Ephel Duath Develop Ridiculous Concept Album

Currently living in the land of WTF…Italian avant-garde metallers EPHEL DUATH will release their fourth studio album, Through My Dogs Eyes, in January 2009.

Wait for it…Through My Dogs Eyes is a concept album written entirely from the perspective of a dog. Guitarist Davide Tiso explains: “I wrote a few short stories and it was really fun for me to imagine myself as a dog and to imagine the world from a dog’s perspective. The challenge was to translate the words into lyrics.”

Amazing! Tell us more!

“The music in this case is the soundtrack of the thoughts of the dog – at times you can hear the dog running”.

Brilliant. Stunning. We can’t wait. That’ll be out January 26 through Earache Records. Mark your calendars.


  1. Smorgasmorgue says:

    LOL as much as I love Ephel Duath, this may be too much for me.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hahahaha what the fuck.

  3. Tabarrast says:

    Wow there are actually so many bands that get their names from The Lord of the Rings. I never thought one of them would make a concept album like this though. It sounds kinda silly, but who knows, it could be cool.

  4. Schma-Schmortion says:

    What the fuck, seriously, hahahaha.

    Fucking idiots