Anaal Nathrakh Forced To Pull Out of Canadian Dates

ANAAL NATHRAKH have posted the following update:

“Owing to circumstances not related to the band themselves and entirely outside of the band’s control, ANAAL NATHRAKH have been forced to pull out of their imminent Canadian shows at the 11th hour.

To reiterate ? this was not down to the band themselves, and if there was anything that could have been done, believe us we’d have done it. Confirmation of this twist of fate’s dagger only came through 5 hours before we were due to go to the airport.

There is no reason why this should affect any other planned dates ? ONLY THOSE IN CANADA. And rest assured, plans will be put in place for alternative Canadian shows as soon as possible.

We offer our sincerest regrets to anyone who was intending to be at the shows, which at the time of writing will be going ahead with the support bands playing at a reduced door price. We are royally pissed off about missing the shows, but sometimes events simply conspire against you. Which will make it all the sweeter when the time comes to make the trip to Canada and both band and fans are able to raise a middle finger to fate and grind its corpse under their heels.”

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  1. Eric Paradox says:

    jesus, fucking EVERYONE is fucked out of Canada. bunch of assholes up there.