Serj Tankian – Himself, Vocals

You?ve released your first solo album, Elect The Dead. After years of being in a band, how does it feel to release an album that is pretty much solely your own artistic vision?

It feels liberating, fun, and exploratory. Almost like my first record ever! Its a great feeling to write, record mostly, produce, and release your own record.

Was there something on this album that you were able to do or express that you wouldn?t of been able to while in System?

Partially yes and partially no. It?s more intimate than SOAD?s material and the vision is focused, so had to be done this way.

There?s a number of guest appearances by musicians helping you out on some of the instruments. How did those collaborations come about?

I had a very organic approach to making Elect the Dead. Friends would come by to hear the songs and I?d throw them into the studio to add their colors on my pallette. Dan Monti?s also my engineer so he was with me the majority of the time. Since we had programmed all the drums and played everything to that, we had John and Brain go over some of the programmed drums with live drums.

Did they just play what you had written, or were they able to add their own touch to it?

I guided them as to what I was looking for and let them do their magic.

How did the idea to film a video for every song on the album come about, and how did you pick the directors?

I wanted to multiply the art factor of the record by working with creative friends on videos, websites, artwork, etc. Letting passion drive the making of these videos turned out to be the greatest idea. Most of the directors are friends of mine. Again an organic (in-house) approach.

How did you put together the touring lineup for The FCC?

I auditioned different musician friends till I felt like I had the right fit for the record and the right combination of characters for touring.

What’s it like getting to play every night with Larry LaLonde, and are you a big Primus fan?

Absolutely! He?s awesome!

What is your set list looking like?

Come and see/hear.

Are System songs going to be thrown in to the mix, or any cover songs?

System no, covers yes. Beatles? Girl and Dead Kennedys Holiday in Cambodia

Have you had a chance to check out any of Rage Against The Machine?s reunion shows, and why did you ask Tom Morello to open for you on the tour?

Not yet but hope to. I asked the Nightwatchman cause he?s bad ass?..

Have you and Tom ever discussed any potential musical collaborations?

I may guest on the next Nightwatchman record on a song.

Other than Elect The Dead, is there anything going on with your label, Serjical Strike, as of now?

Yes, Fair To Midland is one of the most amazing new rock bands out there. You have to see them live and check out their songs. We may put out another Buckethead record next year.

As an artist, head of a label, and music fan?how important do you think the Internet, especially sites like MySpace, and digital music are to the future of the music industry?

Very important obviously as retail is diminishing and digital is growing.

If the Presidential election was today, who would you vote for, if you were to vote?

Not sure. Probably Dennis Kucinich

What are your thoughts on Turkey describing the US vote backing a bill declaring the 1915 killings of Armenians a ?genocide? as ?unacceptable??

It?s disgusting to see a known Genocide refuted by the government who are the heirs of the perpetrators, and a modern democracy (us) using it as a bartering tool for geo-strategic expediency. What?s next trading Germany?s participation in Iraq for a rescinding of the Holocaust?

Serj declined to answer a few questions, but the meat and potatoes are above.


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  3. Me says:

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  4. Kory Rage says:

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