Pig Destroyer, Misery Index Added To Baltimore Date of Carcass Tour

According to the venue’s website, the following bands are set to support CARCASS on the Baltimore, MD date of the band’s North American reunion tour, which will take place on September 10th at Sonar: SUFFOCATION, 1349, PIG DESTROYER, ABORTED, ROTTEN SOUND, and MISERY INDEX.

DYING FETUS are rumored to be on the Baltimore date as well. Also, as previously reported, ROTTEN SOUND appear to have dropped off the tour, and NECROPHAGIST will most likely be performing at all dates.


  1. mankvill says:

    jesus christ

    what a show

  2. Anonymous says:

    Baltimore FTW!!!!

  3. Crackheadcarianne says:

    you like to make me suffer don’t you!!!11!!!!! god damnit brian i curse you!!!!