All Shall Perish – Currently at Castle Ultimate Studios Recording Nuclear Blast Followup

Oakland, CA-based death metal band ALL SHALL PERISH are currently at Castle Ultimate Studios in Emeryville, CA working on the follow-up to their underground hit release “Hate. Malice. Revenge”. The album has yet to be titled but the band has released some songtitles, including “We Hold These Truths”, “The Day of Justice”, “Last Relapse”, “The True Beast” and “Prisoner of War”.

Commented the group in a press release: “We are done with drums, rhythm guitars, and we are about to start on vocals and solos! The new record sounds fucking incredible; there is definitely something for everyone on this thing!”

The band have enlisted famed tattoo artist Adam Barton to handle the cover art for the album, which is expected to be released late this summer via Nuclear Blast Records.

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