Cripple Bastards Cancel US Tour, Los Angeles Murderfest

CRIPPLE BASTARDS has unfortunately had to cancel their US tour, which was supposed to kick off this week in San Francisco, due to their drummer?s broken hand not being completely healed. Vocalist Giulio the Bastard has made  the following statement about the cancellation:

Cripple Bastards are sadly forced to cancel their previously announced shows in California. Our drummer broke his hand 2 months ago, but it looked like he could make it for this tour. He was coming to practice and was gradually getting the hand back in full shape, playing the whole live set without any apparent problems. A few days ago, we did a show, and halfway through the set he stopped because of pain in his hand. We were forced to take him to the hospital where the doctors said he has developed tendinitis due to his broken hand. As of now, he can barely move his hand, and he needs extra time to heal. Unfortunately, we cannot make this tour without him, as it’s not in Cripple Bastards band policy to tour with a fill in member. We are very sorry to all of our fans who were coming to see any of our shows and to the promoters of our shows. We promise to move this tour to another time and our Los Angeles Murderfest appearance to 2010.?

The promoters behind booking the tour as well as the Los Angeles Murderfest would also like to extend their apologies and have this to say:

?Unfortunately, we were unaware of the drummer breaking his hand until we were notified that they had to cancel the tour due to these complications. The Los Angeles Murderfest has a long standing record of bands not cancelling out on the fest, and we want to make sure that all of our supporters understand just how sorry we are that this has happened. It?s never our intention to confirm a band and ultimately not be able to deliver them. At this point, we are working on a last minute replacement band for Cripple Bastards for the Murderfest, as well as make up shows for Cripple Bastards once their drummers hand is healed.?

The Los Angeles Murderfest is taking place May 9 and 10 at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood, CA and features EYEHATEGOD, GENERAL SURGERY, COFFINS, ABSCESS and many more. Full line-up and information on how to buy tickets is available at

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  1. hikingartist says:

    A band named Cripple Bastards can’t play because the drummer is….crippled? Bastards!