Job For A Cowboy – Ravi Bhadriraju, Guitars

For those not yet familiar with Job For A Cowboy, describe the band in one sentence.

Job for a Cowboy is an explosion of heat, power, and sex.

Earlier this year you released your latest album, Genesis. Are you happy with how it has been received so far?

I’m actually really pleased with how the CD has been received. Honestly, we didn’t know what to expect after the CD was released. We wrote a record that we wanted to write. Everybody expected us to write the regurgitated crap that was being put out then. We did the exact opposite. People now refer to us as a death metal band. That’s all I could ever ask for. I’ve met a lot of fans who told me that they used to think we suck and now we’re their favorite band. It is pretty awesome.

What was your reaction when you heard that it debuted at number 54 on the Billboard charts?

First of all even selling one record is awesome. To make the billboard charts blew my mind. It is pretty uncommon for a death metal band to make the charts like that and for that matter US! Still to this day I can’t believe that. It is awesome to see what this band has done so far. I can’t wait to get started on the next album.

Since you’re a band with such a strong presence on the Internet, and the album did well anyway, does it bother you when people “illegally” download your music?

It doesn’t bother me one bit that people download our music. Why would it bother me? CDs cost money and frankly I play music to play music. I download music and I don’t blame other people for doing it to. It is funny being apart of the music business and seeing how much bands and other people in the biz bitch about downloading.

Are there any plans to shoot any more videos for this album?

Yes we’re actually hoping to have a new video out by sometime next year. We’ve been touring so much that we haven’t had time to shoot a video.

Was there any hesitation when it came to signing with Metal Blade?

There was no hesitation at all when we signed to Metal Blade. Honestly, there is no better label for us. They’re so supportive and they keep us a major priority. They’ve treated us extremely well and they let us have our own say on our music.

How is your current tour with Behemoth going?

This tour kicks ass. We’ve had a blast being apart of it. The shows have been awesome and the reactions we’ve been getting have been great. It is actually an honor to be on tour with such a great band as Behemoth.

Is it weird at all for you to be such a young band and already be co-headlining a big North American tour with a band like Behemoth who?s been around awhile?

It is definitely weird because Behemoth is a band that I’ve loved for years and respected and also a hard band to follow hahaha. This tour has been great for us as a band to grow because Behemoth is one of the best live metal bands out right now. It is an honor to be on tour with them.

How do you feel about being labeled “deathcore”?

Being labeled as deathcore is fine but if you listen to our new record I don’t get what is so “deathcore” about it. I must say our EP was “deathcore” by a mile. That’s the exact reason why we wrote “Genesis”. We didn’t want to be known as a deathcore band but as a death metal band.

Job For A Cowboy seems to be a good example of how the music industry is changing, and how bands are able to more and more take matters into their own hands and promote themselves via the Internet. However, not all the bands benefiting from this are all that original or even good. So do you think sites like MySpace are having a positive or negative impact on the metal scene?

There are positive and negative feedbacks from internet sites like myspace. Getting labeled as a “myspace” band has been our negative impact of the internet but it has also helped us to get to the point we’re at now. The age of myspace is pretty much over when it comes to new bands trying to do well. We don’t want to be labeled as a myspace band for our entire career.

Are there any other tour plans currently in the works and do you think you’ll be trying to get on Ozzfest next year?

There are big plans for tours coming; I’m just not in the position to say at this stage of the game.  Stay tuned?

When you were on the Sounds of the Underground …did it ever occur to anyone involved in the tour that none of the bands performing were actually all that…underground?

I didn’t really pay attention to that sort of shit on sounds of the underground. I kind of just hung out and “la bu dayed” the entire time on Sounds. Sounds of the Underground was the tour to hang out and not worry about anything. It was a giant blur of fun and ?la bu day? mixed in together.

What are you currently listening to?

I’m currently listening to a lot of Exhumed. Metal is the key to the valley of the green gas. I’ve also been blasting some Nightrage and some Mastodon.

Thanks for your time Ravi.

Thank you guys!


  1. kaos24201 says:

    i thought doom was better you should have stuck with deathcore style every one i know thinks that

  2. Anonymous says:

    Every time I listen to Genesis I thank god that you decided to change and actually try to write music that takes skill, not just breakdowns.

    Doom has nothing on Genesis.