‘The Oddity Faire: A Mutated Mini Fest’ Bands and Details

Having trod the stages of such events as Lollapalooza, Woodstock 94, Redding, Bonnaroo, Ozzfest, etc. LES CLAYPOOL has announced the launch of THE ODDITY FAIRE: A MUTATED MINI-FEST…a cross-country festival type event. His message to all reads as follows:

“I’ve come to realize that there really hasn’t been an event that truly represents the type of idiosyncratic performers that I am kin to.  In my youth I was always scouring the radio, clubs, record stores and concert halls for that group or individual that had new and unique perspectives to music. The freaks.”

THE ODDITY FAIRE: A MUTATED MINI-FEST, is just the event where one will encounter such diverse and unique artists.  The notion of the festival is to bring together folks that naturally dwell outside the box so that they may perform before a collective audience that is looking for something that hasn’t been cultivated by American Idol or crammed down their throats by the Disney Corporation.

THE ODDITY FAIRE: A MUTATED MINI-FEST is a multi-medium event that will play in intimate environments around the country.  The musicians and performers will rotate from region to region.  Importantly, the ticket price for a 3-4 hour event will be well within reason given the current state of the economy.

THE ODDITY FAIRE: A MUTATED MINI FEST, a “brain-candy bargain for a recessed age”, promises to be a smorgasbord of irregular and unconventional entertainment for all.”


  1. grizz says:

    mar. 14 cant fucking wait

  2. Anonymous says:

    lower the price