Summer Slaughter Tour 2008 – Full Lineup And First Tour Dates Released

This year’s “Summer Slaughter Tour” will feature THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, KATAKLYSM, VADER, CRYPTOPSY, THE FACELESS, DESPISED ICON, ABORTED, BORN OF OSIRIS, PSYCROPTIC, and WHITECHAPEL. The first dates to be released for the tour are as follows:

July 19 – Spokane, WA @ Big Easy Concert House
July 20 – Boise, ID @ Big Easy Concert House


  1. NEO2126 says:

    Alright… BDM sucks, kataklysm can get boring, despised icon = BDM with a better drummer and two vocalists. HOWEVER, Vader damn good death metal. Aborted, pretty kick ass, and PSYCROPTIC, fucking mind blowing. I will drive 5 hours to see those guys finally.

    If I hear new cryptospy and it doesn’t suck major balls, they will be worth seeing if they play old stuff.

  2. Archaeon says:

    “despised icon = BDM with a better drummer and two vocalists.”


  3. robw says:

    im starting to get sick of bdm, they are everywhere

    will go to see kataklysm, vader, cryptopsy

  4. afurydivine says:

    Psycroptic makes this show mandatory.

  5. mc101proof says:

    This will be show of the year for me, probably.

    I love all these bands except White Chapel and Despised Icon.

  6. dpjm says:

    I don’t like a single one of these bands except Vader. What a shitty festival. I wouldn’t go if it was in my backyard.

  7. XdespisedxiconX says:

    ok so TBDM is sweet as fuck so is despised icon so is whitechapel and born of osiris those are the only good bands that are going to be there

  8. Bowd0wn says:

    What the fuck is wrong with you faggots, White Chapel=god, listen to the new album, faceless=gods, Born of Osiris=gods, bdm can suck my hairy asshole which I haven’t shaved in a good 2 weeks, despised Icon are almost gods, fuck ATAKLYSM, VADER, ABORTED, and PSYCROPTIC. I haven’t heard them but their names are fucking annoying.

  9. BrutalChainsawman333 says:

    I am going for Black Dahlia Murder, The Faceless, Born Of Osiris, Whitechapel, Despised icon, and Job for a cowboy. The rest can suck my dick. If someone doesn’t like the list of bands I like on the tour they should be raped. End of story. Faggot…

  10. Ograsmic Abortion says:

    holy shit, this “Bowd0wn” clown is a fuckin joke. spare yourself the humiliation and never post your unintelligent opinions on the internet again you trend hopping emo dickvacume. vader has been slaying eardrums for decades!!!

    “fuck ATAKLYSM, VADER, ABORTED, and PSYCROPTIC. I haven’t heard them but their names are fucking annoying. -- Bowd0wn”

    you better pray i don’t see your bitchass at this tour…

  11. charf says:

    Ograsmic Abortion -- Just look for the emo haircut.

  12. b lish says:

    you shave your asshole bro? thats fucking gay, man.

  13. fallenmystery84 says:

    KATAKLYSM, Whitechapel, Despised Icon, are the only bands i know in the tour. but they are all mad good and i would go just for any one of them.

  14. cuntslap says:

    I like all of these bands. all of you shit heads are fighting over who is better and who isnt. shut up and just enjoy the music. thats what it was made for.

  15. steve says:

    is steve kroes in any of these bands cause hes sayin he is lol

  16. Cheer_09* says:

    Everyone just needs to get along and be happy!

  17. Cheer_09* says:

    I Love Born of Osiris though!

  18. Broo0ootality says:

    Whitechapel, Despised Icon, The Faceless, Born of Osiris, Kataklysm, and Cryptopsy are all super good. I HATE Aborted. Vocals Are Shit, and they are boring as hell. For all the other bands, I’d have to hear a lot more of them to make my assumptions. I didn’t like what i have heard of them though.

  19. Simple man says:

    Only good band is The Black Dahlia Murder.
    Despised Icon, Whitechapel, The Faceless, they are all awful.

  20. Reaper says:

    yall fucking dumbasses all the bands kick ass

  21. finnertycalluso says:

    You guys are all fags. They’re all good bands and none of you know shit about music. I’d like to see any of you go out there and do what these guys do every night

  22. youreallwrong says:

    cryptopsy and psycroptic are the only bands that would have been good, whitechapel is ok but born of osiris sucks my fuckin left one bdm is for faggots and ive seen winds of plauge on accident and they suuuuuck

  23. Joseph Duran says:

    Please let me know when The Summer Slaughter Tour 2008 DVD is going to be released. I have been anticipating it’s arrival in the local record shop, but still nothing. What’s the big hold up? I went to see them play in Albuquerque, New Mexico and the DVD should of been out since August, not November of 2009??? Still confused on what’s going on, that’s all!!!