Bullet for My Valentine – Matt Tuck, Vocals/Guitars

Matt! How are you?

Good. Good. Doing well.

Yea, how?s the tour going with Rob Zombie?

Fine, still early days yet, 8 gone, about 9 shows in of a 7 week tour, having fun, shows are going well.

You have the chance to interact or meet the Zombie guys?

They?re very quiet guys they keep to themselves and do their thing, its always very polite, a lot of ?heys?, but no bonding.

Where abouts are you currently in the US?

We in western Massachusetts.

Now you lads were originally set to be on the Children of Bodom tour, but dropped off for Zombie ? this may be an obvious answer, but why?

We just want to make the album last. This tour, every venue is 3-4x the size of venues we?d be playing on the Bodom tour, its just not selfish, but rather it just benefits us more than that would have.

Being signed to SONY back home, and Trustkill here in the States, how?s life been trying to establish a name for yourself this side of the Atlantic?

Its fine, with the label we are on, they?re doing a great job with promotion and that side of it. It?s only the 2nd time over here so its still early days trying to impress people as much as we can .

Are there plans to move up to a bigger label as things progree?

We are already set to as soon as things hit a certain level, that?s with album sales, we?ll be moving over to Jive.

Following in the footsteps of Skindred and Lostprophets, you guys are from Wales ? where exactly?


How?s the scene back at home?

I don?t know, I haven?t been around to tell you. Basically when we formed as Bullet we didn?t play locally, instead we went to London to get interest out there. We had to get out of Bridgend to bring the band success ? success doesn?t come to you, so we went after it. We paid to play, and traveled 200miles each weekend to do a show, and in the end it all paid off.

You a football or rugby fan?


What?s your team then?


Nice, nice ? Harlequins got promoted back up to the Premiership today.

Oh right, nice nice. I havent? been able to catch any of the local or international games.

Wales, six nations, we got stuffed a few weeks back in rugby.

Yea man, what happened, what happened.

Damn French. Before Bullet for My Valentine there was Jeff Killed John, and you started out performing Nirvana and Metallica tracks, tell us a bit about the transition over to the new style of music and name change.

Just basically after our bass player we had for many years had had enough, we weren?t a band no more, so we had some time off, we gave it one more go, and did a demo. We got Jay on the bass, wrote a buncha songs, practiced hard, and on the 2nd time around it all turned out. We played a lot of shows, and got in front of some labels, and then it all happened super, super quickly. Almost as sooned as we turned to be Bullet, then we signed a deal.

What was the timeline between Jeff Killed John and Bullet to signing a deal?

Between 6-10 months of getting interest to being signed.

You guys recently recorded a cover of ?Welcome Home (Sanitarium)? for Kerrang! How did that all come to be?

We just got approached by the magazine and got asked to contribute, and what else would we say ? fuckin? right – of course we would. The cool thing is they asked us so early, we got a choice for which track we wanted to do, so we chose ?Welcome Home?.

Cool cool ? what?s your current set list looking like on the Zombie tour?

We play 6 tracks, which is not a lot I?m afraid. We fit in what we can, but we?re playing ? Her Voice Resides, 4 Words (To Choke Upon), Suffocating Under Words of Sorrow, Tears Don?t Fall, and the last two we?ve been swapping around, but last night we played Hand of Blood and No Control.

How?s the crowd?s reaction been so far? People managing to file in at a decent hour?

The doors open at least 1 hour before we go on, which is quite rare, so it?s usually 3/4 full to full by the time we go on stage. At first reaction is mixed, people aren?t aware of who we are, so the 1st few song they just stand there thinking ?impress me?, by the time we go off though, the jobs done. .

You guys were out in Florida getting hosed down in the mud for the filming of ?Tears Don?t Fall? ? when will the video be released?

We were in Miami to do Global Gathering, we had some days off and filmed it. The kind of a theme is voodoo ? its quite freaky actually. We saw the 1st cut last week, its amazing, cant wait for it to be dropped. It should hit tele on the 1st of May, but hit the internet a few weeks before ? so April?ish.

The new album hit shops here in the States on, oddly enough, Valentines Day, have things been progressing the way you want them to?

Yea its progressing nicely. We sold 10,000 in the first week, which got us at 120 on billboard, and number 1 on heatseekers. After that, it was 8,000 for the next two weeks, then 4,000 each week after. The good thing is we we haven?t dropped off, and no videos have hit, and ?Tears Don?t Fall? hasn?t even been released.

After the Zombie tour you are heading back home, and you?ll gear up to do the absolutey massive Download Festival, and are set to support another legendary act alongside Avenged Sevenfold ? Guns N? Roses ? you think Axl and co. are going to last?

Yea I cant wait, its amazing. Guns N? Roses, we are supporting them basically for the summer. We have 6 weeks of doing gigs with Guns N? Roses and Metallica, either on festivals, or on off dates ? some days we?ll be main support for Metallica.

Beyond that, there are a few dates set for Warped tour and what not here in the US, but after that?what?s the plan?

We do Zombie, then home in festival season for Europe, then back for Warped. It depends how the videos do, and the album, but I imagine we?ll be back here to do another tour, do our own dates maybe. We?ll know the gist after the videos drop if they go as we plan.

Any artists you wish to tour with in particular?

The obvious ones are Metallica, Maiden, and Guns N? Roses? 2/3 ain?t bad in one year, and we?ve been promised Maiden as well from Sanctuary management in the future.

You guys been offered the chance to do any big production gigs?

No, this tour is very limited, we?re not allowed to do shit on this tour. We?re basically told what to do, when to play, and shut up the rest of the time.

What?s Zombie?s set like?

Nothing huge, more props than anything, no pyros, but he has a video screen, and what not. That?s about it.

I understand the song ?10 Years Today? was written in honor of your childhood mate Shane who sadly took his own life ? what are some of the other meanings behind Bullet for My Valentine?s music?

Saying that life is funny sometimes. It?s never what it seems to be ? a lot of metal bands, their songs are how good life is and how special love is. I like to say how it is, like Room 409 is you catch a girl in bed with a dude, and like, that?ll happen to a load of people. That?s the way it is, life isn?t perfect and it?s me saying that.

Now a few sponsorship questions here for you Matt ? How?d you land a deal with ESP guitars?

Padge uses ESP, I use Jackson guitars, Padge uses Meta Boogie amps, I use Peavey, Moose uses Pearl drums, and zildjian cymbals. We?re taken care of, we get anything we need.

What?s your opinion on the current outlook of today?s heavy rock and metal scene?

I think its good, a lot healthier than it was 5 years ago. It?s back to being rock and metal again, which is a good thing for metal bands. The audience we attract, it?s a new generation of kids and it?s their first taste of metal. They?re all 14-18 and it?s a very influential time for them.

What are your top bands that you?re listening to right now?

I listen to a lotta Soilwork, In Flames, Avenged Sevenfold, Machine Head. If it?s heavy and cool you know, I?m into it.

Where do you see, or where do you want, Bullet for My Valentine to be ten years from now?

We want us to be doing what we do, still being in the game, making a career out of it, and hopefully enjoying ourselves.

Any last words?

A big thank you to everyone that gives a shit, it means the world to us, its fucking tits. So thank you.


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