Ex Dementia Have Trouble Releasing New EP

New Jersey’s EX DEMENTIA have posted the following update:

“I get word from our label, Kitchen Vomit Records, today that they’re not going to release our EP. For the mere fact that… it’s an EP.

Our label agreed to release our split with CARDIAC ARREST, but then decided to make it a solo EP. We agreed. We invested a large sum of money, a lot of time in writing, recording, perfecting, and a lot of time promoting it, and now our label has decided not to release it because it’s ‘too short.’ It’s about 19 minutes long. I’m sure all of you know that EP’s are shorter than an album. That’s what EP’s are. It’s common sense.

What I want you, the fans, to do is message Kitchen Vomit Records’ MySpace, and let them know that you want our EP ‘In The Chapters of Horror.’ So they know they have sure-buyers. We appreciate your support, and need it more now than ever!”

One Comment

  1. Rob says:

    I feel for these dudes,but when your label calls itself kitchen vomit…. i mean come on, really.