Working Class Rock Star – DVD

Working Class Rock Star is a new documentary by Canadian filmmaker Justin McConnell. The film centers on three underground bands, Bloodshoteye, Tub Ring and 3 Mile Scream, and their struggles to “make it” in the music business. If you’ve been crazy enough to be in a completely DIY band, this documentary is going to hit really close to home. McConnell covers almost every step of the process. Everything from the merch, the futility of mailing out press kits, and band member drama is included. The raw camerawork and candid scenes make for a really compelling experience. There are some familiar failures (poor show turn outs etc) early on so a few minutes into the film; you actually start feeling bad for the bands.

Randy Blythe (Lamb of God), Dave Brockie (GWAR), and Frank Marino (Mahogany Rush) are also included in separate interviews that are peppered through the film. Brockie and Marino come off a bit bitter when they break down the way the music business really works but it’s hard to argue with many of their points. Of the three bands that Working Class Rock Star focuses on, Tub Ring has the most promise and they also seem like the one with the most realistic outlook on their chances. Since filming, 3 Mile Scream’s Matt McGachy has gone on to become the vocalist for Cryptopsy but the way their last album was received, who knows it that will last. In the end, Working Class Rock Star is an intriguing look into the daily grind of trying to make it in this insane business without the help of a major or bigger indie label. As someone who played in bands for years, a lot the film hit a little too close to home.


Rating: 8
Label: Cinema Epoch/Unstable Ground

By Carlos Ramirez


  1. Slimjim367 says:

    looking forward to seeing it soon

  2. 57sop says:

    wasnt even close to being as good as i thought it would be.