Borknagar Entering Studio in 2009, Announce New Drummer

Drummer David Kinkade, formerly of MALEVOLENT CREATION, DIVINE EMPIRE, and COUNCIL OF THE FALLEN has joined Øystein and friends in BORKNAGAR.

His first appearance with the band will be the actual recording of the new album, which will be recorded early next year.

“We are exited to finally get a new drummer behind the kit. We have spent quite some time and effort to find suitable and highly skilled replacement for Asgeir Mickelson. Dave has proven to be a fantastic drummer, become a good friend and he shares the same passion for music as the rest of us. We are truly confident that this cooperation will contribute to empower the music of BORKNAGAR even more in the future to come.”

Dave Kinkade comments as follows:

“It is an absolute honor to be joining Borknagar. Norwegian black metal has always had a HUGE impact on my personal influences and taste in music. I look forward to making the new record with them and playing songs that I’ve been listening to for years. As a drummer, I trust that my playing will fit well with Borknagar’s style and that I will not be letting any fans down with the final result.”

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