Carcass Guitarist Michael Amott On Possible Reunion: “It’s Definitely Doable” reports: There’s one question Michael Amott, guitarist for Swedish melodic-death-metallers ARCH ENEMY, is always asked whenever he’s approached by longtime metal fans or does an interview with a music journalist.

That question? When the hell are CARCASS, the legendary British grindcore band he played in during the early ’90s, going to get back together and play some friggin’ reunion gigs already?

“It seems like it never goes away ? like this ghost that’s always hanging over me,” Amott explained of the band, which was formed by NAPALM DEATH guitarist Bill Steer and drummer Ken Owen in 1985. “It’s nice. It’s a pleasant ghost, because [CARCASS are] a band I’m proud of, because it was one of the better bands to come out of that style of music at that time. The band itself seems bigger now than when we packed it in [back in 1995]. I can’t believe it.”

But chances are CARCASS could soon reunite in some form, he said. In all likelihood, it’ll just be for a handful of reunion shows. Still, Amott isn’t sure when it will happen, considering ARCH ENEMY are going to be taking up most of his time for the foreseeable future. The band’s latest, Rise of the Tyrant, hit stores Tuesday.

“With [CARCASS], you have four people who have all moved on and do different things now,” he said. “For the last few years, I’ve been quite open about [my desire to reunite CARCASS]. … It’s not a question of, ‘Do I want to play this kind of music?,’ because I still totally love metal. I would love to do it.”

And the stars seem to be aligning already, according to Amott, who said the ex-members of CARCASS did hook up last year to rehearse.

“We thought, ‘Let’s just try to get our schedules together, jam a little bit, and see if it’s even feasible,’ ” he said. “The question always comes up in interviews, and we kind of all became intrigued ourselves, if it would actually work. So we met up, rehearsed for about a week, and by the end of the week, it sounded amazing. It could be done, but I don’t know ? with everybody’s schedules [having] changed again, it kind of fell out of the picture. But it’s definitely doable.”

Then Amott dropped a hint: “Without saying too much, I think people should watch the Internet ? something might happen next year, I guess.” But the band wouldn’t set out to write or record new material, because “the old stuff was just that good,” the guitarist said. “It would just be a blast to go out and play those ? dare I say it ? classic tunes again, those riffs. It would be fun. Bill‘s guitar playing was amazing ? he was one of my heroes before I joined the band. So yeah, I would love to do it again. I love that band, love the music. We’ll see ? maybe it would shut people up. Let’s hope the CARCASS can come back.”

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