Paul Booth – Long Awaited Documentary “The ArtFusion Experiment” to Make World Premiere at Newport Beach Film Festival

On Monday April 23, PAUL BOOTH?s long awaited documentary, The ArtFusion Experiment, will be making its world premiere at the Newport Beach Film Festival in Newport Beach, California. The film, which reveals a groundbreaking collaborative art movement that brings together artists from over 40 countries, has been chosen as a showcased screening out of 500 plus films. The event also marks the first time a tattoo art related feature documentary has seen this level of recognition.

?My goal with this film is to realize tattoo as a true art form in museums and art institutions around the world,? says Booth. ?Now that the message is being sent that this collaborative art movement has surfaced from the tattoo world, I hope to now build it as a new curriculum in art schools globally due to its amazing strength as an educational tool.  None of this is possible without your support.?

PAUL BOOTH encourages you to attend the screening. The more people in attendance, the more attention the film will receive from various art communities as well as the mainstream media, thus making the collective voice of the tattoo art community that much louder.

?The growth of the tattoo art world has always been burdened by negative stereotypes,? explains Booth.  ?If we are not being exploited as some kind of freak show for the amusement of the mainstream, then we are being denied the proper respect by the art world because our chosen medium is the human body.  I made this film primarily to help break down these walls of misconception. The time has come for the world to see just how dedicated and accomplished tattoo artists truly are.?

Click here for more information regarding the film, location and show time.

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