Devourment – Mike Majewski, Vocals

For those not yet familiar with Devourment, describe the band in one sentence.

A brutal death metal band that’s goal is to keep the intensity meter turned up to the max from start to finish, on every song.

Are you happy with how your latest release, Butcher The Weak, has been received?

Very happy. Following up Molesting was a challenge and the general consensus from our fans is that we lived up to that album and then some.

Have you started work on any new material yet, or will you just release Butcher for a third time?

Ha ha, actually we are gonna do an all new album, just to throw people off. We are writing the new album currently and are shooting to have it out by the summer. That’s a lofty goal but we are gonna focus on writing and take time off from playing shows for most of 2008.

Would you consider copying off Nas and naming your next album “Nigger” for the free publicity?

Hmmm, I think for us “Wigger” is more appropriate, seeing as how we are wiggers and all? yo.

How has the passing of original vocalist Wayne Knupp impacted you and the band?

It had a big impact. He was a founding member and really created the vocal style we are known for. Just felt like part of the band died too. Like when he died, it was just weird to think about doing shows or recording without him around, even if he was no longer in the band. He was a good person and definitely deserves to be remembered.

Devourment is a fairly popular underground band, why do you think a bigger label hasn’t picked you up yet?

We’ve had some offers from bigger labels, even just turned down a major US tour, but I honestly don’t care about becoming more mainstream, popular or whatever. Our level of popularity is right where I would like it to be. We can get pretty impressive crowds if we headline and no matter how big or small the crowds are when we play, they go apeshit every time. That keeps us happy. Shit I’ve seen people say they don’t like us any more because we are too popular now ha ha.. Fucken ignorant. Our current label Brutal Bands suits us just fine and is more quality than a lot of the “bigger” labels in my opinion.

Why don’t you play your own hometown of Dallas, TX?

The death metal scene is dead here, simple as that. I saw Disgorge play here a few years back and there was about 10, 15 people. No one comes out unless it’s Cannibal Corpse, no underground support what so ever. I’m over playing for 10 people, we did plenty of that when we started out and I think we paid our dues.

Only steers and queers come from Texas, Private Majewski. And you don’t look much like a steer to me, so that kinda narrows it down. Do you suck dicks?

My favorite line is “were you born a fat, slimy, scumbag puke piece of shit Private Pyle, or did you have to work on it?”

Do you feel guilty at all for the legions of shitty MySpace deathcore/slam bands you’ve influenced?

Ha ha. I have no guilt, we didn’t buy their guitars. Seriously a lot of people seem to get genuinely angry about the new wave of bands and metal, or whatever, but I could care less. Some, I like, some I don’t. Some I listen to, some I don’t. If I don’t like it, I don’t listen, simple as that. If people would just ignore the shitty bands rather than give it more hype by hating on it, they would disappear a lot faster.

Are there any plans for a full U.S. tour anytime soon?

Not any time soon. First priority is writing and recording the next album, which we are considering calling Butcher the Weak. That’s just tentative though.

Would you rather be shot on stage, or be forced to join Damageplan / HellYeah?

God damn, no shame no shame ha ha. Umm, not a fan of either band but I don’t really want to be shot, so I guess I’d have to suck it up and join the bands. One perk from joining would be guaranteed stripper pussy because Vinnie Paul owns the sickest tit bar on earth and believe me, him and his bandmates are eating that shit up.

How much time a day do you spend on the Internet, and do you secretly prefer SMN’s forum over your own?

I work in front of a computer all day so I have a lot of time to troll forums and whatnot. I spend about equal time on my band’s forum and the Decrepit Birth forum. I go on the Cannibal Corpse forum from time to time as well. A lot of my time is spent doing artwork as well and I’m in front of my computer when I do that as well, so I definitely spend way to much time on the internet. It’s fun, but I do manage to find time to have a social life.

How much time a day do you spend playing video games?

I love video games and I have a lot of sick games but I don’t get to play them near as much as I would like. I work a full time job, have the band and artwork and social life takes up time. I’m usually only able to play a bit before bed and on weekends.

What games are you currently playing?

I just finished Halo 3 and Stranglehold, and I’m about to jump on Bioshock and try to finish that before all the new must have games start emptying my wallet.

When you’re with a girl who doesn’t seem to mind that you have songs called “Fuck Her Head Off” and “Serial Cocksucker,” does it ever occur to you that she might have problems?

Ha ha. Yes. I actually just recently found a girl that does enjoy my art and my band and so far appears to be normal, time shall tell though. I write that shit and I am a pretty normal dude, so it is possible to enjoy demented shit and lead a normal life. Before my current girl, I typically dated non metal chicks. I even had a chick I started dating and hit it off really good. She did a google search on my name and found the lyrics for Fucked to Death. She said that was a bit much and pretty much blew me off. Cunt.

How do your family and friends react to you being in Devourment, and do you ever have to hide it from anyone, like at work?

No, they are cool with it. They know I don’t really kill babies and whatnot. My parents think it’s silly or immature, but they are cool with it. My co-workers dig it too, the CEO for my company even did the opening graphics for our first DVD which had Babykiller as the background music. Some of my friends are jealous because they are serious, mainstream and or jazz musicians and my shitty noisy band gets to tour Europe and has a worldwide following while they struggle. I always fuck with them about it.

If you could be any character from The Lord of the Rings, which would it be and why?

No doubt, Aragorn. That dude walks into a group or orcs with no fear and decimates them all. The Lord of the Rings trilogy are my fave movies of all time, and will never be topped.

What are you currently listening to?

Radiohead: In Raibows, Immolation: Shadows in the Light and Infernal Revulsion: Devastate Under Hallucination are the ones I’ve been spinning non stop for the last week or so.

You do a lot of artwork for other bands, how did you get started with that?

I’ve always been an artist and loved death metal so naturally I tried to break in and do stuff for bands. I started out doing stuff for free to try to establish myself a bit. Having done that, my style became popular enough where I could charge for my work, so I make a bit of extra money from it.

What’s the most un-brutal thing you’ve ever done?

Ha ha. I’m sure I’ve done a lot of un brutal things. I took an old girlfriend to a Coldplay show, I’m sure that qualifies. I got some good lovin after the show though, so it was worth it.

What does the band have lined up for 2008?

A few fests closer to summer, writing and hopefully recording our new album and we have another project we are gonna try to get out as well. I’ll keep that under wraps for now.

Any final words for our readers?



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