With Blood Comes Cleansing – Jeremy Simms, Guitars

First of all ? have you heard of SMNnews.com?

Yes, definitely!

Good. Now. You’ve recently released your new album, Horror. Are you happy with how it has been received so far?

Yeah I would say so. Every one seems to be really receptive.

What inspires you guys to make music that most would just consider ?noise??

We all just love heavy music. Always have, always will.

Labeled as a Christian band, what do members of the Church think of your tunes? I mean, citing Dying Fetus as an influence isn?t exactly a selling point in that market.

[laughs] Yeah, that?s true. A lot of Christian people don?t understand us but that?s ok. We are a Christian band but we don?t want to be a alternative to secular metal, we want people to listen to us because the like our music and/or what we have to say. The music we make is not for just Christians it?s for anyone and everyone.

There?s not much history to WBCC, want to fill us all in?

We started around Feb of 05 toured a lot had a few member changes, then we signed to Blood and Ink Records in Feb of 06, released a full length album called Golgotha, toured some more then we signed with Victory Records in Feb of 07 and now or first release for them called Horror comes out 1/22/08.

Victory Records is a label with an eclectic roster; do you feel as though you ?fit in??

Well, our music isn?t really like any other band on the label but they have been nothing but amazing to us so far. So yes I feel we fit in.

2008 is here, and tours are in the making ? what?s on the docket for WBCC?

We plan to tour as much as possible. As far as with whom it?s kind of up in the air at this point.

Have you ever hit on a chick at a show and it turned out to be a guy?

[laughs] No way! But I have wondered before.

What do you do to kill time on the long boring drive from show to show?


What is the very first thing you do when you get home from touring?

Take a shower in my own shower and lay on the bed.

Have you ever met a band and thought to yourself, “Thank God that isn’t us”?



Not telling.

WBCC is a death metal-cum-metal core act?so how do you feel about being labeled “deathcore”?

Its fine – label us what you like. We play what we love.

Suicide Silence seems to be a good example of how the music industry is changing, and how bands are able to more and more take matters into their own hands and promote themselves via the Internet. However, not all the bands benefiting from this are all that original or even good. So do you think sites like MySpace are having a positive or negative impact on the metal scene?

I think it?s a little of both. I’ve heard of some really good bands and really bad bands via Myspace. I?m glad that some of the good one’s are getting some attention.

What?s your opinion on the race for the White House?

I don?t get into politics.

Are there any other tour plans currently in the works and do you think you’ll be trying to get on Ozzfest or the Sounds of the Underground tour?

We’re definitely looking to support for awhile, and I would love to be apart of both those tours. I guess we’ll see what happens.

Should Paris Hilton be forced to have an abortion if she ever becomes pregnant? Or are you guys against abortions?

[laughs] No, we’re not for abortions.

Any final words for our readers?

Please buy a copy of our album, and come out to a show and hang out with us, we wont try to hit you in the head with bible I promise. [laughs] If Christianity is not your thing that?s cool we’re not here to condemn or to judge. So come on out and head bang and have fun with us!