Lead Singer of In This Moment Poses For Playboy

Very disappointing.



  1. you know we know you're gay... says:

    if you voted 5 stars on this post. even if you are not gay, this GIRL is not attractive.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Speak for yourselves. Her band may blow but I wouldn’t mind her blowing me!

  3. Damon says:

    I wouldn’t mind playing a game of Pearl Harbor with her, where I lay back and she blows the hell outta me

  4. Anonymous says:

    She just got married to Jon Miller (bass player for Devildriver) I wonder what he thinks about this?

  5. Brett says:

    At least your image is bigger than Blabbermouth’s.

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. El Doucheo Bago says:

    Great tits. Nice job with photoshop, just like in every photo of her. In real life her face looks like shit. All covered in craters and her teeth are fucked up.

  8. Bukster says:

    I think she’s hot, but it’s kind of sad she has to do this to promote the band.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Thanks no reason to buy the magazine now.

  10. ANONYMUS says:

    You guys are fucking retarded. shes in a fucking band and she is a total milf. she prolly fucks like a champ to.

    she beats any other scene chicks you guys chase around.

    im stoked.

  11. ok says:

    The only reason she’s in a band (using this term very loosely) is because of her looks! and why are you stoked? you’re not getting any from her either. But honestly who cares about her face with breasts like that.

  12. satisfied customer says:

    in this moment…i have a boner.

  13. 57sop says:

    shes around a bunch of dudes most of the time thats why she looks good sometimes. compared to other playboy chicks shes a fucking dog

  14. balls says:

    the bass player from devildriver eh? you motorboatin son of a bitch

  15. ROB says:

    Nice Tits.

  16. HE HE HE HE says:

    a lot of people talking shit here but if she got down on her knees in front of any of you…I bet she wouldnt look so bad after all LMAO

  17. ANONYMUS says:

    ^^what HE HE HE HE said.


  18. anonymus says:

    you guys are all loser horn dog faggots she blows the fuck outta any of you losers talking shit in here ROFL and unlike half you little geeks in your mommys basement i am a acomplished lead staying anonymus of course…but she is 10x the man then any of you are not to mention hot as fuck and a great personality why don’t all you bone dick losers go find a life then talk shit instead of sitting on the internet in your mommys basement booyashaka props Maria keep up the good work knew you would do it :p

  19. sheshott says:

    w/e man, you can what you want, shes fucking sexy as hell, especaily bc of the tattoos.

  20. sheshott says:

    w/e man, you can say what you want, shes fucking sexy as hell, especaily bc of the tattoos.

  21. Damn man!! Why dint i get a Girlfriend like her :(. She has looks of my girl though 😀

  22. she is a fucking babe id tap in an instane…. daym i was i was a bass player now haha

  23. add me on msn im so bored need some new ppl to talk to lol… bms_spl_bestbuds@hotmail.com chat soon… love this band fucking rocks

  24. Mr.Fuppet says:

    Hey el doucheo bago i saw her live in concert up front and she is nothing like that u fucking reatrd i got my eardrums blown by her amazing voice and if your going to call her ugly u gunna have to deal with a shitload of people

  25. hunter_killer says:

    Total crater-face chick that sings for a horrible, horrible band…this is news?

  26. ano says:

    For you who said she’s only in a band cause shes hot, she help start the band dumbass. And anyone who’s said her band sucks is just a faggot who listens to pop and hip hop.

  27. SexyNurse13 says:

    She is gorgeous! Shame on all of you who posted differently! Very pretty woman.

  28. Katie says:

    I think she is really pretty i like her music. Her voice is amazing and her song fit my life some of them. I really think she is amazing.

  29. Fuck off says:

    Stop bringing up 3 year old shit. This chick is a tramp and is better suited for porn. Her “band” is not metal. It’s actually bullshit and you guys have shit taste for listening to it. Listen to real metal.

  30. TROYSRadAF says:

    Either way if she is ugly or not she is still more successful than all you mother fuckers so suck a fat one.