15. Masonic Wehrmacht says:

    Where did smnnews go?

  16. huh says:

    ^^to be honest, the metal scene in 2009 would not be where it is if it wasn’t for Creed.

  17. asfd says:

    Yeah, Creed is a HUGELY underrated band. They deserve a lot more appreciation than they get.

  18. really? says:

    creed isn’t metal. so um yeah real metal would be here without creed. its an interesting fact, and that’s it… period. creed isn’t even metal so i don’t see why people who don’t even know what the term “mallcore” means even post on here. honestly this is suppossed to be a metal news site and we’re arguing over a rock band…
    and as for the guy posting about releasing new stuff and album sales… celtic frost and morbid angel have hit their peak but their albums have stood the test of time. and since when did record sales prove that a band is good? it proves that the world will buy what you tell them too.

  19. nameless says:

    tremonti is a metalpusher!! creed isnt underrated, theyve sold millions of albums and now that theyre back…billions?