Alexi Laiho Named “Best Metal Guitarist” by Guitar World Readers

Alexi Laiho, guitarist and front man for the award-winning Finnish metal band CHILDREN OF BODOM has been named “Best Metal Guitarist” in the 15th annual Guitar World Reader’s Poll.

  • Laiho “trounced the competition” to win the coveted award, according to the respected publication, besting well known players such as Kirk Hammett, Alex Skolnick, Ihsahn and more.
  • Laiho has been called “a guitar hero for the new millennium” by the magazine
  • His playing on COB‘s 2003 release Hate Crew Deathroll earned the album a place in Guitar World‘s “50 Greatest Guitar Albums” alongside records by Jimi Hendrix,Van Halen and Metallica.

Guitar World recently published a special CHILDREN OF BODOM “Blooddrunk” guitar lesson featuring Laiho and fellow COB guitarist Roope Latvala explaining how to play the title track from the band’s new album.  The lesson has also been posted on line and features video instruction.  See it now at this location.  Additionally, Alexi Laiho will be featured alongside fellow guitar hero George Lynch on the cover of Guitar Center’s “June Guitar Buyers Guide”.

CHILDREN OF BODOM just kicked off a North American tour alongside LAMB OF GOD on the No Fear Energy Music Tour, which is slated to run through May 15.



  1. LOL says:

    how about jeff loomis or karl sanders, and if you dont know who they are, like none of those voters did, then you dont deserve to vote for such an award

  2. yoyo says:


  3. christ x satan says:

    Alexi smokes jeff loomis.

  4. DethOrgy says:

    I like Bodom but this a bit much.. Klas Ideberg has my pick, or Tymon Kruidenier if this is just based off 2008.

  5. christ x satan says:

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  6. balls says:


  7. Anonymous says:

    Christian Kühn, or Mike Gilbert

  8. christ x sata says:

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  9. Alexi Laiho says:

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  11. Anonymous says:

    hmmm. Tim Roth? Per Nilsson?

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  14. Anonymous says:

    Alexi can play for sure, but his playing has gotten increasingly sloppier over the years -- both live and in the studio. Listen to Tokyo Warhearts and then listen to Stockholm Knockout Live…the difference is staggering. They drink too much before going onstage and it shows.

  15. Me says:

    doc coyle. might not have the same speed but solos are way more memorable than alexi’s (especially on earthsblood). god forbid tonight!

  16. Boo says:

    to Lol at the top….Jeff Loomis, I agree with that one

  17. Anonymous says:

    looooool, doc coyle blows

  18. christ x satan says:

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  20. screename1414 says:

    Ben Weinman would be my pick. His technical ability is amazing, and he refrains from obnoxious sweeping constantly. Hes got taste. Kurt Ballou, Michael and Frederick from Opeth, and holy shit. And what about Paul Waggoner, i dont know of anyone whos that good.

  21. Paul Waggoner says:

    All I can do is sweep, that’s why

  22. Anonymous says:

    Alexi is shit

  23. kalevi says:

    yeah cb rocks!

  24. kalevi says:

    i mean cob

  25. Bubbu says:

    It`s Alexi Laiho.FUCK OFF!!!….Alexi Laiho,in present,it’s verry beautiful! CHILDREN OF BODOM FOREVER!!!